Reggie & Samantha

Reggie & Samantha - Do NOT REPOST by Nom de Plume

Sitting on the couch, Samantha and George were having a heated discussion. Samantha said,"Why do you want me to fuck Ted in front of Donna. That's not fair to her. Will you be fucking Donna at the same time?" George replied, "I don't want to fuck Donna. Only watch Ted's big cock slide into your pussy."

Samantha was speechless. She couldn't believe her beloved husband wanted her to make love with another man. This was the end of their marriage. She was mortified. Slowly collecting her feelings, she decided to challenge George, to force him to admit this was not a good idea. She said, in an almost mocking tone, "I think it would be better with just three people. Another man and us. There would be less complications."

George thought for a moment and then replied, "Yes, you're probably right." Samantha saw her opening. Now she had him. "I've never known any man who would agree to make love, at least the first time, with the husband present."

George said, "Oh, I have. But I can see your point. It would certainly be easier to seduce someone without me there. What do you suggest?" Samantha was momentarily taken aback but she had prepared for this eventuality and blurted out, "Reggie, my black friend, has wanted to fuck me for years. Why don't I call him."

Well, she finally did get to George. He really had to think about this. Samantha was proposing to fuck a black man, alone, just the two of them. This was threatening but also exciting. The thought of a huge black cock sliding into his wife's pussy gave him an instant hard-on. He showed the bulge to Samantha.

Samantha was crestfallen. Her tactic had failed. She was also excited. Whenever George got excited it automatically excited Samantha. She refused to allow, even to herself, that there was any other reason.

George said, "I have a few rules: no long phone calls unless I'm present, you must not clean yourself afterwards, no more than one or two times unless I'm present, you must let him know before the second time that I know and approve, only in the daytime, I want to know everything that went on. Can you abide by these rules?"

Samantha was thoughtful and extremely confused. She was excited but couldn't believe George could love her and ask her to do this. She couldn't possibly do the inverse, let him make love with another woman, without begin overcome with jealousy. This was not how marriage should be.

A couple of days passed and neither George nor Samantha brought up the subject. One evening after supper George said, "Why don't you call Reggie."

Samantha said, incredulously, "Right now?"

"Yes, right now."

Samantha was quiet for a long time and then said, "OK, if this is what you want."

George said, "I do."

George turned down the TV and sat on the long couch with his wife while she dialed Reggie. Luckily he was home. George could tell from Samantha's side of the conversation that there was some initial awkwardness but they were soon involved with catching up with rumors about mutual friends. They spoke for over a hour until George sensed the first tentative steps to intimacy.

Samantha responded to the obvious question, "No, I'm alone. George is at a meeting tonight." The conversation quickly deepened after that with Samantha answering questions about her love life and what she was wearing. Both George and Samantha were getting excited now since it was clear that Reggie was willing and interested. Samantha wasn't talking now, only listening. The talk must have been sexual because George could see the telltale signs of arousal in Samantha. Her face was flushed and she was fidgeting. George knew she was wet.

Soon Samantha took off her sweater and said, "OK, it's off. Now you take off your shirt." This was wildly exciting to George and he pulled down his zipper and got his cock out. Soon Samantha was taking off her pants and informing Reggie of it. She started stroking herself through her panties. George looked over and saw they were soaking wet. He pulled them down while Samantha lifted her hips.

She was stroking her luscious, shaved pussy now and telling Reggie what she was doing in minute detail. George was near coming himself but delayed it. Samantha was rapidly building to climax, apparently in unison with Reggie. Soon she came in a thundering climax, as did Reggie and then George. Samantha kept rubbing herself and came two more times before she was finished.

Much to George's delight and amazement, Samantha said to Reggie, "I need to have your cock in my pussy. No, not tonight. Tomorrow. OK, 3 o'clock then. See ya, and we'll have a good time."

This was wild. As Samantha hung up her phone she kept rubbing herself and came another time. George felt her pussy and it was dripping wet, running down on the couch. George told her that was very erotic and she agreed. He told her he couldn't wait to come home tomorrow and find her well-fucked and with Reggie's cum dripping out of her. That was too much for Samantha and she came yet another time, this time explosively.

Well, much to their amazement, they both slept like babies that night. Totally satiated yet looking forward in anticipation.

George could barely concentrate on his work the next day, thinking of his beautiful wife getting a big black cock up her pussy. As 3 o'clock rolled around it was impossible to get any work done and he just killed time, looking like he was busy. Arriving home about 5:30, he heard Samantha call out from the bedroom. She was completely nude on the bed and had her legs spread wide. Her pussy still had white cum dripping out of it and it was still red and engorged.

Samantha said that Reggie had just left about 15 minutes ago. George asked how it went. Samantha said, "It was marvelous. He has such a big cock and he just filled me up with his cum. He came twice."

George's hard-on was begging for release and he stripped off his clothes and lay down beside his wife. Carefully he placed his hand on her pussy. It was sopping wet and the cum felt good on his fingers.

George asked, "Did you come?"

Samantha responded, "No, he was too insistent. But I need to. I'm so turned on!" She hesitated for a minute and then said, "Please eat me. Please eat his cum."

Wow, this was too much for George. His cock was aching and he was very near coming without even stroking himself. He slowly moved himself around until his cock was near his wife's mouth and then he put his head between her legs. Very tentatively, at first, he smelled the cum in his wife's pussy and then put his nose into it and rubbed her clit with it. Her body was responding like it does when she is ready to come. He then said, "I'm going to lick it now." and proceeded to lick long strokes from her asshole to her clit. He tasted the salty cum. It was the trigger that set off Samantha and she came with a fierce bucking and loud screams. He had never seen her like this. His own climax then blasted cum all over her face.

He continued to lick her and presently she came once more. It was glorious. Everything was as in a dream. They lay there for a long time, basking in the afterglow of extremely intense and satisfying sex.

They had sex several times a day for the next few days until, one evening Reggie called. Samantha answered, said that George wasn't home, and proceeded to get into a highly charged discussion about sucking Reggie's cock and feeling his cock in her pussy. Meanwhile George was playing with her nipples and then her pussy, which was already wet. As Samantha and Reggie were getting hot and heavy over the phone, George laid Samantha down, pushed up her skirt and spread her legs. She wasn't wearing panties. He very slowly guided his cock into her very wet pussy as she was telling Reggie that she was masturbating. As George slid in and out of her, Samantha was rubbing her clit and breathing increasingly heavy. Between the phone conversation, her self-ministrations and George's cock in her pussy, it wasn't long before she came vehemently. George came soon afterward and then Reggie. All the while Reggie did not know that George was there.

After they had calmed down for awhile, Reggie suggested that he come over the next day. Samantha said OK but then said, "Wait a minute. I have something to tell you. I told George about us and it turned him on." There was complete silence for a long time and then Reggie said that this was weird but he had heard of it before. Some white men like to have their wives fucked by big black cocks.

The next day, George arranged to have the afternoon off and when Reggie showed up he was semi-shocked. He said, "I almost expected this. When Doreen told me you knew and approved, I figured it was only a matter of time before you participated.

The three of them had a drink and small-talked for awhile before George suggested Samantha and Reggie retire to the bedroom. He said he would join them later, after they got started. It took quite a lot of willpower for George to contain himself on the couch but he knew they needed to get rolling first. When he heard Samantha's love sounds, he quickly stripped off his clothes and slowly entered the bedroom. Reggie was astride her pumping hard into her. She had her legs up in the air and her feet were banging on Reggie's backside like she was spurring a horse. George lay down beside them and tried to get a glimpse of Reggie's cock as it slipped in and out of his wife's cunt but they were too close. It wasn't long before Reggie came and, after a few minutes, rolled off Samantha. George lost no time inspecting her pussy. It was red and engorged and looked like it had received quite a pounding. He hadn't heard her come.

Losing all inhibitions now, George dived right into his wife's pussy and loudly licked her. She came very fast after that. Not content yet, George tenderly put his hand on Reggie's flaccid cock and started stroking. My god, it was so big, even when soft. It felt amazingly good. This was George's first time feeling a man's cock. Reggie's cock soon started growing again and George moved over so he could suck it. Ravenously consuming the increasingly huge cock, he brought it to full size and then said, to everyone's amazement, "I need that cock in my ass. Fuck me like you fucked Samantha."

Getting up on all fours and spreading his legs he told Samantha to help by getting the sex lubricant and lathering him up. She slathering it all over his asshole and probing her finger inside, got everything fully slick. Reggie was waiting and pushed his cock against George's asshole, with Samantha's guidance.

As Reggie pushed, George pushed back. It hurt but he liked the feeling and wanted to feel what his wife felt. With only a moan he accepted Reggie's cock into his body. My God, it filled him up. He was so huge. As George relaxed it didn't hurt so bad. He said, "Fuck me, Reggie."

That was all Reggie needed as he started pumping. Slowly at first and then faster. It was feeling better and better to George all the time and he was amazed that his cock was hard. Samantha reached underneath him and stroked his cock. As Reggie got more vehement, it triggered something in George. It felt strange. Reggie was abusing his asshole but his cock felt so good. Samantha sensed it and was turned on by it. She was diddling herself. She laid underneath George so she could suck his cock, or rather tongue it as it moved back and forth in concert with Reggie's vehement movements. She was beside herself and came without touching herself. George was out-of-this-world with lust. The huge cock sliding in and out of him was sort of massaging his cock from the inside. He loved being taken, being used, having his ass in the air and a big black cock in him. The situation and Samantha's licking of his cock in passing soon caused a huge quirt of cum to erupt from his cock all over Samantha's face.

Meanwhile Reggie was enjoying the hell out of this. He was fucking both the white man's wife and the white man! What a feeling. He was going to cum in this guy's asshole, going to cum a whole lot. Presently, with a shout of triumph and pleasure he shot his load into George, and George loved it! He loved the hot cum filling his ass, and later, enjoyed the slippery feel when he stroked his asshole. He hoped it would stay wet for a long time.

Afterward, they all collapsed on the bed. Reggie was feeling a little scared, a little guilty. George was feeling satisfied, Samantha was feeling excited, she could cum again. After a long quiet time they talked some about their feelings and agreed they wanted to do it again sometime.


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