Mary's Fulfillment

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Mary's Fulfillment by: [THE MIDNIGHT LURKER]

1. Introduction {Partial re-print from "Mary Does Miami"}

A resident of suburban Miami, Mary was quick to show a girl-next-door demeanor to her casual acquaintances. She would often come across as a person who was "pure as the driven snow". But in reality, the 24-year-old woman had a ferocious sexual appetite which extended toward men from all walks of life. So it should come as no great surprise that Mary was quite a popular lady in her hometown. Mary posessed lavish, showgirl-type legs and large, firm breasts, which were accentuated even more by her otherwise slender, athletic figure. She had long-flowing blonde hair, big brown eyes and a very pretty, elegant face. Some people who knew her thought that Mary was so beautiful, she could easily be known as a living version of the Barbie-Doll. This bombshell of a woman had four regular boyfriends, and would often get together with all of them at the same time. She was a true gang-bang-girl whose motto was, "the more men, the merrier." At times, Mary would stray from her inner circle of boyfriends and find others to have sex with. She simply refused to be tied-down to just one man. At 24 years of age, Mary was still trying to find a niche for herself in life. Currently, the young woman worked in the Cosmetics Department at a local supermarket. In fact, she had been employed there for the past six years - but the first four were spent on the front end, as a cashier. Mary liked her job and her co-workers, but felt as though there was a better opportunity (money-wise) waiting for her. The problem was, she had yet to figure out WHERE. In her spare time, Mary liked to both read and write. She even had a couple of poems which were published in a local magazine. The 24-year-old was also an expert when it came to playing the piano, and was an avid collector of music. Her favorites were soft-rock songs from the 1980's. To the casual observer, Mary was a quiet, soft-spoken sort of person who always had room in her life for more friends. This assumption was true. There were times, however, when the blonde would get loud and raucous during a sexual encounter. She would start shouting profanities when someone (or a group of people) REALLY turned her on. This side of Mary, the casual observer did not know about. Nor could they even speculate she was this way - Mary did not have the appearance of an insatiable super-slut.

Some five or so years ago, Mary went to a night club one evening for some fun and dancing. It did not take too long before two guys made their way up to the sultry blonde in the sexy blue dress. Mary found an instant liking for both of them, but did not want to choose between either of them. Her problem was compounded because both of these guys were good friends with each other. The guys must have sensed this, because they did the most logical thing. They SHARED her for the evening. Each guy took turns dancing with Mary at the club. The blonde liked both of them, so she had no problem with this idea. Later, both guys were stealing quick kisses and cheap feels from Mary. Such double-ended attention really turned her on. By the time she was set to leave the club, Mary was in the greatest mood of her life. She was feeling so bubbly and energized, thanks to these two guys. So much, in fact, that the blonde agreed (without hesitation) to go to the hotel restaurant across the street, for a night-cap. The pair of men continued to charm and sweet-talk her, which only caused Mary to fall further into their abyss of seduction. Finally, when they knew she was theirs, both guys asked her if she would like them to get a room there, at the hotel. Mary agreed, without hesitation - again. When they got up to the room, the guys were ALL OVER Mary. They took her stylish dress off in a hurry, and all four hands explored her exposed body with wanton abandon. Their lips and mouths sucked and nibbled on various parts of her anatomy - especially her breasts and pussy. Mary was more sexually fired-up than ever before. This was her first time taking part in anything which could be considered "taboo". In the past, she had only had sex with one guy - and he was nothing to brag about. But these two guys, they WERE something to brag about. The guys - Kevin and Eric, introduced Mary to the art of double-penetration that evening. Not only did the blonde get a cock stuffed in both her pussy and mouth at the same time, but she also got a pair in her pussy and ass, too! Kevin and Eric spent the entire evening and most of the next day with Mary, pounding and fucking her from every direction. The young woman started an immediate relationship with Kevin and Eric, and often spent the night in bed with both of them. A couple of years older than her, the guys would often call Mary, who was 19, their "girl whore". Such nasty talk and degradation had an odd, but positive effect on her. Now five years later, Mary is STILL with Kevin and Eric. She has also found two more boyfriends - Steve and Cliff, who are not afraid to share her in a gang-bang sex setting. The more men - indeed, the merrier. One evening, Mary REALLY went off the deep-end, in terms of sexual play. Kevin and Eric took her to a party, and the young woman wound up having sex with a total of 12 (!) guys. She was the life of the party, and just about everyone had a turn with her. It was the greatest night of Mary's life.

2. Mary's Fulfillment - Supermarket Showpiece

If you were to ask a male employee or customer at this particular supermarket what they would consider "eye candy", many of them would probably point right to Mary. A perfect fit for the Cosmetics department, the beautiful young woman was usually dressed in very fashionable, attractive outfits. Her long-flowing blonde hair was always styled to absolute perfection, and she used just enough mascara to make her lovely face look even more appealing. But men were not attracted to Mary just because of her physical appearance. It was easy to tell that underneath that enchanting exterior was a young woman who was equally beautiful on the inside. Mary was a warm, friendly person who always had a kind word and smile for everyone she met. The 24-year-old never shut anyone out of her world. The attraction which most men felt for Mary was usually intensified even more because the young woman was such a playful, teasing flirt. Mary LOVED to flirt. She enjoyed the various reactions from guys when flirting with them. Today was a perfect example. Mary came to work in a short little mini-skirt, which had a base color of white, along with frilly red flowers designed all over it. The tiny mini-skirt was quite a snug fit, so needless to say, it displayed the full shape and texture of her luscious hips in a most enticing manner. Her long, graceful legs, which were encased beautifully in dark stockings, were also accentuated to the greatest extent by a pair of spiked high-heels. Mary figured that by merely showing up at work today, she was openly flirting with every guy who had any interest in her. The mini-skirt she wore was so small and skimpy, one of her boyfriends had nicknamed it "The Belt". In nearly eight hours of working today, Mary had caught hundreds of guys - customers and co-employees alike - looking at either her sweet ass or her luscious legs, or both. In fact, when Mary was walking along somewhere, it had become quite customary for several guys to openly gawk and stare at her rounded backside. Covered by the tight, little mini-skirt, her sweet ass would jiggle and twitch with each and every step, as her hips swayed from side to side. Add in a sexy little strut, and Mary considered this flirting. She had took three seperate walks through the store today, just for this reason alone. And the end result was the same every single time - nothing but eyes. But for those men who were more interested in what was above the waist on a woman instead of below... Mary had not dissapointed them today, either. In addition to the white mini-skirt with the red flower design, she was wearing a red silk blouse which was also quite a snug fit. The shape of her full, firm breasts were clearly featured and outlined by the blouse. Each big, luscious globe bounced and jiggled beneath the silky material with every single step Mary took. Very simply, Mary was a walking "T & A Show" whose face and body were best suited for the adult film industry. That point could not be emphasized more than it was today. Her overall personality and friendly nature, however, rivaled that of a sweet, church-going virgin. Such contrast was a major reason why Mary was so very sought-after by the guys.

* * *

"Only ten minutes to go," Mary said to herself, looking at her wristwatch. She could hardly wait for her shift to end. Mary figured that it would be quite an eventful night for not only her, but Kevin and Eric as well. The two guys had promised to double-fuck her once she arrived home.

Home was different for Mary than it was just a month ago. The 24-year-old had lived with her parents for her entire life, until four weeks ago. When Kevin moved into Eric's home because he was finding it hard to support himself on his own, both guys suggested that Mary come and live with them. Eric, who owned a really nice house in a rich Miami suburb, had more than enough space for two room-mates. Mary took a few days to decide on whether or not she was ready to leave her parents, and move in with Kevin and Eric. In the end, the decision was simple for her to make. Not only did Mary love both Kevin and Eric very much, the mere thought of double-penetration sex just about any time she wanted it... that was the clincher. She told the guys of her decision and a week later, was completely settled in. Originally, Eric had only offered his home to Kevin until his friend could get his financial life back in order. But since Mary came aboard, Eric had decided that Kevin could stay at his house as long as he wanted. The pair of best friends had always shared Mary equally, so it didn't seem right to Eric for him to keep the vivacious blonde all to himself by eventually asking Kevin to move out. Thus, all parties were happy. Mary lived with two studs who wanted nothing more than to drill and pound every single inch of her body. Kevin and Eric lived with a goddess who never grew tired of sex. Yes... all parties were happy.

Since both guys said they would be home sometime in the early afternoon, it should come as no surprise that Mary was a bit impatient for 5:00pm to arrive. That was when her shift at the supermarket ended. However, several men would be very dissapointed once Mary went home for the day... she would no longer be there, for them to look at! But all of them could take solace in the fact that Mary would be back again tomorrow - wearing what promised to be yet another exquisite outfit.

3. Mary's Fulfillment - Double Your Pleasure

Mary made one final sexy walk through the store at 4:59pm, going from Cosmetics over to the front office, where she punched out with her time card. High-heels clicking, the vivacious blonde then strolled into the parking lot and got into her car. 30 seconds later, she began the drive home. About 20 minutes later, Mary zoomed into the driveway of the house she shared with her two boyfriends. Using a remote control switch, she then opened the garage door and parked her car inside. After turning its engine off, Mary closed the garage door and then stepped out of her car. "What's up, pussycat?" came a familiar voice from behind her. Mary turned around and smiled as saw Kevin standing at the entranceway to the kitchen. "Oh, not much," the blonde grinned, slamming her car door shut. "Another day at work... Another day, another dollar." She giggled and added, "That's about all I make there." Eric appeared from behind Kevin in the doorway and smiled once he saw Mary. "Hey... there's my sexy girl. How are you doing today, baby?" "Just fine," was her reply. "How about you guys? Anything eventful happen to either one of you today?" Kevin grinned and said, "No, not really. We've just been waiting for you to get home." "Yeah," Eric said, nodding his head. "I hope you're not hungry for dinner yet. We have some... plans, for you." Mary broke out into a frantic giggle and countered, "Gee, I wonder what those plans are!" After a few seconds, she calmed down and added, "No... I'm not hungry yet. I got a bite to eat on my three o'clock break. I'm fine for now." She paused and finished by saying, "I ate early, because I knew you guys would have some... plans, for me." Kevin smiled as he stepped into the garage, only then to close the distance between himself and Mary. Nestling up to her, he slipped his arm around her waist and gave her ass a tight squeeze. "We're gonna make you feel real good," he said, while gently kissing her on the cheek. "Hmmm..." Mary groaned while wiggling her hips, as Kevin gave her backside another hard squeeze. "I think I already feel real good." Kevin kept his arm around Mary's waist as he guided her toward the entranceway to the kitchen. Eric stepped aside, so the pair entered and continued straight for the bedroom. But before he joined them in the walk, however, Eric had to do something which many men had done today - catch a glimpse of Mary's perfect ass, in that darling, little mini-skirt. Twitching and stretching underneath the tight fabric with every single step she took, Eric could not help but to shake his head - in luscious wonder - at the sight of Mary's ass. Did anyone in the entire world have a sexier ass than this young woman? Eric sure didn't think so.

Neither did Kevin, for that matter.

As she walked along with Kevin, Mary blindly threw her purse and car-keys onto the kitchen table. When they went around the corner and started toward the main bedroom, Eric snapped out of his erotic reverie and hurried behind them. "This is what you get," Kevin said with a grin, pulling Mary into the bedroom with him. "You work hard for eight long hours at the supermarket, then get to come home and spend an hour or two flat on your back." "Or on your hands and knees," Eric quickly added, with an evil grin. "Or just on my knees," Mary offered in a playful tone. Kevin smiled. "Whatever way... doesn't matter to me."

Kevin stepped to one side of Mary and immediately began groping and squeezing her large, full breasts through the silk blouse she wore. The young woman sighed and arched her back at his touch, enjoying it greatly. An instant later, Eric joined the fray by stepping to the other side of Mary. With one hand, he grabbed a handful of hot breast, while rubbing and squeezing her ass with the other. Still sighing, the young woman began to writhe between the two men, as their collection of four hands continued to paw and grope away on her nubile body. She soon placed an arm around each man as they stood on either side of her, pulling their bodies closer to hers. Eric wasted no time as he used both hands to pull Mary's mini-skirt upwards, bunching it together at her thin waist. He slipped her silky G-string down and off, then brushed his right hand over and across her beautiful, splendid ass. Mary wiggled her hips in rhythm with Eric's groping as Kevin began unbuttoning her blouse with one of his hands. Once it was halfway undone, he slipped a hand inside and squeezed the heavy, thick underside of one of her bra-clad breasts. Mary giggled at his touch, as he used his other hand to finish taking care of the blouse's remaining buttons. As Eric continued to rub and caress Mary's sweet ass, he wondered to himself just how many people today had wished they could do be doing what he was doing right now. How many guys had wished they could lift up Mary's mini-skirt, then pinch and squeeze her ass for good measure? 250... at least, Eric said to himself. He smiled at the thought. Eric brought his right hand up and then gave Mary's ass a nice, hard slap. He laughed as she jumped, startled. "What's wrong, girl? Don't you want a little spanking?" Mary giggled and looked over at Eric, as Kevin pulled her blouse from her shoulders. "The only one who is going to get a spanking around here is YOU... if you keep it up." "Oooooh," Eric grinned. "Don't get my hopes up, now." Mary giggled again, but then her attention was diverted as Kevin whisked her bra off and away. Except for the mini-skirt, which was bunched up around her waist, and a pair of thigh-high stockings, Mary was now completely nude. Her body shivered with delight as Kevin began tweaking one of her breasts with his fingertips, while paying real close attention to its hard, thick nipple. As Mary looked at him with a lustful expression, Kevin could not help but to press his lips against hers for a heated kiss. Mary put a hand behind his head, then pulled his mouth hard against hers for a tongue-to-tongue exchange. Kevin tilted his head and drove his tongue deep into the blonde's mouth, tasting its many sweet recesses. "What a perfect little ass," Eric said, as he continued to rub and caress it with his hands. Soon, he dropped down to his knees behind her. "Just perfect..." Eric added, before prying her asscheeks apart with both hands and giving her puckered anus a long lick with his tongue. That subtle move caused Mary to break the kiss with Kevin and let out a loud, pleasurable moan. But just as quickly, Kevin smashed his mouth against hers again, and resumed the lip-and-tongue action. "Just perfect..." Eric repeated, as he kept her asscheeks pried apart, while giving her anus another hot lash with his tongue. She squirmed in delight above him, and that only caused Eric to give her anus five more licks, all in a row. Kevin latched onto the outer sides of Mary's full breasts with both of his hands and offered them firm squeezes as he continued assaulting her mouth with his own. The two shared a hot, passionate kiss, as Eric stayed busy by lapping away at the blonde's vice-tight anus with his own tongue. Mary decided to break the kiss with Kevin, however, by gently pushing his head away from hers. It was time for her to give some attention to Eric - it was only fair, you know. Mary turned around and dropped down to her knees, right in front of her other boyfriend. Eric looked at her and offered a warm smile, just before moving his mouth to hers for a full-fledged kiss. As their lips met and their tongues began to dance, Eric slipped his arms around Mary's waist and then cupped her ass with both hands. The blonde sighed against him and then increased the tempo and ferocity of their shared kiss. Kevin, meanwhile, used this time as an opportunity to slip out of his clothing. His cock was already erect as he looked downward, with a perfect view of Mary and Eric as they kissed one another on their knees. Kevin decided to drop down to his own knees, directly behind Mary. He nudged his erection against her back and slid his arms around her, trapping her breasts with both hands. Mary's body began to vibrate with pleasure as the pair of studs began to work her over, as a tandem. Still on her knees, Mary broke the kiss with Eric and looked back at Kevin. Her gaze shifted downward, toward his massive cock as he pressed it upon the small of her back. She offered an eager, yet innocent smile at the sight. "I wanna taste that sweet pussy of yours, baby," Kevin told her, in a very lustful tone. "That is something I've been waiting to do ALL DAY long." Mary continued smiling at him while saying, "If that's what you want... I'm not stopping you." "Yeah... that's what I want," Kevin grinned.

The young woman accomodated him by turning toward him and taking a seat on the floor, then spreading her thighs wide. Still on his knees behind Mary, Eric took this opportunity to reach down and cup her breasts with both hands. Kevin, meanwhile, rolled onto his side and then burrowed his face between the silken joining of Mary's luscious thighs. As Eric continued pumping Mary's breasts with his hands, Kevin began to probe her pussy with his tongue. The blonde let out a very pleasurable sigh as Kevin gave her clit a hot series of sensual, erotic strokes with his tongue. "Ohhhhh..." the blonde moaned, while watching the top of Kevin's head, which was nestled between her thighs. With her right hand, she reached down and grasped the top of his head, giving him her non-verbal appreciation for his actions. Still on his knees behind her, Eric continued to massage and grope Mary's breasts. In her excited state, the blonde used Eric's body for support... she leaned back against him as he and Kevin carried on with the dual seduction. In repeated fashion, Kevin swiped his hot tongue over and across the swollen lips of Mary's wet pussy. The insatiable blonde groaned and squirmed in undeniable pleasure, with her thighs closed tightly around Kevin's head. Without a doubt, she was absolutely LOVING this... Kevin continued to lick and swipe away at her pussy, all the while enjoying its delicious taste. He knew he had Mary in a sexual frenzy, as she panted and writhed around on the floor. He soon increased the tempo of his oral work and knew that with the reaction of her body, Mary was close to an orgasm. There was little doubt of that. Arching her neck and back, Mary soon cried out in hot passion as a sweet orgasm ripped throughout her body. Kevin continued licking away - he wanted her cum for himself.

"My my," Eric said in a teasing voice, still stroking the blonde's breasts as her orgasm eventually subsided. "Looks like Kevin got you all hot and bothered... hmmm?" "Yeah..." was all Mary could say. "But when is it going to be my turn?" he asked her, still with a teasing tone. "I want in on the action, too." Still leaning against his chest for support, Mary looked back at Eric and grinned. "Oh. What type of action?" Eric shrugged his shoulders. "Well... feels as though my cock is about to explode in my jeans, it's so hard. Why don't you take it out for me, and give me a good blowjob?" He smiled and added, "One of those special, Mary-blowjobs?" Mary grinned with lust as she turned her body toward her other lover. With Kevin now behind her, Mary rose up to her hands and knees, then focused all of her attention on the throbbing bulge which was hidden inside Eric's jeans. Mary unzipped his jeans and pried them open, then pulled them down slightly - past his hips. She then did the same to his briefs, and was justly rewarded with the sight of his pulsating erection. Mary licked her lips as she looked at his slab of man-meat, her brown eyes sparkling with desire. The young woman gripped the length of Eric's cock with her manicured little hand and offered it a good squeeze. After Eric moaned in approval, Mary used her other hand to cup and massage his fleshy, hairy testicles. Eric sighed in electric passion as he watched Mary swipe away at the tip of his shaft with her velvety tongue. The blonde licked and slid her tongue across the thick head of his cock several times, all in repeated succession. Eventually, Mary slipped Eric's massive shaft between her moist lips, and took it into her mouth. The young woman let out a hoarse moan as she began to suck and slurp away upon Eric's cock. Without a doubt, Mary LOVED sucking cock.

Meanwhile, Kevin had a good view as he sat behind Mary, who was on her hands and knees while paying erotic homage to Eric's cock. Kevin had his own shaft in one hand and was busy pumping away, watching Mary's sweet ass jiggle about as she continued forth with the blowjob. Kevin thought that little ass of Mary's could use a good, hard fucking, too...

Mary focused her eyes upon Eric's face as she started to bob her head up-and-down over his throbbing cock. Gripping the base of his shaft with her right hand, she continued to slurp away upon its length with her mouth and tongue. Eric sighed in lust as Mary looked up at him with a sexy expression, her mouth stuffed full of cock. All the while, her head just kept bobbing, as her glossy-red lips provided hot, wet friction while clamped tightly around his shaft. Eric could feel an orgasm brewing within him. With the feel of Mary's mouth upon his cock, as it just sucked and sucked away... he was getting close to an orgasm. The young woman sensed that her boyfriend was extremely close to cumming in her mouth, so she decided to increase the ferocity of her sucking. Thus, it should come as no great surprise that Eric quickly lost control of himself. Eric grunted as thick globs of sperm shot out from within his cock, directly into Mary's awaiting mouth. She guzzled his cum down her throat, relishing in its delicious taste. He continued pumping a steady stream of cum into her throat for several seconds, but eventually, the spasms slowed down. Mary giggled with lust as she took Eric's cock out from within her mouth, before giving it a loving swipe with her tongue. The blonde loved the taste of sperm ALMOST as much as she loved sucking cock. If sperm were the only drink available on the planet, Mary would be a VERY happy lady. "That mouth of yours is FUCKING INCREDIBLE," Eric sighed, as Mary gave his shaft a final couple of licks. "We have been having sex with you for over five years and still, your mouth feels fucking better than ever." Mary smiled up at him, proud of herself. "Thank you. You know how much pride I take in my fellatio work."

Kevin, who had been sitting behind Mary with his own cock in hand during all of the blowjob, finally decided to speak up. "That's right," he said in a teasing voice. "This slut absolutely loves sucking on a big, hard cock." Mary looked back at him and giggled in a hot, flirtatious way. "Slut?" She snickered some more before adding, "Did you just call me a slut? ME?" "If the shoe fits..." Kevin grinned, still teasing her. Eric chimed in by saying, "Mary is our little girl-whore. She's been our girl-whore ever since we first met her." The 24-year-old woman looked at Eric and offered another giggle. "THAT, I can live with," she giggled. "But me, a slut? I think that's a pretty strong word." "I have to agree with Kevin," Eric said, in a matter-of- fact tone. "I think you're a slut, too." Nothing in this conversation was derogatory in any way. Mary knew the guys were having fun with this exchange; they were simply teasing her. And likewise, Mary was having fun, too. This wasn't the first conversation of this type they have had, and it certainly wouldn't be the last, either. Mary giggled while countering, "Well, I think you two are a couple of boy-sluts." "Boy-sluts?" Kevin asked, his eyebrows raised. He had never heard of such a term before. "Yeah, boy-sluts," the blonde confirmed. "A couple of overgrown boys who want nothing more than to fuck me." Eric shrugged his shoulders and grinned, "If that is what a boy-slut is, then I guess we're guilty, as charged." "I prefer man-slut," Kevin told her, in a teasing tone. "You know, me and Eric... we're older than you." Mary shrugged her shoulders. "I don't care. You may be considered adults because of your ages, but you're nothing more than overgrown boys. So, you two are boy-sluts." She snickered and quickly added, "That is, MY boy-sluts." Eric reached out and cupped one of Mary's breasts with his right hand. "Hey Kevin, I think the girl-whore needs something. Something like... a double-fucking." He smiled at his best friend and added, "What do you think?" Kevin looked at Mary and saw the grin on her lovely face before glancing back at Eric. "I think you're right, buddy. This slut needs a cock in her pussy AND her ass, at the same time. And we're just the MAN-SLUTS to help her out there." He chuckled before saying, "But I want her ass for myself." Eric nodded his head. "You want her ass? No problem. I'll take her pussy this time. Besides, I'm sure I'll get the chance to fuck her ass sometime later tonight." Mary giggled at that comment. She knew these two guys would probably be pounding away upon her for several hours. It was shaping up to be a great evening...

His cock already hard and erect once again, Eric pulled his jeans and briefs all the way off, then got onto the floor and laid down upon his back. Knowing what to do, Mary stradled his lower abdomen and then sank herself downward. Both individuals then moaned with hot passion as Eric's shaft slid into the tight confines of her soaked pussy. Once his cock was embedded deep inside her, Mary bent at the waist and leaned all the way over - until her large, full breasts were nestled snugly against Eric's chest. Kevin got a tube of anal lubricant from a nearby cabinet and then smeared some of the gooey gel over and across the blonde's puckered anus. Mary wiggled her hips at him, very much enjoying the hot sensations his finger brought her. With her pussy already stuffed full of Eric's cock, Kevin took great care when inserting his big erection into Mary's vice-tight anus. Inch after inch, he gently nudged his cock into her. All the while, the young woman's body shuddered and shivered about in wild delight. Kevin let out a loud moan once his cock was stuffed in her anus as far as it would go. His balls touching her ass, Kevin grasped Mary's hips and let out another loud moan. He then sighed before annoncing, "Let the double-fuck begin!" Eric took the cue and thrusted his hips upward, driving his cock deep into the blonde's pussy. An instant later, Kevin pulled back and then thrusted his erection directly back into Mary's anus. The 24-year-old woman let out a wild scream of pleasure; she LOVED getting double-fucked. Holding onto her hips, Kevin pistoned his throbbing cock in-and-out of Mary's vice-tight anus as Eric thrusted his cock in a continual, upward motion, right into her pussy. With every new stroke, each guy used a bit more force. Both of them knew that Mary really appreciated a HARD fucking.

Mary was in absolute heaven right now. She simply loved being with Kevin and Eric. But despite all the wonderful feelings these two studs were creating for her, the young woman wished her other two boyfriends - Cliff and Steve - were also here to service her. A two-on-one fucking was nice, but a four-on-one fucking would even be better...

Nonetheless, Mary would gladly settle for Kevin and Eric.

Having performed the act of double-penetration upon Mary countless times in the past, it wasn't too long before the two studs caught a mutual rhythm. Working in tandem, Eric would thrust his hips upward, causing his cock to forge itself deeper within Mary's pussy. Then, Kevin would push forward, which drove his cock far into Mary's anus. They would repeat this process over and over again... that was exactly how Mary liked it. Kevin was gripping Mary's hips as hard as he possibly could while he churned his prick in-and-out of her anus. At the same time, Eric had his arms around Mary's back and held her tight as she screamed out in wild pleasure, his own cock still pumping furiously up and into her pussy. The intense action hit a fever pitch as the pair of studs continued to pound themseleves in-and-out of her. Now, both Kevin and Eric were thrusting away at her, at warp speed. They were using every last ounce of strength in their bodies to do so, yet still wanted to try to conserve some energy. Both wanted the double-fucking to last as long as possible.

So did Mary, for that matter.

The young woman's body was actually vibrating due to the intense amount of pleasure Kevin and Eric were providing her with, as they continued pounding themseleves into her. "SWEET FUCKING GIRL-WHORE!" Kevin screamed, his hips thrusting back-and-forth at warp speed. "SUCH A TIGHT ASS!" "CUMMING!" Eric screamed, before letting out a loud, near-deafening roar. When Eric's cock exploded within the young woman's pussy, Kevin found that he could no longer contain himself, either. He buried his erection in Mary's ass, all the way up to his balls. Then, he let loose. Mary writhed and squirmed about in sexual passion as thick, gooey globs of sperm were being pumped into both her pussy and ass, at the same time. Simultaneously, Kevin and Eric continued to roar out with their own vocal lust. But both of them still managed to continue pumping their hot fuck-cream into her. Mary screamed as an orgasm tore throughout her own body, racking her soul with powerful waves of erotic electricity. The three individuals screamed in unison as they experienced mutual orgasms, albeit in different stages.

* * *

Indeed, it was already a wonderful evening.

* * *

But on the other hand, the evening had just begun. There was plenty more fucking for Mary to take place before the night was through. Kevin and Eric would see to that...


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