Back In The USA

Clair- back in the USA

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I gave birth to my black baby which caused some gossip around amongst our friends and neighbors. My husband and I had agreed that we would tell our close friends that I had got drunk at a party and been taken advantage of which resulted in my pregnancy. My husband took some comments but seemed to enjoy them and we lost some friends who thought badly of me but most remained friendly. One or two of my female pals asked me about sex with the father and wanted to know about the his size and what it was like. I had some conversations with some girls who I would never have believed would have been interested in interracial or extramarital sex. I never told any of them the truth as they would have thought of me a a slut, which I was. When the baby was 6 months old my husband arranged for us to go on holiday to Carolina. I was not too keen as I had told my husband that maybe we should get out of that scene and get back to a normal life. He laughed and said that he had got it all set and had already told Dave when we were coming back. We arrived in the USA and Dave collected us from the airport and took us to the hotel. My husband had told Dave to be on his best behaviour while our children were around as they were not to know anything about what we had been up to. Dave got us all checked in and left us to unpack and get sorted out. The hotel was fine and we had 3 rooms side by side with connecting doors. My husband told me that the hotel was owned by Al who owned the club and that the accomodation was free. My white son and daughter had a room each and thought it was great.

They had TV , video and games consoles in their rooms with a fridge stocked with soft drinks and snacks. Our room was huge with a cot for the baby and a massive bed. Dave and Phil came around that evening to check that everything was ok for us and the kids. When they entered the room my pussy began to get wet and I became horny thinking about the two of them taking me on the large bed. They sat around talking to our kids and asked them about their interests and telling them about the things to do in the area. At about 10pm we were all getting pretty tired with the travelling and while the kids said goodnight and went to bed I put the baby down to sleep. Within 20 minutes Dave , Phil, me and my husband were naked on the bed. My husband had the camcorder running and I was on the bed with one black cock buried in my pussy while another was being fed into my mouth. I was royally fucked and ended up half asleep with spunk leaking from my stretched pussy. The next day Dave turned up after breakfast and told us that his brothers family was heading out to an amusement park for the day and he had arranged for our two kids to go along with them.

I was a bit unsure but he told me they were nice people and whispered that they knew nothing about the club or my involvement. We met them and our kids and theirs got on ok and they seemed really nice so it was agreed. The park was some distance away and the plan was that they would drive up there, stay over in a motel and do the park, coming back the following evening. So we ended up at lunch with Jim, Phil, Dave, John & Al with the baby at the club. During lunch Al started telling the black guys at the club who were present at my breeding that this was the child that one of them sired. Most of them came up and chatted and saw the baby and by the early afternoon Dave had arranged for a babysitter to look after the child that night so that we could be free to spend the evening at the club. Once he was settled down in the room that evening and I was dressed in my skimpy white dress, we went back to the club. Al told me that he had a suprise for us for the evening and I was in little doubt what that was likely to entail. I had stocked up on my morning after pills just in case because I had decided that I did not want to have another pregnancy.

As the evening went on I realised that unlike last time I was not the only white woman in the club. At about 9pm Al brought a white couple over to meet us and told my husband and me that this was tonights breeding woman. I was shocked as I had been convinced that it was to be me that would be subjected to a mass sex session. The girl asked me several questions about what had happened to me and how much I had enjoyed it before she was led off in to the familiar pool room. Dave led my husband and me off into the room with the cameras and screens so that we could watch the action. I could see the husband being given his instructions and then watched him lay his pretty white wife down on the pool table. He secured her arms and legs and gave her a last kiss before the black guys entered the room. One by one the black guys pushed their cocks into her body leaving their baby making loads in her womb. At one point her husband was brought up between her open thighs and he licked the sperm from between her legs and cleaned her up for the next group. I watched her take 40 men over the space of the next 3 hours.

During the action Jim, Phil, Dave and John had come into the room and fucked me while I watched. My husband was coaxed down to lick my cunt clean at one point by Dave and when one of the black girls brought drinks in, I saw her drop to her knees and suck my husband off. This was the first time I had seem my husband do anything with another woman and I found it a bit unsettling. After it was all over I sat looking at the white wife lying on the pool table asleep, covered in spunk and remembered when it was me. I watched her stir and get to her feet suddenly reaching between her thighs as the juice of 40 black studs poured from her pussy. She looked around for her clothes before pulling her dress on over her sticky body. I walked out of the room and down to meet her and helped her back to the empty bar. She told me that it was wonderful and that she was convinced that she must be pregnant. I asked her how she felt now she was carrying a black baby and she shuddered and said that the very thought made her orgasm.

When we arrived back in the bar we found Jim, Phil, Dave, John, Al and both of our husbands watching a video of me, heavily pregnant, being screwed by a large dog. Her eyes opened wide and she asked me if it felt as good as it looked. Her husband asked her if she would like to give that a try and she assured him that she would love to try it. They all laughed and said that if they ever visited the south of England we would try to set it up. Soon after that the couple left us and we continued drinking and talking. Al asked me how I liked watching the evenings action and whether I wished it was me taking part. I agreed that I would prefer to take part and my husband agreed that he would have liked it to have been me. Al then said that he had a proposition for us and asked if we would be interested.

My husband answered before I even had a chance and so they explained their intentions. There was a prison farm about 10 miles upstate where Johns brother was warden. There was about 70 inmates, all black, who had been on at him to provide them some sexual relief. Johns brother had agreed that for one night he would ensure that the guards were all trusted and a white woman could be allowed in to service the prisoners. It would have to happen at about 8pm and I would not get out until the following day. The guards would ensure my safety and I would be required to take them first. My husband would not be allowed in but as it would all be filmed he could see the action after. I shook my head and said no I could not do it. My husband said yes and agreed to the terms straight away.

The guys suggested that we think about it overnight and if we agreed they would set it up for the next night. That night my husband begged me to do it while we had sex and by the next morning I had agreed. That night I was taken by car to the prison while my husband stayed in the hotel with the kids. I was taken into the guards room where three black guys in uniform stood. Without any introduction I was grabbed and pushed to the floor as they tore off thier uniforms. One of them got behind me and pushed his cock into my pussy while another pushed his between my lips.

The guys behind me thrust in and out several times before dumping his load of sperm into my cunt. The next guard entered me as soon as the first pulled out and fucked me until he too dumped his load. By the time the third guy had finished my pussy was sloppy with their spunk. Before I could get up one of the guards led in a german shephard and lifted it up onto my back. I could feel it thrusting away as hands pulled at my cunt lips to help him penetrate me. The dog was guided inside me and held in position as it pummeled away at my pussy. I felt the dog letting his semen go inside of me as the guards held him on me. Finally I has allowed to stand up and look around me. The 3 guards were laughing as they stood there with their cocks erect again. One told me to get over and suck him off, which I did. I repeated this with each of them until I had one load from each in either end of my body. The guards asked me if I had had enough or if I wanted to go in with the prisoners now. I told them to lead me in and that I was ready.

They led me naked into the prison grounds. I could see men looking from the windows of the barracks style buildings. I was led to a central room which was lit and had a couple of mattresses lying on the floor. I was led to the mattresses and pushed down onto them. I saw John and another guy I assumed to be his brother filming with a camcorder. I was asked if I really wanted to be fucked by the prison population. Once I said yes the door opened and a flood of black guys in prison uniform rushed in. They started to yell and take off their clothes as I sat up and looked at them. The first guy jumped on me and pushed me flat on the mattress. He began to kiss and suck at my nipples as his rough hands grabbed at my pussy. Without any further ado he slid his cock between my legs and began to fuck me as fast as possible. He only lasted about 30 seconds before I felt him cum inside me. It seemed like a huge load of sperm pulsed from his cock before he pulled out. John yelled that most of these guys had not had a woman for a few years so I should be prepared for some fast sex and large loads. The next guy was pounding away between my legs before coming even quicker that the first guy. The third one did the same but pulled out and blasted his spunk all over my tits and face. This continued as each guy fucked me until I completely lost count of how many had been inside me. I sucked some off while being fucked and at one point I had one guy in my ass, one in my pussy and one in my mouth.

I was covered in the spunk of these prisoners. I remember being led into a shower area where there was about 10 or 12 guys washing the spunk from my body before being forced to my knees in the shower and sucking them off in a circle. By midnight I was exhausted and I felt like I had been fucked by all of the 70 inmates. The guards broke it up and then sent the prisoners back to their beds after making them clear up the mattresses. I thought that I was finished but John reminded me that I was here for the night. I was then led to the first barracks and pushed into the first inmates bed. He dragged me in and within seconds had me on my back with his cock inside me. When he was done the next inmate pulled me into his bed and fucked me. This was repeated for each of the 20 inmates in that barracks. The guards then led me into the next one and the whole thing was repeated. By the time 4am came I was asleep in the last barracks in an empty bed. Even the prisoners were to tired to bother me. I was awoken at about 5am by several of the prisoners in the barracks fucking me. I could not even remember the guy entering me, I just remember waking up to someone kissing my face as he unloaded inside me.

The guards led me out at about 5:30am dressed in prison uniform and drove me out of the compound in a laundry truck. About half a mile down the road the truck stopped and the driver and another guy climbed in and took their turn. By the time I made it back to the club I was fast asleep in the back of the truck. I was led out of the truck and in thru the service entrance of the hotel to my room. I slipped in to the shower and washed the spunk of the prisoners off of my raveshed body. I got out of the bathroom and went to get the 'morning after pill' from my luggage. I could not find it and soon descovered that my husband had found it and removed it. He told me that he did not want me to take it as he wanted me pregnant again. I argued with him for ages but it did no good, he would not tell me where it was. For the next few days we had a quiet time with my pussy getting some well earned rest. I was starting to miss the attention by the second last day of our holiday.

My husband agreed that we should have a last fling before we left for home and phoned Al. Al agreed to sort something out and sent a car and a baby sitter around to the hotel that night. The car took us down town but went passed the club and turned down a side street. When the car stopped the driver told us to get out and wait for Al who would meet us. The car drove off and left us in a dark alley surrounded with large warehouse like buildings. Within five minutes Al turned up and led us further down the alley towards a deserted building. As we got closer I realised that I could see flickering Lights through what were left of the windows. Al led us both into the building and as we entered I heard a grunt and a yell. I looked aroung and saw two black guys holding my husband and pulling him down. I was suddenly confronted with another 4 black guys who grabbed me and pushed me to my knees. The guy in front of me pulled his cock out and stuffed it into my mouth. I was facing my husband who was also on his knees with a black cock in his mouth. As my husbands face was covered with white lines of spunk I felt the guy in my mouth dump his load. I was pushed forward and my panties were ripped off of me. My dress was unzipped and pulled from my body as I felt a cock lunge into my pussy. It took seconds before the guy fucking me unloaded inside my womb and the next one took his place. God knows how many dirty old tramps fucked me that night before Al reappeared with a car to take us home.

I do know that my husband was subjected to fair amount of sexual activity from the 5 gay guys there. He was forced to blow them and then take them in his ass. He was less than keen on this subject and told both me and Al that he was not interested in that again. When we got back to the hotel and both bathed I asked my husband for the 'pills' again. He gave it some thought and said that I could not have them and that I would be taking my chances.

I guess I will know fairly soon. I wonder who the father will be if I am.


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