Drugging Joy


One night I thought it would be fun to let some guys take Joy and get her high on some drugs, she has never used any kind of drug, and see just what all they could get her to do and getting a tape of it all. I like to let some big dicks use her hot pussy to shoot their cum in. Seeing her getting fucked and sucking dicks gets me so hot.

I made a deal with a buddy of mine and he said he and some friends were more than glad to help out. When they brought her back to me well fucked out and covered in cum I asked one of the guys to tell me what all they had done with her. "It was a wild night man. That woman got more cock stuck in her last night than any whore I know. She was enjoyed it, even with all the cum we filled her with." Your old lady was at the bar with some dude named Bates and when he went to the bathroom we spiked her drink. After just a couple of sips of that drink she didn't know who she was. We told her that the guy, Bates, had a room upstairs and he must be waiting for her up there. She asked if we would take her up there and we headed for the elevator.

"Hank, the white guy, and Billy, my bro cellmate, started tak'in your old ladies clothes off right in the elevator. She was messed up big time. Could hardly stand. Just kept mumbling about needing to wait for Bates. We left her dress in the elevator and walked her down the hall to her room in her bra, panties, garter and stockings. Shocked several old white ladies in the hall. They was nice undies. Hope you don't mind man, I kept them to give to my girlfriend, I hope her pussy looks as good in them as your wifes did. Course nothing looks as good as white pussy in black undies, except maybe white pussy wrapped around my hairy black cock. I got to see a lot of that last night."

Once we were in the suite Billy and I stripped her down while Hank filmed. Put her on her back on the bed. We all got naked and started feeling her up, playing with her titties, spreading her legs and fingering her pussy. She started moaning. Hank had brought some KY jelly. We figured that we better lube her up before we got it on. Billy shoved the tube in her cunt and squeezed out about half. The girl was so wet after that you could drive a truck up her box. She just laid there moaning. I told the boys that since I set this up, I wanted to go first. I hopped on and fucked her for about 10 minutes. Man I was stroking her deep. Just lay'in my pipe to her. But it wasn't no good. She just laid there moaning like a dead fish, I didn't even finish. I got off and Billy got on he fucked her for about 10 minutes, and climbed off without finishing too. Hank got on, and just like a white guy, pumped her for a couple of minutes and filled her up with his cum. Billy and I were mad cause now we be hav'in sloppy seconds. We made Hank get a wash cloth and clean her pussy out. We squirted some more KY into her cunt and climbed on again."

"Billy and I took turns, stopping before we came. After about the third switch, Hank said that the booze and the roofie were depressants and had her too low. So he got some angel dust from his stash in his wallet and held it under her nose. It took a couple of minutes, but when we covered her mouth that dust went right in her nose. Shit, it didn't take 30 seconds before she was screaming and thrashing around on the bed. I climbed right on that fine white pussy and she 'bout squeezed me to death. This was more like it. I don't know if it was the drugs or my dick but she put moves on me I ain't never seen. She rolled her hips and contracted her pussy in a way that milked my dick like a farmer pulling on a cows udder. I lasted about two minutes. Best of all Hank said that the dust would make her suggestible. He whispered in her ear and she would say whatever she heard. Hank say "Fuck me hard," She scream, "FUCK ME HARD!!". Man, he had her saying all kind of nasty shit about sucking dick and filling my slut hole with cum. You be able to hear it all on the tape."

"It got real interesting after that. I climbed off, watched my cum run out of her cunt for a minute, and then Billy climbed on top of her started screwing with long slow deep strokes, inching it in a little at a time. That boy got himself one hell of a piece of meat between his legs. When he got his dick balls deep, your old lady went crazy. He grabbed her tits and hung on for dear life. She got some scratches and bruises on her tits from Billy hanging on so tight. He was squeezing her tits so hard it looked like her nipples would pop. Hank was filming the action when the room door opened up and the white dude she had been with in the bar came walking in. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the three of us naked guys, with Billy just hanging on to your bucking old lady. Hank turned the camera on him and asked if he wanted to get in line. He also said we appreciated him sharing his hot piece with us.

That Bates fella' really looked confused, but it didn't take him long to come in and get naked. He got up next to your old lady's head and she grabbed his dick and started sucking him while Billy continued to fuck her. The guy Bates didn't last long and shot a load of cum in your wife's mouth and on her face. He then got dressed and thanked us and left.

I did what you asked and called room service for champagne and strawberries. When the room service boy got there Billy was just cumming in your wife. He climbed off and I asked if the room service boy wanted a piece. He stripped down in a flash, and said he had been want'in a piece of this bitch for months. He flipped her on her stomach with her legs hanging off the bed and sank his ebony rod into her in one thrust. She had settled down some so he had a nice leisurely fuck. She had her first orgasm with him that I could tell, the drugs were wearing off. By the time he finished your old lady was moaning, she was really enjoying the action. When he pulled his black cock out of her the cum was running from her pussy like a river. He asked if he could come back later for some more when he got off work, I said sure, us black stallions have to share the wealth. "

"None of us wanted to fuck her being as sloppy as she was, so we put her in the hot tub and aimed one of the jets at her cunt to clean her up. Hank held her head above water so she wouldn't drown. Billy asked if when she was cleaned out if we could shave her pussy. He said he always wanted to fuck a bald white cunt. We lifted her onto the side of the hot tub and got the complementary razor and shave cream from the bathroom. She just laid there while Billy soaped her up and shaved all the hair from her crotch. We shaved her pussy clean, but had a hard time getting all the hair from around her asshole, but by the time we were done it was pretty bare. We got some good film of all three of us shaving her. Of course we all dipped a finger or two into her. Hank even stuck his middle finger up her ass. She really wiggled when he did that, had her titties dancing all over her chest, nipples were as hard as rocks.

By then we all had hardons again so we started on her again right on the floor. I went first and slowly worked my dick into her. We didn't use no lubricant this time. But by the time I got my chocolate stick all the way in she was juicing herself up good, she was nice and wet naturally. I think by now she knew what was going on. She wasn't say'in nothing, but I could tell that her eyes were focusing on us. She sure didn't say nothing about stopping, she just wrapped her legs around my black ass and started moving to my rhythm. I want to thank you man. That time with your wife was one of the best fucks I ever had in my life.

Watching my dick slide in and out of her hairless white pussy really did it for me. I wanted to make it last forever. I screwed her a couple of more time later on, but that time was the best. I wanted to take your wife home and keep her. I actually got a little jealous when I came and Billy climbed on and started screwing her. I know she had a couple of orgasms with me and Billy said she had a couple with him. Hank said he wanted a blow-job, so while Billy was stroking her, Hank hung his cock in her face. He was right, she lifted her head up and started sucking him off like a $10 hooker. I filmed her getting it from both ends. After awhile Billy got her on her hands and knees, told Hank to fuck her and he stuck his dick in her face. Hank rammed right into her, but when she saw Billy's meat hanging in front of her face she really made love to it. She licked the shaft up one side and down the other, she took his hairy balls in her mouth and gently rolled them around with her tongue. Billy even turned around at one point and she started licking his asshole. They finally both came and she swallowed every bit of Billy's cum. After that it went on all night.

The room service boy came back, and she fucked and sucked us all night long. Some times on the bed, sometimes on the floor, once we hung her over the back of the coach and lined up. I would deep stoke her 4 or 5 times, then Billy 4 or 5 times, then Hank, then the room service boy. She seemed to really like having the four cocks stuck up her, one after another, and we all lasted a long time. We got breaks but she fucked that way for over an hour solid.

At one point we had to lube her up some more with the KY, cause she was flat out of juice. She never ever said a word to us just moaned and occasionally screamed out "Oh! Fuck" or "Fuck". I ain't never seen no woman have that much non-stop fucking in my life. Man your wife really is a major slut. I think all she needed was an excuse to let go.

We took turns with her all night long. Sometimes she would be double teamed at each end, sometimes just straight fucking, in the hot tub or the bed.

At about 5:30 this morning we laid her on the bed, on her back, with her head hanging off the edge. This opened up her throat. So we lined up again and each took a turn slipping our dicks into her mouth.

When Hank got his dick down her throat far enough so that his hairy balls were resting on her nose, she couldn't breath. So he held his balls up with one hand while he squeezed her tits with the other. Billy was doing some coke and he dropped a line in your wife's nose. She had to breath through her nose cause her mouth was full of cock. She got high again, bout bit Hank's dick in two. Left teeth mark on his shaft. By this time we was all done in and figured it was time to call it quits. So we just wrapped a sheet around her and headed to the parking garage. On the way your little slut pulled the sheet off once we were in the parking garage and said she wanted to been seen naked and covered in cum. We walked on to the car with her fine tits bouncing and I drove her back here to you. She stayed naked all the way here in the car and as we would pass the big rig trucks she would show them her tits and pussy.

Man you have one hot little slut wife.


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