PENNY by Satyr

Penny and Jonah were married on a fine day in spring, in a small church just outside of their home town. Penny knew nothing of her husbands criminal tendencies and was looking forward to a long and happy marriage.

That wasn't to be so. Two weeks after the honeymoon, the police came to arrest Jonah for a variety of offences. Penny was shocked, as she watched her new husband being led away. About three months later, Jonah was sent to state prison for two years. Penny had to travel a long way to visit and because of limited funds, she could only afford to travel their once a year. The first year they were allowed to spend about an hour together.

"Oh baby I've missed you." "I've missed you too honey. Why didn't you tell me about your trouble with the police?" "I haven't seen you for almost year and you want to talk about that. Not a chance. I want a fuck before our time runs out." "Jonah, you don't have to be crude. Besides, this place gives me the creeps, anyone could be watching." "I don't care baby. The whole prison could be watchin' for all I care. Now get your clothes off." Jonah moved to his wife and kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Although Penny didn't want to be fucked with only the curtains around them for privacy, she hadn't felt a cock in her for a year and the feel of her husband's body against her started her juices flowing. Jonah pulled his wife's top off and lifted her bra up off her tits. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and bit it gently. He switched from left tit to right as he unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. Penny reached behind her back and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Her husbands hands wasted no time in pushing her panties to her knees. His fingers pushed up into her hot wet cunt. She could feel two fingers push inside her, she opened her legs more to get his fingers in deeper. "Oh baby I want your cock. I've missed you so much." "Your gonna have my cock baby, don't you worry. Get on the bed and spread 'em darlin'."

The warden sat in his comfortable chair watching the show before him on the monitor. The new video equipment that was installed allowed for a great view of the visiting rooms. He zoomed in to catch prisoner 156770 slip his cock into his cute little wife.

"God I forgot how hot your cunt was Pen." "And I'd forgotten how I loved to be fucked." Jonah began thrusting into his wife's cunt, his hands pushing her legs back to her chest. "Ohhhh sheeeeet Pennnnn. I'm gonna cum already. God I'm cuuuuummmmminnnnng!!!" "Yeah sweety, give it to me. Fill my cunt with your cum. Give me a baby sweetheart." Penny felt a blast of cum hit her cervix, followed another and another. Her husband kept thrusting and pumping and shooting his jism deep inside her.

The warden shot his load into the palm of his hand and as the scene before him slowed, he wiped his hand clean and clicked the switch that would stop recording.

"Jonah, I'll try to visit more often, but you know money is short." "I know baby, just do your best. I'll understand if you can't get here. So long as you write it'll be fine." They quickly dressed and heard the bell sound to signal the end of visiting time. "That was good timing." said Penny "Honey, before you go you have to promise me something." "What darling?" "Promise me I can have that tight asshole of yours when I get out of here." "Jonah, you know I don't like that sort of thing." "Promise me baby." "Maybe, that's all I'm saying." A guard walked in a began leading Jonah away. "I love you baby." "I love you too Jonah." Penny wept.

"Well what do think guys, is she hot or is she hot?" "She's hot alright warden, but there is no way she'd fuck around." "I'm thinking maybe of not giving her much of a choice. Leave it to me fellas and before too long we'll all have our turn on that sweet bitch." The warden began to rewind the video for the two senior guards and himself to watch once more. He was going to get this woman if it was the last thing he did.

About three months later, Penny received a letter in the mail telling her that her husband Jonah had been in an accident and that she should come as soon as she could. She spent every last penny she had (pun inteaded) and left for the jail immediately. She was met by the warden and led into the prison through a back entrance that was a maze of corridors. After about the third turn she had lost track of where she was. "Where are we going?" "I don't believe in beating about the bush Mrs Pringle, I've brought you this way to show you something." "What about my husband?" "He'll be fine, this is only a short detour." They finally arrived at a viewing window, the warden motioned for Penny to look through. When she did she was breathless. The scene before her was of a naked woman impaled on a guys cock while another fucked her face. Yet another guy was fingering the womans asshole while pulling on his huge dick. Penny was glued to the happenings in front of her. The man stopped fingering the woman's ass, and positioned his cock at the entrance. He began pushing forward, Penny could see the pained expression on the womans face as the cock entered her. "Oh my God." said Penny. She felt a hand rubbing her ass cheeks and then the hard lump of a cock against the crack of her ass. For a second she closed her eyes and was about to let things continue, but she heard the woman through the glass screaming as a result of the ass fucking she was receiving. When she opened her eyes a guy shot his load over the womans pained face. She wasn't going let that happen to her. She spun around quickly. "What's the meaning of this warden?" "I just thought you may be interested in how young wives get better treatment for their husbands and get to see them when ever they want. But I guess you're not too concerned how your husband is?" "That's not fair. I am concerned, but I'm not letting myself get .... I'm not going to do that." "That's your choice Mrs Pringle." The warden led Penny to his office and explained how her husband had taken ill and was very sick. "I'm sorry you had to come all this way, but you will be unable to see him at this time." "You bastard, you mean I can't see him unless I let you and your friends do to me what those other men were doing to that poor woman." "Mrs Pringle, I told you I don't like beating about the bush and I don't, but you were given a simple choice and you refused it. Now things aren't as easy as that." "What am I supposed to do then. Take on the whole prison?" "That could be interesting."

Penny lept towards the warden with her fingernails ready to tear his eyes from their sockets. The guards were too quick and held her firm. "You know I can't afford to visit again if I go back now. You know it." Penny sobbed. The guards let Penny go, she slumped in her chair and sobbed into her hands. "Perhaps you should see this Mrs Pringle, it may help you deal with things." The warden started a video, it showed the same woman as Penny had seen earlier. She was naked and a man was licking between her legs. At first she couldn't see the man's face, but when he positioned himself to fuck her she saw her husbands face. "No, he wouldn't. He wouldn't. It's a trick." "Video doesn't lie Mrs Pringle." Penny sobbed openingly as she watched her husband fucking another woman. She could hear what they were saying and when the man spoke, she knew for sure it was her husband. "Let me fuck your ass dollface." "Sure stud, anything you want." One of the guards moved behind Penny and pushed his hand inside her blouse. Penny didn't stop him, she closed her eyes and sobbed some more. She felt the strangers hand push into the cup of her bra and grip her breast. Her nipple hardened at the touch as the hand squeezed and rubbed her more roughly. The warden and the other guard began undressing, all the while watching Penny's reaction at having her breast touched by a stranger. She was letting it all happen, the guard lent forward and kissed Penny on the lips pushing his tongue into her mouth and licking around her lips. He moved in front of Penny and grabbed her blouse in both hands then suddenly ripped it open. Penny's eyes shot open and she stared in disbelief at the man in front of her. Her breasts were now exposed to them all, her pink nipples red and erect. She looked around at the warden and the other guard who were now naked. Her mind was lost in some strange place, she could see what her husband fucking on the video monitor and she could see what was about to happen to her, but she felt helpless to stop it. It some small way she didn't want to stop it. She felt the mans lips on her breasts now. His tongue lapping across the nipples covering her with his spittle. He gripped one tit in each hand and pulled on them and squeezed them as he sucked. Penny's eyes locked on the warden's cock, it was much larger than her husbands and the way he was pulling on the incredibly hard thing, kept her mesmerized. He moved closer to her and pointed his cock at her mouth. She knew what he wanted. She opened her mouth and lightly licked the head of the wardens huge thing. She looked up into his eyes and licked once more. Then she took the head of it into her mouth and began sucking slowly on his hot hardness. She could taste his precum and sucked harder, wanting to taste all of him. The first guard had pushed her skirt up and removed her panties. His tongue that had been licking her tits was now pushing into her wet cunt. She closed her eyes at the pleasure it gave her. The warden began pumping into Penny's mouth, pushing a little deeper eac h time. Penny gagged a little, but they worked out a good depth. The tongue in her cunt felt great and moved her close to orgasm. When the guards cock entered her, she hardly noticed until his thrusts put him deep inside her. "God" she thought. "I'm getting fucked by some stranger and sucking anothers cock, and... oh my God, I love it." The men continued their fucking, the last guard waiting patiently for his turn. The first guard pumped faster and Penny felt the hot cum of this strange man, fill her fertile body. She hadn't even thought before now that she had no protection. It was far to late for that. She loved the feeling as jet after jet of white hot liquid filled her cunt. She was close to her own orgasm and wimpered noticably when the cock in her cunt slipped out. The warden pulled his cock from her mouth and lifted her off her seat. The other guard was laying on the floor with his hard cock pointing into the air, she knew what was to come. The sight of the woman through the window still in her mind. She walked to the man and put a leg on either side of him. She looked into his eyes and then around at the warden. She slowly squatted, lowering herself onto the man's cock. It slipped in easily and Penny thought she was going to die as the excitment in her hightened. She was going to get fucked in the ass now. Something she had never done and her mind was racing. The warden's thing was huge and was sure to hurt like hell. She remembered the woman screaming with the pain of being ass fucked. She didn't want it and at the same time she did want it. When the wardens finger pushed into her virgin asshole, she was certain someone had given her a pleasure drug. It was hurting a litte, but she was so high an excitment, that she loved it. She kissed the man in front of her on the lips, sucking his tongue into her mouth. She started pumping up and down on his cock and loved the feeling of the finger moving in and out of her tight ass. "Man this is a good sight." "Get the camera."

Penny heard the words, but couldn't care less. She wanted the warden's big dick in her ass no matter what. The finger in her ass slid out and she turned to see what she was going to get. "Oh yeah fuck my ass with that thing." The warden positioned himself behind her and pressed the head of his cock against the little opening. It started to slip in, stretching the tight ring over the bulbous head. It was well lubed from sweat and juices, the head suddenly popped inside. "Owwwwwww! fuuuuccccking hellllllll." Penny instinctively jerked forward, but the man below held her steady. The warden's cock continued it's journey into the depths of her tight virgin shit hole. "Oh my God it hurts, please take it easy, your killllling meeee." "You know you want it Penny." The warden gripped Penny's hips and rammed his hips forward. A scream escaped Penny's lips not unlike the woman she had seen earlier. She felt as if a hot poker had been rammed into her. Her ass felt so full and stretched. She thought he was in her all the way until he thrust one more time driving even more of his thing inside her. "Eeeeeeeehhhhhh, Gooooodddddddd." "That's it baby, you got it all. You got all my dick in you fucking ass." The warden began fucking into her. She was screaming and jerking trying to escape the incredible pain. Her mind couldn't comprehend what was happening. She wanted him to stop huring her, but her orgasm was still building. She could feel the pleasure that both men's cocks were giving her. Finally her screams subsided and her she allowed her ass to be reamed as hard as the warden wanted. He slammed into her incredibly hard. When the other guard pushed his cock into her mouth, she sucked hard on it, taking it as deep as she could into her throat. "Oh fuck I'm going to cum. Oh ffffuuuuuuuccccckkkk!" Cum shot out and up into Penny's bowels. She could feel it deep inside her, it was like having a sperm enema. She was so close to cumming herself, just a few more seconds. The man in her mouth pushed forward and buried his cock down her throat shooting cum down her throat. He pulled out and emptied the last from his balls all over Penny's face. The warden made a last few thrusts and moved off of her. She sat up and began to ride the one hard cock remaining. "Oh yeah fuck me, fuck meeeee." The man gripped her tits and squeezed hard forcing a yelp from Penny, but that was enought to send her over the edge. "Oh fuck, I'm cuuuummmmmmminnnnng!" She bucked and jerked and spasmed for what seemed like forever, finally collapsing on top of the last guard. He pushed her off him and laid her on her stomach. He opened her ass cheeks and pushed his cock into her asshole. Penny felt a little pain, but her shitter was mostly numb from the pounding the warden gave her. She pushed her ass up to meet the mans thrusts and smiled when she felt the streams of hot liquid dribble out of her and down over her cunt lips.

She lay on the floor while the other men got dressed. She rolled over only when the tingling in her body began to subside. "Do I get to see my husband now?" "Sure you do, but I think there's a few others who would like a piece of you baby." "After I see my husband." "Oh don't be silly..... while you see your husband." "Wwwwwhat?"


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