The Deal

Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended For Minors

The Deal

by Drifter

I was surprised, no make that stunned, to see her across the room as Jeana and I arrived at the party. It was one of those regular office get-togethers. A regular Friday night affair where good friends got together to have a few drinks, enjoy a burger off the grill and tell lies to each other for fun. Why Cindy was there I had no idea.

As I looked across at her I couldn't resist running my eyes over her perfect features framed by that long red hair, and that body, ahh that body. I remembered how men and some women looked at me with envy as I escorted this sultry looking lady around. As I looked at her full breasts about to overflow the top of her low cut dress I remembered how firm her twin beauties felt in my hands, how her nipples swelled in my mouth as she writhed in pleasure, sometimes cumming just from my attention to her sensitive nipples. Her waist was so small I could easily span it with my two hands. Her hips, that gorgeous ass, her long trim legs and the oh so delicious apex where her sweet cunt awaited those lucky enough to explore there, all reminded me of better days with her. I thought of the taste of her pussy, the tightness of both of her lower openings. The way she loved to fuck. All those things ran through my mind and I felt my erection start.

Then the hard memories returned. We had lived together for a couple of years until it ended suddenly and badly. I remembered the night she had, on my insistence, packed up her stuff and gone her way. It had been after I found out what she had been up to behind my back. Her lies, the deceit, I knew I could never trust her again. The funny part was it wasn't so much what she had done but the way she tried to hide it from me, the way she denied it at first. All the lies. Had she just told me I could have handled her wanting variety, translated, other men. I had enjoyed open relationships before. In fact I had enjoyed them a lot and would have suggested it myself soon enough. But my loving roommate had made the fatal error of lying. I told her all that and she realized I meant it. That she could have had her cake and eaten it to, so to speak.

The last thing she had said as she left that night was , "You are going to miss me... you know no one is as good in bed as I am."

And she had been right, at least until I met Jeana... How can a man be that lucky in one lifetime. Cindy had been great, Jeana was better....

Is that true? I don't really know but I believe it. How much did the way I felt for Jeana color my judgement? hell I don't know. Jeana was built very similarly to Cindy... a little trimmer, more athletic, but no less voluptuous and certainly no less eager in bed. The difference was something new for me. I was head over heels in love with Jeana. Had more in common with her and enjoyed everything, not just sex, with her. Cindy was heaven in bed, Jeana expanded that to the universe, not just in bed. I know I'm being pretty poetic but my lady brings that out in me, among other less noble characteristics, like lust.

Jeana felt me freeze and now I felt her eyes on me. I turned to her as she looked across the room to see who I was staring at. It wasn't hard to tell and she smiled and asked, "Who is that? She is gorgeous."

"That's Cindy."

Jeana knew all about Cindy... down to the last little detail. She had wanted to know everything and I had told her. Even the part about being ready to go along with an open relationships. The interesting part was she didn't seem the least bit threatened by my stories of Cindy. In fact they seemed to turn her on and she was all over me in bed after our talks. Now Jeana said softly, "I can see why you enjoyed her, everything about her screams sex."

Just then our host for the night came up, a good buddy of mine. He welcomed us and hugged Jeana for a long time. When he turned her loose he said,

"God she feels good, she is too good for you Jack", then to Jeana, "When you get tired of him darlin just call me and I will show you what a real man is like."

Jeana smiled over at me and winked, she really liked Bill, she smiled up at him and said, "I may take you up on that Bill, I will call before I come over so you can warn your wife."

Just then Betty walked up... she is a great looking lady too, shorter, smaller, but in perfect proportion. She had been glad to see my change of roommates. She had never trusted Cindy.

"What is he going to warn me about Jeana?"

"Oh hi Betty, Bill is going to warn you when I decided to dump Jack and join you and Bill in bed."

Betty dropped her eyes to Jeana full breasts and gave her best leer and said, "Oh good...I always thought about becoming bi."

We all enjoyed the repartee' and then I said, "What is she doing here?"

Bill replied, "She came in with Donovan."

Donovan had the office two doors down the hall from me. I had never cared for him, older, thought himself a ladies man, rumored to be "hung" as they say but I suspected him of circulating those rumors hoping to get some action. However he did seem to always have a good looking lady on his arm. And tonight it was Cindy.

Then Betty took Jeana off with her somewhere and Bill and I joined some of the guys in a bull session. Everything was pretty normal except when I caught sight of Cindy again and again. I had a remnant mixture of lust and anger but mostly I found I was relieved to be rid of her. I wouldn't trade one Jeana for a dozen Cindys. My drink hit bottom and I headed for the kitchen to refill. As I put the scotch bottle down I heard her, "Hello Jack."

I turned and knew who I would see. I couldn't resist running my eyes over her superb body and she posed for me until our eyes met again and she said, "I've missed you Jack."

I said nothing but just looked at her. After a minute of that she said, "Jack... did you mean it when you said we could have had an open relationship, that I could have had other guys too.. if I had just told you about it in advance. That you would have enjoyed other women too?"

"You know I meant it Cindy, unlike you I never lied."

She sort of winced and said, "I really am sorry for that Jack... I learned my lesson. The truth is I am sort of a pushover for some men. I should have shared that with you instead of trying to hide it. I would never do that again."

I still said nothing but I actually believed her. Then she said, "Jack... you know I would welcome you back in my bed anytime you wanted. You know it wouldn't be just you now, but I miss you... and your equipment."

I couldn't resist, "You're here with Donovan, he is always bragging about how well hung he is. Isn't he enough?"

She licked her lips so enticingly and said softly, almost sadly, "No one guy will ever be enough Jack. The rumors are true in Donovan's case, huge, it's very nice. I had trouble taking it in some places,really stretched my butt, but I prefer you Jack. Donovan isn't much fun to talk to during or afterwards."

Then I heard my own voice saying, "Cindy, I gotta admit it was great with you. Who knows what it could have been if you had trusted me enough to tell me what you wanted, needed, but you didn't and I have to tell you that it was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me. I met Jeana and now, well I don't know how to say this without sounding dopey. She is my lady. And I am her happy loyal puppy dog. I can't imagine ever doing anything without her agreeing. So all you have to do is get Jeana's OK and I'd love to fuck you. A good fuck is a good fuck and you were a great piece of ass Cindy. We might even be friends again someday. But hear me good, Jeana is my lady and unless she kicks me out, she always will be. As soon as I can talk her into it I plan on marrying that lady. And one more thing Cindy, as great as you are at sex, Jeana is better ... at everything and I mean everything.

And I turned and walked out of the kitchen. I looked around for my lady and not seeing her, I returned to the bull session out by the barbecue.

I saw Cindy again later briefly. She walked up to me as I was waiting for Jeana so we could leave. Cindy smiled and said, "Jack I want you to know I am happy for you and Jeana, but the offer is still there, you can have me any time, any way you want. Call me. I'm in the book now." She walked away just before Jeana returned and we soon said our good nights and were gone.

As we sat in the car and I started to put the key in the ignition, but Jeana slid over to me and laid a big wet kiss on me and hugged me tight. I was always ready for that and I pulled her into my arms and returned the kiss. Now Jeana is a very hot lady and loves sex but she also had been pretty private about it until then. Now however she caught my hand and slid it inside her blouse on top of a braless breast. As I pinched her nipple lightly she gasped. In a moment she broke the kiss and sighed, "Oh God I want you honey... Please ... I want you right now ... right here."

Well folks I lean to the kinky side and fucking my lady in my friends drive way where anyone could walk by, really appealed to my warped nature (Cindy and I had a lot in common there). Jeana had never shown an inclination to exhibitionism before but I heard her now. I kissed her again and ran my hand up her leg to her very wet, very bare pussy as she spread her long trim legs for me. The panties I had watched her put on at the beginning of the evening were gone. I broke the kiss again and looked at her with the obvious question on my face as I slid my fingers into her tight cunt gently. She moaned...

"Oh shit Jack... that feels good... and in case you are wondering sweetheart my panties are in my purse... but maybe I let Bill take them off of me. "

Her hand was inside my pants wrapped around my hard cock. She felt it jump in her hand as she mentioned Bill taking her panties off (OK so I'm weird... I have these fantasies about other guys fucking my lady while I watch. I told you if Cindy had of shared her ideas with me it would have been OK and mutually enjoyable)

Then Jeana laid back in the seat and pulled me on top of her guiding my hard cock into my ladies chamber.

Later at home after we showered and crawled into bed I pulled her into my arms and kissed her gently. I had never been much about telling her I loved her and all that. But she was looking at me like I created the world. Her eyes so full of love I almost choked. I kissed her nose and smiled saying, "What happened in the car.... I loved it but I didn't know you were into that."

She kissed me again and said softly so that I barely heard her, "I'm ready to do anything you want Jack. I love you so much and after tonight I have no doubts about your love for me. I will do anything you want., you can fuck me on the town square and I'll love it. You can share me with your friends. I am yours Jack. I just want you to be as happy as I am."

I looked at her with unbelieving eyes. No one could be this lucky. Then I asked why, with the stupid look I get when I'm totally confused. She laughed and said, "I heard it all honey. Every wonderful word you told Cindy in the kitchen. Every mind possessing word you said to that cunt. I was jealous when I saw her and understood why you loved being with her, no make that loved fucking her. I was more than a little worried, when Betty pulled me away from you. A little part of me was afraid she would steal you back, I couldn't blame you for wanting her. When I saw you go into the kitchen I was going to join you and guard you from her. That was when I overheard your conversation with Cindy. Sorry sweetheart, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I am so glad I did."

I thought about what all I had said and I was glad she had heard it too. I kissed her gently, then deeper and soon we were slowly making love again....

As we lay in each other's arms later she smiled at me in this funny way when she is wondering about something. I said "What?"

"Would you really like to do Cindy again? Like you said?"

I studied her eyes carefully in silence and she continued, "You told her she would have to get me to agree to you doing her. OK I agree honey, you can have Cindy or anyone else you want. As long as you love me I don't care. I want you to be happy darling. And I know you like variety."

I could not believe what I was hearing. I decided that even tho I liked the idea, I feared my lady was drunk on the words and would change her mind later. I kissed her and said, "Honey you are all the woman I need."

Her eyes glistened with wetness as she said, "Jack honey, I do love you, and I meant ever word I just said. Anything you want is fine with me."

I meant to lighten the conversation and I said, "And what if I said I wanted Bill to do more than take off your panties."

Now her eyes sparkled as she said, "If that's what you want honey, I'm sure I would enjoy it too. I obviously love sex honey. Bill would be nice I think. I understood what you told Cindy about an open relationship. Like you honey, I think I could enjoy that if it's what you want."

I turned the lights off and pulled her to me to go to sleep but I was wide eyed as I thought about Bill fucking Jeana while I watched. Then I imagined Betty and Jeana in a 69 eating each other as Bill and I enjoyed watching that too, then Jeana and Bill watched while Betty and I fucked to exhaustion. Finally I slept.

The rest of the weekend was a mixture of my wild imagination and finding Jeana and fucking her where ever she was, in the garage, the back yard (it was very private), the kitchen, each time she responded, as hot as I was. It seemed the more I did the more ready she was. I kept having visions of me with other women and Jeana with other men as well as other women. My overactive imagination was going crazy.


I dove into work the next day to try and clear my head. I'm an architect and the firm I'm with is huge, much into City building right now.

We seem to be getting almost all of the city work and I wondered who the boss knew or was blowing to get it all. It turned out I wasn't far from the truth.

We do quality work, we are a quality outfit and are becoming famous for the buildings we have put up. My boss, the owner, is a young hustler as well as being a first rate architect himself. My specialty is the interior work, unusual use of materials, lighting. I try to bring as much of the feeling of outside, inside. Don't mind saying I was getting a pretty good reputation on my on.

Jeana is a lawyer for the city and specializes in contracts. Since we had been doing so much work for the city, Jeana had spent all of her time on our contracts. I knew nothing about that part of the business. I was happy with my design work... we had lawyers to deal with that. In fact Donovan was one of those. And it was that interface between Jeana and Donovan, where the plot thickens, as they say.

When I got home that night Jeana wasn't there yet. She usually beat me home. It was about an hour later when she got home. After a big wet kiss she went off to shower, then I heard her call me. I figured I was about to get lucky and I turned all the burners down to low (Yes I was cooking dinner) and I headed for the shower. I had already had my shower but to be with my wet naked lady I was ready for another.

But as I walked into the bathroom I took one look at Jeana face and saw her troubled look. My first reaction was she had had second thoughts about her promises the night before and I said, "Hey honey, If you are concerned about all those sexy commitments you made last night, not to worry. I would never ask you to do something you don't want to do."

She looked at me and then went soft and replied, "You are a love and I adore you. I always will. No it isn't that honey. I actually thought about doing Bill today and got pretty damn excited, but that's not what's bothering me. I had a meeting with Donovan from your outfit this afternoon, that's why I'm late."

I grinned and jumped in verbally with a smile on my face, "And is he as big as I hear?"

She laughed and winked saying, "I'll have to find out for you some other time, today was all legal stuff, contracts, only some of it bothers me. I'm not sure that Donovan is putting all the cards on the table."

We talked more over dinner and I heard how she had found some irregularities in several of the contracts, subcontract specs that seemed to have changed from the RFP's the city had put out for bids. Now the contract specs required lower quality components, but still charged the city the higher prices. Donovan had looked puzzled and said he didn't understand it either, maybe he had the wrong specs and would check into it and get back to her.


Now later the kitchen cleaned we walked into the den in each other's arms. We both wore only light robes we had slipped into after showering. As we sat on the couch Jeana robe slid open to her waist and her long trim legs and her dark pubic hair looked so good. I noticed the front blinds were wide open and I got a thrill thinking again about how exposed we had been in the car outside of Bill's and wondered if anyone had seen us. Now I wondered how long it would be before Jeana made me close the blinds. We were on clear display for anyone that might walk by.

I kissed her and untied her robe. Now her large firm breasts and their dark hard nipples were on clear display too. I dropped lower and kissed her breasts, her areolae, then I sucked her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. She squirmed and sighed, "Oh yess baby... God I love that."

My hand dropped to her pussy and I found her legs widely splayed for me. I slid further, lower and now my tongue found her clit and she jumped with pleasure. Again I glanced at the window as a car drove by.

She noticed my glance and surprised the hell out of me by just pulling my head tight into her wet pussy.

It was later that she pushed me away and back on my back on the floor as she mounted my rigid cock. As It slid in she smiled at me and said, "Do you like giving the neighbors a show honey?"

"You know I do."

"Good... then we will teach them all a lot of fun stuff."

Later in bed as we cuddled I couldn't resist bringing it up and I said,

"Did you really think of Bill fucking you today?"

"Yes, how could I not, you keep suggesting it."

"Was it fun?"

"I kinda liked it. I was starting to get wet but I was interrupted by the damn phone call from Donovan."

We were both quiet in our thoughts for awhile when she asked, "Are some men really big? I can't imagine anyone bigger than you."

"Well someone measured me once to see how big I was, 8 1/2 inches. I have heard of bigger, seen bigger in XXX videos. I would guess 9 or 10 inches was rare but possible, a few even larger."

All she could say was "Wow. I don't see how a woman could take that ... but we do have babies."

I chuckled and said, "Is Donovan taking on a new appeal to you love?"

"No, not yet, just curious, I'm saving myself for Bill." and she giggled and kissed me and cuddled up to sleep.


The next day Jeana didn't hear from Donovan...


That night we were having drinks with Bill and Betty at their place. As we dressed to go I pulled Jeana to me and kissed her warmly. Then I said, "Are you wearing panties?"


"Take them off please"

She stepped back with a twinkle in her eye and slipped her hands under her brief skirt and hooking her thumbs in the top of her brief panties and slid them down and stepped out of them, casually tossing them on the bed. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra since I had requested she not wear them any more the day before.

I pulled her to me again and squeezed her bare ass under her skirt. She looked up at me and said, "And what are you going to do when someone takes your hints and fucks me silly."

"I will applaud after I have enjoyed the show."

The look in her eyes was pure lust. "Do you really want me to fuck Bill? What about Betty?"

"You won't have to do anything. I suspect that both or them will come after you soon enough. Remember Bill and I go back to college days together, and honey, Betty really is bisexual. She wasn't kidding the other night. Can you handle that?"

She was breathing heavy she was so hot. She looked at me and said, "Oh God yes, you have me so fucking hot Jack I can handle anything that comes my way."

"Do you want Bill to fuck you?"

"Yes... you know I do. "

"Want Betty to eat your pussy? you hers?"

"Yes Jack damn it yes..."

"Will you fuck anyone I ask you too."

She looked at me with love and lust and trust and replied "Oh God Jack I'm cumming, yes anyone you want me to...." And she shuddered in my arms as she had a huge orgasm.

Later as we drove toward Bill and Betty's place Jeana asked softly,

"Have you done it with Betty?"

"Yes... a long time ago.... Bill and Betty and I used to do these wild threesomes and sometimes foursomes when my dates were willing, in college and for awhile after. Then they started to think about having kids so we stopped when Betty went off the pill. Turns out they can't have kids but we never got back into it."

"And now? Are we going to get back into that?"

"Looks like it could happen... do you object?"

"Oh no ... oh no....far from it. Just as long as it doesn't bother you to know some other man is fucking me. "

I parked in the drive way and opened the door for Jeana. Her dress rode up revealing her pretty pussy. I hugged her and kissed her and said, "When will you marry me?"

"Any time you say my love... I am already yours."

"I love you Jeana."

She kissed me and smiled saying, "I know darling... that's why I can do anything you want me to."


"Anything. Just let me know what you want me to do..."

The night at Bill and Betty's was all I hoped, I put together what happened later talking to Jeana:


Bill answered the door and big hugs were exchanged. We were led out to the patio and healthy drinks served as we sat and talked. Bill and Betty also worked at the Architectural firm. Bill was a architect like me and Betty was the executive secretary to Harry Banks, the owner, also his lover as Bill knew and had shared with me.

As Jeana sat down her brief skirt flew up and I knew Betty and Bill got a clear view of my ladies bare pussy. Betty smiled and looked at me with an obvious lecherous smile. I looked over at Bill and he was looking at me the same way. I just nodded. After that, every time Jeana shifted position Bill and Betty caught a nice view.

After a few drinks I suggested, "Honey, tell Bill and Betty about the contracts screw up. "

Jeana shared what she knew before Betty broke in and said, "Harry would fry his balls in oil if Donovan is doing something like that. Should I tell Harry what you suspect?"

"Not yet... I don't have much to go on yet. If it is Donovan, maybe we can get more on him first."

Betty laughed and said, "I understand that if you lead him by that big cock of his you can get anything you want from him."

Everyone laughed but Jeana saw a passionate look go between Bill and Betty. Jeana wondered if Betty had sampled Donovan's alleged wares. She finally said, "Could it be that Banks is in on it... that Donovan and Banks are doing this together.?"

Betty exploded, "Never... Harry is so honest he squeaks."

Jeana laughed softly and said, "OK Betty just asking."

Just then Betty smiled and apologized for her explosion, "I just know Harry and Elaine his wife are straight, well at least as far as business is concerned."

Jeana raised her eyebrow in question but no one volunteered anything further.

In a moment Jeana announced she needed to go to the bathroom and got up, flashing all three of us. When she was out of hearing Bill said, "Son-of-a-bitch Jack, I've been staring at your ladies pussy all night. No panties, are you trying to start something with us again?"

Betty chimed in "I hope so."

I laughed and told them Jeana and I had talked about it and tho she was a little scared she wanted to try a foursome with Bill and Betty.

Bill smiled and said, "Hell yes... leave it up to me. You and Betty enjoy yourselves while I enjoy the sexy Jeana."

Betty looked at me and asked, "Is she ready for me too I hope Jack?"

"I winked at her and smiled, "Very ready...."

Jeana returned and I said, "How about we all get in the spa and soak?"

Jeana responded grinning broadly, "But I don't have a suit honey"

I smiled thinking about our earlier conversations and said, "Well I guess we can all go in bare ass."

Betty smiled warmly at all of us. I noticed Bill was staring into Jeana eyes waiting for her answer. Jeana smiled at Bill and raised her skirt to her waist baring herself to the waist.

"I'm almost ready."

"I know Jeana... I've been noticing all night."

"Did you like what you saw Bill?"

With that he caught her hand in his and led her to the spa. He watched closely as Jeana stripped sexily for him. Soon nude she stepped into the spa, followed shortly by the three of us The spa was small and as the four of us sat boy girl boy girl our legs were a tangle together. Jeana looked and noticed Bill very close to her and me with Betty and she thought, Bill really is going to fuck me tonight? Is Betty? She knew she was very ready... thinking about me mounting Betty gave her a flush and she shivered visibly she told me later.

Then as she and Betty talked she noticed me tilt my head in her direction motioning to Bill and she understood the instruction, the encouragement I was giving Bill. In a moment Bill slid his arm around her neck lightly, still innocent enough. Betty looked at her and said, "You two look good together."

Jeana smiled and scooted closer to Bill trying not to react as his hand cupped one of her large bare breasts under the water but only said, "You and Jack look good together too Betty."

As Bill squeezed first one of her big breasts and then the other she just stared up at him and sighed softly. Then she felt his other hand slide up her leg. She slowly spread her legs to give him total access to her pussy . He leaned over and whispered into her ear, just loud enough for all of us to hear as his fingers ran up and down inside her labia, "God I want to fuck you Jeana."

She kissed his lips lightly and said, "OH yesss Bill, I want you to fuck me too sweety," and her hand found his hard cock standing free. As she stroked it she glanced over at Betty and me. Betty was straddling my legs and was raising up and down obviously fucking me as Jeana watched briefly. She told me her cunt tingled when she saw us and she turned to Bill and said, "How do you want me?"

He turned her and without a word entered her dog style with one long thrust. She was so hot and swollen already he entered her easily. She loved the feel of his cock deep deep inside of her. Knowing that Betty and I were fucking near them gave the sex an extra thrill. As Bill lovingly fucked my lady and played with her nipples and clit she came several times. Then she turned her head and I heard her tell Bill loudly,

"I want you to cum in my mouth Bill honey, please."

He pulled out and sat back. Jeana took his cock in her mouth deeply and soon he flooded her with his cum. As she drained him she looked up to see me on one side and Betty the other watching them and she knew she was now a full fledged exhibitionist, like me.

She straightened up letting Bill's limp cock fall from her mouth. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, tasting my buddies cum in my future wife's mouth.

I watched then as Betty pulled Jeana away from me and maneuvered her so she could go down on Jeana, Jeana was very cooperative in the effort and showed some experience at it.

It was very late when we finally drove home... She was glued to my side and very quiet. After a bit of this silence I asked, "You OK honey?"

"God Yes... but worried a little too."

"You know I love you?"

"Do you... even tho I fucked Bill and Betty... not once but several times tonight."

"Even more so... Jeana I want a women who will play with me and my friends... the way I want. You did that tonight. I still want to marry you but you have to know there will be more nights like tonight. With Betty and Bill... and others. The nights may get pretty weird."

"I don't care Jack as long as you love me."

"Did you enjoy tonight?"

"Oh Jack... you know I did "

"Ready to do more?"

"Anything you want me to do...."

"Anything Jeana"

"Anything Jack."


The next morning Jeana was happy and as bubbly as I have ever seen her. I commented "Open sex seems to agree with you baby."

She looked at me and said, "I agree... I loved last night and I am ready for more whenever you say my love. As I said last night ANYTHING."


That day Jeana didn't hear from Donovan again nor the next. On the third day she called him and Donovan said he was having trouble getting the specs straight but they could meet that night after work for a quick drink and he would bring her up to date. She frequently had drinks with other lawyers after work so that wasn't unusual. She was starting to get suspicious of Mr Donovan however. She called me and brought me up to date. She ended by saying she would string him along a little to see where this would all go. I chuckled into the phone and said,

"I know the big string you are interested in Boswel (her maiden name)... have fun. "

She said softly, "Honey, you really are OK with me fucking other guys aren't you? I mean besides Bill?"

I replied, "That's true"

"And you would love for me to do it and tell you about it, watch me with other men... and woman."

"Yes..... It gets pretty damned exciting."

"And tonight... it makes you hot to think about me fucking Donovan?"

"It does... but only if you want to."

There was a long pause and she said, "I love you Jack... I'll see you when I get home. Wait up for me if it's late. I may have a story to share."


The bar Donovan had chosen for them to meet was near her office, dark and comfortable. Cozy booths in the darkest part of the place just like the small dance floor. Anything could, and probably did go on in both.

As Jeana walked in she saw someone coming from the better lit bar toward her. Donovan was easy to recognize. He really was a handsome guy, in his forties, smooth, actually too smooth. He did have the reputation as a ladies man and it was now rumored Cindy was living with him.

He escorted her to one of the dark booths. She slid in and he slid in beside her. The waitress took their orders and Jeana found herself wondering just how big he was. Wondered if he was going to hit on her. Wondering if she would let him have what he wanted. She was pulled out of her reverie when Donovan said, "You really are a gorgeous sexy thing Jeana. It is easy to see why Jack is so taken with you."

Jeana looked directly into his eyes and said, "I hear you are sharing quarters, among other things, with Cindy now."

He laughed and it was almost a dirty laugh Jeana thought. "Yeah. Cindy is something special, the best word for her is insatiable I do believe. Never seems to get enough."

"Tiring you out Donovan?"

"Oh no... I believe in conserving my energies. You never know when you may need them."

She felt his hand drop on her bare knee under the table and she raised an eyebrow but Donovan ignored the warning and squeezed her leg saying, "Cindy has lots of friends who drop by to help keep her happy. Both men and women...."

Jeana smiled and pushed his hand off of her thigh where it had already moved to. The music had started and Donovan stood up and pulled her after him saying, "One dance and then we can get to the work."

He pulled her to him and she knew first hand then that he was bigger than the average bear... bigger than Jack... and he was still soft. She let him slowly move her around the floor to the music. Felt his leg move between hers pleasurably on the slow twirls. She could feel him growing against her and her thoughts darted between wondering what a huge one would feel like and wondering if Jack really meant what he had said.

Then she felt Donovan's hand on her cute ass as he pulled her against his now hard cock. She was amazed at how big he felt. She leaned her head back and looked at him wide eyed. He was accustomed to this apparently and he said, "It's almost ten inches Jeana."

She just stared at him as he pressed it into her. Then she said, "Donovan... I think we better conduct our business and then I can go home"

"Not interested Jeana?"

"I didn't say that Donovan but lets get the business out of the way. I'm not sure I would know what to do with one that big."

"I'll show you... you will love it... women who get it always want more."

Jeana pulled free and walked to the booth. She sat down and swallowed her drink quickly and as Donovan sat beside her his hand dropped to her leg again. Jeana had such mixed emotions. She wanted to put her hand on his cock to see what it would feel like in her hand. She wouldn't admit where else she was curious about how it would feel.

She let his hand play on her leg as she said, "Donovan... when will you have some answers on the specs."

He looked into her eyes and said, "It looks like someone may be trying to rip off some big bucks. Hon the difference in what the city is suppose to pay and what the specs call for is in the millions... can you imagine the balls it would take to pull that off. Whoever it is could probably get by with it if it weren't for your diligence. Can you just imagine how much they would pay you for you to look the other way."

Jeana was shocked. So there was a scheme to rip off the city. Donovan probably was behind it but she needed proof, was he trying to bribe her. Sure as hell sounded like it. Jeana thought for a moment as his hand moved higher on her leg, to the bare skin above her hose. She swallowed hard as she had to admit his touch and what she had felt on the dance floor, was exciting her a great deal, making it hard to think. She was extremely wet. Lead him along a little more ... At least that is what she told herself.

"Donovan ... Damn your hand is making it hard for me to think clearly. You sound like you could find out more about the money if you wanted to."

"I might be able too if I tried. If someone were interested. If I thought I could trust the person I was dealing with."

"What would build that trust? Enough trust? I think I know someone who is interested. Maybe in several things you have to offer."

Donovan laughed getting the drift of her joke. With his free hand he caught one of hers and slowly moved it off of the table lower until she felt him place it on top of his huge hard cock. Involuntarily she wrapped her fingers around it and was amazed by the girth of it.

"Oh my God."

"I am trusting you more each minute. I didn't think you were some tight ass lawyer. I think you are my kind of lady, hot, sexy, horny, loves to fuck..."

Jeana was stroking his huge cock almost involuntarily and she collected herself enough to say, "Find out more about the money for me Donovan. Maybe we can learn to trust each other a lot more."

"Only after you fuck me Jeana... then maybe I can look for the money trail...."

Jeana a little surprised at how blunt he put it, squeezed his cock and sighed, "Hmm Donovan, I would like to try this monster, would you like to follow me home. Jack is gone tonight. I need to stop off in the ladies room but then we can go."

Jeana let him escort her to the can and enjoyed the way he stroked her ass as they walked slowly. Inside she pulled her cellular phone out of her purse and called Jack.

"Jack honey, uhh how do I put this? Donovan is trying hard to fuck me."

"Are you going to let him Jeana?"

"Yes ... oh shit I want too...yes.... he is a monster. I'm dying to see what one that big feels like...can I bring him to our apartment... you can watch from the closet if you like...."

"Yeah sweetheart, I like that... hurry home."

"Jack, thank you ... for Bill and Betty and now this....", and she hung up.

There was little preamble when they got to the apartment. They stripped rapidly in Jack and Jeana's bedroom. Jeana spread herself and pulled his monster cock to her open wet pussy lips, moaning softly, "Hurry Donovan, I'm dying to feel this monster cock."

It took several minutes to get his cock all the way in her tight cunt. He spread her wide and slowly worked the huge round head of his big cock inside her pussy lips. Jeana moaned softly and shifted to help him push more inside. Slowly it eased in until she had taken all 10 inches of it. She gasped and then she went wild on it. It was so fucking good she thought. Knowing Jack was watching Donovan fuck her made it even better.

Donovan left later, leaving Jeana limp but, having gotten another meeting set with Jeana, to talk and to fuck, and then to talk about the money after that.

When he had left Jack came out smiling and pulled his naked wife to the floor and fucked her hard.

Later Jack asked, "How was it sweetheart?"

"Different. Damned good, but too big to be really good. Too much work to get it in me. Would be good every once in a while maybe but not as a regular thing, I did cum a lot tho....."

A shower and sleep


The next day Donovan showed up at her office. He closed and locked her door behind him and asked, "Do you have some time now?"

Jeana looked at her clear calendar for the next hour and smiled and said "I have an hour... got any ideas?"

"I will have the money trail for you tonight babe, just couldn't wait..."

Jeana reached out and stroked his growing cock thru his pants as he leaned back against her side of the desk. Then she slowly unzipped his pants and with some difficulty pulled his cock free.

"You are a monster Donovan. I'm still sore from last night but maybe I could figure out something else to do with this."

"I bet you love to suck cock Jeana..."

"Yeah Donovan I do."

She went down on him and he said, "I wish Jack could see this ... see his girl sucking my cock."

Jeana raised up and smiled saying. "As kinky as Jack I think he might enjoy watching this?"


That night Jacked watched Donovan fuck his lady again repeatedly with his monster cock... and Jeana really got into it, obviously enjoying it more this time than before... she loved it. But there was no mention of the money. He did mention the possibility of she and Jack coming over to play with he and Cindy. The idea immediately appealed to Jeana.

When Donovan had gone and Jack stepped into the room with his hard cock in his hand, Jeana smiled up at him and she asked, "Want to fuck your old girl friend again honey?"

. end part 1 If you liked this and want more, let me know - Drifter


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