The Bitch

THE BITCH by Wildone

The following story is not about me . While I do love to be taken, raped and gangbanged this was described to me by someone else. I am simply writing the story for your enjoyment. It is written from a husbands point of view.

I married my wife 5 years ago. I was 21 and she was 17 and an absolute beauty. She stands 5' tall 100lb, long blond hair , blue eyes and a perfect figure with large firm breasts. Oh, and her family is very rich.

Well life was good and due to events she inherited everything after 3 years. It was accurate to say that we were living the good life. Soon I discovered that she was having affairs with several other guys and she started to give me indications that she may seek a divorce. Well I for one had become very use to the good life and was not about to give it up. Her father had insisted that I sign an agreement that In case of separation I would receive only $100,000. Since she was now worth more than 25 million I had no desire to settle for less. Meanwhile she was more brazen with her affairs. She would bring home lovers and fuck then in our bed even while I was home. She would smile and say that its just to bad and some day soon I would not have to worry about it any more. Well that was all I need to begin my plan.

Well I am not the type of person to kill or have someone killed but I do have an old friend that I talked to about the problem. We had grown up together but had gone our separate ways. His life had led him to a totally different way of life than that which I had experienced but he did have an answer to my problem. He lived in Africa now but agreed to fly to New York to help resolve the issue.

Well all the plans were made and put in place. I knew my wife schedule well. Every Friday night she would dress very sexy, Always a short skirt, sheer blouse, nylons garters no panties or bra. She would go to one of the upscale nightclubs in town and find some guy to bring home and fuck. Well this night would be a little different. She did indeed dress as I guessed with black nylons, garters, red mini and sheer white blouse which left little of her beautiful breasts to the imagination.

She smiled as she left and said good-bye darling I will be back later after I find a new guy to fuck. I hope you do not mind. I smiled back but gave no comment knowing exactly what was going to happen. She got into her sporty BMW and pulled away. We live in a pretty secluded area. Once she left the gates she had a 15 min. drive through the country before she would arrive at anything. Well as she started up the road a Big ryder truck pulled out in front of her moving very slowly. As the road is very curvy she was unable to pass. Another big rider truck came up behind her. Once in place the trucks began to slow to a stop. realizing that something was wrong she reached for her cell phone only to find that the battery was dead (I had taken a dead battery and switched it before she left). She locked her doors as the men started to exit the trucks. Both trucks were full of big black men. There where 50 in all. All of them very big and very black. She was scared and could not believe it when they produced a mofab (automatic door opener) when they pushed the button all of her doors unlocked.( I wonder where they got that from, he-he-he).

They quickly opened the door and dragged her out saying 'Hey bro we got a hot one this time. We gonna have fun with this bitch and the boss is going to be real happy.' They shoved her into one truck and drove her BMW into the rear of the other. As of now she had disappeared. They drove for hours. While they were in the truck they kept grabbing her tits and ass and calling her names but went no further. Finally they arrived at a warehouse and dragged her out of the truck. The warehouse had been reconstructed as a makeshift dungeon.

My friend walked up to her (the boss) Looked her up and down with approval and nodded to the men hat surrounded her. The then grabbed her ripping off her blouse and skirt they took her to a stretcher and place her on it tying her ankles and wrists firmly. The table was in the design of an x. As they began to tighten the stretching devices her legs were spread wider and wider as were her arms. It was also stretching her longways. They stretched her to the very limits where she could barely breath. The boss said each of you take your turn fucking this whore. The began to climb on to her one at a time taking no time to ram their big black dicks deep into her rich white cunt. She was screaming in pain as they each ripped into her harder and harder. The Boss walked around to her face and grabbed her hair and said you are mine now bitch. From now on you do exactly what I say whenever I say it. This will be your way of life. We are going to break you in real good before I take you home with me.

Each of them fucked her until they came deep inside of her. When they had finished the boss ordered her taken and tied bent over a cross bar with her ankles spread wide. He then commanded that they rape her ass while he fucked her face. As they began to ram her virgin ass he placed his massive black dick in her face telling her that you do not want to let your teeth touch this if you want to keep them. Then her slapped her face hard with his hand. Her head spun as he rammed his long thick dick into her open mouth. He began to rapidly fuck her face and told her that she could gag all she wanted but she best keep those teeth out of the way. He savagely raped her face as the other continued to rape her ass. Finally he held the back of her head and crammed the entire length of his black shaft down her throat and dumped his entire load deep into her.

She was then taken and tied suspended off of a table face up. There was about 7" of clearance between her and the table. One of them would slide under her and shove his black dick into her once tight ass. Another would begin to face fuck her as another climbed between her creamy white spread legs and slide his black dick into her sore white pussy. They kept her full of black dicks in this manner pumping harder and harder. The boss told them that he wanted to have all of her holes double penetrated so they alternated between Shoving two in her mouth, pussy and ass. She always had one in each of her pretty holes sometimes too. At times she would pass out only to awake to them raping her regardless. The boss had now decided that he wanted her triple penetrated but only while she was awake. Her restraints were tightened in her current position. He chose three of the bigest,blackest and well hung guys to take her. All were at least 13" and thick.

The first slid under her and rammed into her cunt. he buried the entire length in one shove. The second climbed on top of her placing his legs above hers and positioned himself at the opening of her pussy looked it her face and said we are going to fuck you up rich bitch as he crammed his big dick into her beside the other . She screamed in pain as the both began to pump he deep and hard allowing there weight to fall onto her. The ropes were made tighter as the third black man stood between her spread legs . He placed his 15" onyx dick at her pussy and began to slowly shove his way into her already stuffed pussy. Her screams were wild as they pushed harder and harder ripping her pretty white pussy until all 3 dicks disappeared inside of her. The all pumped harder and harder into her white cunt. They were saying 'hey bitch what happened to that nice tight pussy you use to have' they would laugh and pump even harder. As they all shoved at once her tits would bounce oh so nicely. The boss ordered her ropes tighter as the all shoved into her one last time. All of there bib black dicks balls deep inside of her as they shoot there cum directly into her womb. The rest of the studs all took turns climbing back onto her and fucking her any way they wanted. She was fucked constantly for two days before she was drugged and placed aboard his private plane to return home. He was to use her as his personal sex slave.

While he had hoped to use her as a high priced whore he decided it best to keep her mildly drugged and whore her out for rape/gangbang parties. He was kind enough to video tape the whole ordeal and send it to me for my review/approval. I must admit I was pleased.

As for me since my wife has disappeared I am left to enjoy the good life and to wonder how I can spend all this money, while resting sure that she is getting all the dick she wants.


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