STALLED (A fictional story) By Dartman

After the car had stalled, my girlfriend Janie and I had to decide whether we were going to wait and see if any state troopers would eventually pass, or try our luck and walk to the nearest town. Since the sun had already gone down, and no traffic had passed in the past hour or so, we decided to hoof it.

We were coming back from a party a friend of ours had thrown at a ranch some 80 miles from home. Unfortunately, the ranch was quite a ways from any nearby towns, too. I estimated the nearest town to be about 25 miles away, so I grabbed the small flashlight I had and off we went.

Janie was still wearing the very short, slinky red mini dress made of skin-clinging lycra and acetate, and some soft, black flats. Since the party was held during the day, neither of us had thought to bring a jacket, but even though there was a cloudy sky overhead, the temperature was really warm. Janie, however, was looking very hot.

I looked over at her and couldn't help to get turned on. She stood all of five feet and three inches, had a 38c chest (with big, brown nipples), and a nice big ass that held the mini dress up impressively. As she walked along beside me, I couldn't help thank the Lord for giving me such a fine woman. Then, slowly but surely, it began to rain. Then pour. By that time, we were nowhere near the car, and there was very little cover around so we moved a little closer together and kept walking. Now, Janie's shoulder-blade length, straight, black hair was matted around her pretty face as she looked at me with her expressive brown eyes and giggled at the results of the rain...her nipples were hard and very well defined in the clingy material, which was now pasted to her skin.

We walked in the rain a little longer when, lo and behold, headlights appeared on the horizon. As they neared, we saw it was a van and were overjoyed. I flagged them down with the flashlight, and they pulled over to the side of the road. We ran towards the opening side door and sat wetly down on the seat immediately behind the two front seats. I closed the door quickly and turned to thank the driver.

The driver, slightly larger than me at about five-ten, was about 35, hispanic and plain looking. The passenger, about 28 and whom I took to be his wife, was about Janie's size and proportion with slightly smaller tits. We thanked them profusely as they offered to take us to the next town since they were in the process of deciding to turn back because of the weather when they saw us flag them down. Also, they said, there were towels in a travel bag in the rear seat that we could use to dry off. We introduced ourselves, and Juan and Rosa mentioned how lucky we were to have had them come by. As I sat there talking to them, both Janie and I drying ourselves off, I noticed how Rosa and Juan looked at Janie then exchanged glances before turning around to get back to driving to the nearest town. I thought nothing of it at the time.

Taking off, Rosa offered us some of the beverage she was drinking to get us settled in. Janie took a long drink before passing it to me for my long gulp. I asked Rosa if it was a diet cola. She said it was something like that and for us to sit back and relax, the drive wouldn't be a long one. Well, there must have been something in the drink, because before we reached our destination, I passed out.

I woke up some time later, feeling kind of groggy, but not disoriented enough to notice I had been tied naked to a chair. I was sitting facing a bed in which Janie was laying. She was still dressed, untied, and looking as if she were just taking a nap. We seemed to be in a sort of motel room, judging by the furnishings. I called to Janie with a strong whisper to see if I could wake her up. That's when the door opened with Juan and Rosa walking in.

I asked what they wanted from us. They both smiled and told me that they just couldn't resist when they saw Janie and I, and had quickly decided to have a little fun with us. Juan also said that we were in a very remote ranch in which they had built this room to look like every other cheap motel room across the interstates, so we couldn't tell where we were. That kind of put me a little at ease because it upped the chances we would get out alive, but I still wasn't sure.

Slowly they woke up Janie. She awoke saying she still felt a little sleepy, but thanked them for the ride; then she saw me. Her eyes widened and shot to Rosa, then Juan, silently asking a hundred questions about the situation. Rosa told her that she would have to do what they told her or I would get it. Janie would have none of it, she sprung from the bed and rushed towards me to try to set me free. In a flash, Juan grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back towards the bed violently. I yelled and tried to lunge as Janie screamed in pain from the sudden jolt. I could do nothing. Rosa quickly grabbed Janie by the wrists and forcefully flipped her on her stomach horizontally on the bed, Janie's head to Juan, and straddled Janie's back. Juan helped Rosa get Janie's hands behind her back so Rosa could hold them as she sat on her; making Janie virtually helpless. I growled in anger as my hands could not even budge the ropes as they burned against my wrists; my ankles similarly tied.

Janie started cussing and yelling at Juan, and shouted at Rosa to get off of her. Both Juan and Rosa just smiled and gave little laughs, telling her to relax. It would be okay, Rosa said...IF she did what they told her. As she told Janie this, she held both of Janie's wrists with one hand and twisted her body around to see Janie's ass, which was barely covered by the flimsy red material. Juan just stood by and watched as Rosa reached over with her free hand and caressed Janie's firm butt and slowly lifted the mini dress to begin to reveal the tanned globes awaiting underneath. Janie stuggled as Rosa did this and just helped the situation along by revealing all of her ass and the small lacy red thong she had underneath. Rosa smiled and slid her middle finger between Janie's struggling ass cheeks and down along the folds of her vagina. Janie clenched her legs and tried to buck Rosa off, but Rosa reminded her that she was just helping her massage Janie's pussy with each movement.

I yelled at Rosa to leave Janie alone, and to let us go. Juan looked at me rather plainly and told me to shut up and relax; that it would be over soon enough. Janie had started to cry, but still kept her legs clenched around Rosa's finger as Rosa moved it up and down. I could hear that Janie was getting wet and got angry that she could do that while all this was going on. I turned to look at why Juan was moving and saw that he was starting to kneel down in front of Janie. Janie's eyes got wide and the tears came stronger as Juan moved Janie's hair away to get a good look at her face.

Juan told Rosa that Janie sure was prettier than most of the others they had brought here, and Rosa agreed as she continued to finger Janie. Juan looked back at Janie, then looked at me as he reached down to undo his pants. I pulled and I yanked against the ropes, but all I did was begin to bleed at the wrists. Janie began yelling and shaking her head, turning to look at me with pleading eyes for help, but I could give her none.

Rosa removed her finger from Janie's pussy and reached around to grab Janie by the hair to hold her still. At the same time, Rosa applied more pressure on Janie's arms and Janie gave out a little yelp of pain and stopped struggling. Juan undid his jeans and out popped his erect, circumcised penis. It was about six inches long and, just like Juan, rather plain looking. Rosa held Janie's head and Janie stared at the bobbing member before her, knowing what they wanted her to do, but crying and pleading for them not to make her do it.

Juan grabbed her by the top of the head and made her look him in the eyes. Using his free hand to slowly stroke his cock, he asked her to please use her lovely mouth to bring him pleasure. Janie's eyes turned to a little look of amazement and she looked at me, both of us confused by the question. We didn't expect for a couple who had abducted us, tied me up, and been forceful with her to ask for her consent. Janie slowly said no.

Rosa jerked her hair, pulling her head back as Juan slapped her with his left hand just hard enough for her to feel it. Then he asked her again. Again Janie said no. Rosa yanked and Juan slapped...harder. Janie began to cry again. Juan asked her again. Janie looked at me, I pleaded her with my eyes, and she said okay. I yelled for them to stop, but they were unconcerned.

Rosa let go of her hair and returned her hand back to Janie's ass, as Juan stroked his dick and asked Janie to open her mouth. Janie kept crying slowly as she opened her mouth to accept Juan's manhood. Rosa watched intently as Juan put his hands on Janie's head and moved his knees forward a bit. He then positioned his throbbing prick at the opening of Janie's mouth and gently pushed his hips forward; sliding into Janie's mouth. Janie did nothing but close her eyes and let him do what he was doing. Rosa exchanged a smile with Juan then removed her hand off of Janie's slit long enough to lift up Janie's thong and move it out of position to expose Janie's pussy. Rosa then took her finger and slowly slid it into Janie's obviously wet vagina.

As she did this, Janie sharply inhaled and at the same time pursed her lips around Juan's cock and sucked on it. Juan reached up and softly patted Janie's head and continued to pump rhythmically into her responding mouth. As Rosa watched Janie's reaction, she inserted another finger into Janie's love-hole. I watched dumb-founded, unable to speak as Janie reacted to Rosa's second finger by pushing her ass back to meet it wholeheartedly.

Juan was no longer pumping his hips, it was now Janie that was bobbing her head expertly up and down on Juan's cock; still with her eyes closed, but now with her brows furrowed in passion. I heard Janie give a long moan as Rosa inserted a third finger into her pussy, then she started to fuck Rosa's fingers in the same rhythm her head was sucking on Juan's cock.

Janie pulled her arms free from Rosa's hand and wrapped her left hand on Juan's right thigh, as her right hand reached underneath to massage his balls. Rosa wasted no time in getting off of Janie and positioning herself behind Janie's humping ass to quickly get her tongue working on Janie's clit, pussy, and asshole. Janie lifted her ass as Rosa started licking and sucking and fingering Janie's twat.

Janie then took her left hand, wrapped it around Juan's hot cock and began jerking him off and licking his cockhead and shaft with the fervor I once thought was just reserved for me. I sat there unbelieving that my beautiful girlfriend was viciously savoring another man's cock right before my very eyes...and with not much coaxing or forcing, to top it off. As I watched, she placed both hands on Juan's ass as quickly deep-throated his entire rod and began pumping her head up and down like there was no tomorrow.

After a while of Rosa's licking Janie's pussy, and Janie swallowing Juan's dick, Janie slowed down and stopped. She looked up at Juan and told him she would really love to ride him and feel his hot cock in her pussy. Above my shouts of denial and objection, Juan said it was okay with him.

Janie got up off of the bed, reached underneath her mini dress, removed her thong, and proceeded to throw it at me; all without even glancing at me. Rosa asked Janie to remove her dress, which she did, revealing the expensive bra we had picked out for Valentine's Day earlier that year; red, lacy, underwired and half-cup so her dark brown, rock-hard nipples were jutting up and out proudly. As Juan removed his clothes, Rosa complimented Janie on her choice of undergarments, and leaned over to lick Janie's left nipple while she massaged her right breast. Rosa asked her to keep it on, and Janie agreed. Janie didn't even look or acknowledge me as she took Juan's hand and sat him down on the bed...facing me. I asked her why she was doing this, and she said nothing as she positioned Juan just so and closed his legs so she could straddle him.

She lay him back, as Rosa finished disrobing, and complimented Rosa on the beautiful body she obviously worked hard to keep in shape. In actuality, Janie and Rosa had uncannily similar body types; it was eerie. Rosa positioned herself on top Juan's face, giving her back to Janie as Janie leaned down and took Juan's cock in her hand and gave it a once over with her mouth, getting it nice and lubricated for her pussy. She really didn't have to, her scent was readily evident, and it was obvious that Rosa had done a fine job getting her wet, but she did it nonetheless. After a couple of strokes with her mouth, Janie stood up and turned around to face me. She looked me straight in the eye, finally, and she opened her legs to straddle Juan. I looked at her pleadingly and asked her not to. She kept my eyes, reached between her legs to grab hold of Juan's rod, positioned her self over it and paused; his cockhead barely parting her pussy lips. In that position, she leaned towards me with a little smile on her face, winked, told me she loved me...and lowered her hips onto Juan's prick in one movement. Janie closed her eyes and smiled as she let out a low, breathy moan and slowly wriggled her hips on Juan's fuckrod. It was up her pussy to the hilt.

She reached up, still sitting firmly on Juan, and pinched both nipples hard. I stared at her, a little confused, as she humped on Juan's cock, steadying herself on his knees; her nicely wrapped and deliciously large tits gently bouncing with each stroke. With her fuck face fully on, she looked straight at me and licked her lips, moaning every time Juan's member was buried to the hilt inside her fuckhole. At one of those times, she sat completely down on Juan, and began to grind. Now that her hands were free, she massaged her tits right in front of me and pulled on her nipples and she cried out with pleasure. While this is going on, Rosa is having an orgasm on Juan's face and screaming at the top of her lungs for him to fuck her, fuck her with his tongue. I see he has one hand busily working on her pussy, while the other hand has a finger up her asshole.

As Rosa finishes her climax, Janie begins to slide up and down Juan's pole with a little quicker rhythm and starts slapping her ass down on his pelvis as her tits bounce before me. I can see it in her face that she is about to come as her hips move faster and faster on Juan's, now rock-hard, prick. Her breath starts getting shorter, she furrows her brow, and has a massive orgasm; grinding on Juan and pulling and pinching her nipples for all she's worth. After about a half-minute of the throes of her orgasm she stops, exhausted, but still sitting on Juan's tool. Slowly, she pulls herself off of Juan, turns around and takes him into her mouth, hungrily devouring his shaft and swallowing every drop of her hot love juice. She starts doing the deep-throat again and kneels in front of Juan for the best position; her used pussy right by my knees...wet, hot, and...beautiful. I then realize I am fully erect, and probably have been for a while. As I see her head bobbing up and down on Juan's cock, she lifts up his legs, slides a finger in her pussy for lubrication and proceeds to insert it into his ass. I hear Juan groan and can tell he is having an orgasm.

Janie slows down, but not much and swallows every last bit of Juan's come with vigor; sounds of savoring coming from her throat as she gulps it down. When she's done, she get up turns to look at me, sees my cock and smiles. Juan and Rosa say nothing and proceed to get dressed. I ask them what the hell is going to happen now. They say nothing and move to the door. Janie leans toward me, reaches to grab something behind me, and tosses it to Juan. Rosa and he nod at Janie, open the door and leave. I am totally bewildered. I look at Janie, my eyes conveying confusion, anger, questions, and ask her what the hell is going on. She straddles my aching thighs, guides my penis slowly into her hot vulva, presses her breasts against my chest, leans over to my ear, and says, "Happy Anniversary."


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