A Hot Widow and her House Boy

A Hot Widow and her House Boy

by RLM, IWATCH, and Nikki

Author's (RLM) note: This story is based in part upon events conveyed to me by one of the story's co-authors (IWATCH) about his sister-in-law, Nikki, who is the story's third author. In addition to being the principal female in the story, most of the photo illustrations involving Nikki that are present in the html version of the story were posed by her. We all hope each of you enjoy reading about Nikki's adventures as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you... RLM


Nikki Garland stepped out of the shower and began to dry off her 46-year old body. As she did so, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. All in all, she rather liked what she saw. Certainly, she didn't look as good at 46 as she had at 31, but nevertheless, she felt she still looked desirable and sexy. Her large breasts still turned male heads when she passed. It always excited her to think about the fact that she knew they were thinking about how they would love to get their cocks between her big tits.

As the towel moved over her legs, she was equally pleased. They had retained their shape even more so than her breasts. She always wore heels although the stilettos that she used to wear were now too dangerous. She weighed maybe 30 pounds more than she had when she was in her thirties, and the extra weight might cause a bad fall in a pair of stilettos. So, she wore larger, 3 or 4-inch heels.

After drying her legs, the towel moved up between her shaved pussy lips. Mmmmmmmmmm... she loved the feeling as it moved over her folds. Ever since her husband had suffered a premature heart attack 5 years previously, she hadn't gotten nearly the amount of sex she craved. She thought it grossly unfair that so many women were left without men in their later years. Just when the pressures of raising children and possible pregnancies were removed and a woman was free to enjoy sex, men either died or lost their interest in sex.

As Nikki fastened her bra before her bedroom mirror, she admired the big 40DD mounds again. They really looked big when they were in the uplift bra. She knew she could stand to lose some weight. If she did, her 40DD's would probably become 36DD, but dieting was such a drag, and she thought she still looked hot even with the extra weight.

Pulling on her white transparent thong, she was aware that her slit was visible through the thin material. Occasionally, she actually got up the nerve to flash her panties, but not often. But then, she thought, the longer I go without sex, the more often I seem to want a man to see my pussy.

Sitting on the bed, she put on her thigh-high stockings and heels. After slipping into her dress, she was ready for work. Before she left, she took one more look in her full-length mirror. The dress was short but not obscenely so. The hemline was about 3 inches above her knees. Some of her friends had advised her that women her age shouldn't wear short dresses or skirts, but she loved wearing them and thought that her friends were missing out on a lot of fun with their attitudes.

Nikki worked as a secretary in a commercial real estate agency. The deals were huge and she often wondered if any of the female agents ever put out in order to close a deal. "If I were an agent", she mused, "I certainly would." The time required by her job and having to take care of all the house and yard work severely reduced the amount of free time she had. She remembered mentioning this Carla who advised her to hire someone to help around the house.

"Who could I hire? I couldn't afford to pay more than minimum wage and no man or woman is going to be willing to work for that."

"Hire a boy then. They need the work."

She was still considering this possibility as she boarded the bus for work. Normally, she drove her car, but it was in the garage getting its 50,000 mile check up. All the seats facing the front of the bus were filled so she had to sit on one of the benches that faced toward the opposite side of the bus. She really didn't like riding sideways, but this morning she was glad she did.

Sitting directly opposite her was a boy around 16 or 17. He was reading some book that she didn't recognize. It was obviously not a school textbook since school was out for the summer. She had just about turned her attention away from him, when she noticed that although he appeared to be reading, his eyes were actually looking over the top of the book. She felt a hot surge of excitement ripple through her body when she realized that the boy was looking at her legs. She had them crossed, and the short skirt had pulled up revealing a lot of thigh.

The erotic thrill of having a young boy staring at her legs was making her pussy pulse. She pressed her thighs more tightly together and was surprised at the intensity of the sensation the added pressure on her clitoris produced. She uncrossed her legs and let them part slightly. The boy leaned slightly forward trying to get a better view.

"Shit", she thought, "a young kid is turning me on. I'm really getting to be a dirty old lady." No sooner had the thought entered her head than she was crossing her legs in the opposite direction, this time pulling her dress higher. She knew that one of her thighs must be exposed almost up to her panties.

She rubbed thighs together causing the pulsing of her clitoris to turn to a distinct throbbing. It felt like her clitoris was burning. The boy was no longer making any pretence at reading his book. He had lowered it and was staring right at Nikki's exposed thigh.

She couldn't have stopped herself if she had tried, which she didn't. She uncrossed her legs again leaving her heels on the floor a foot apart. The boy was trying desperately to see up into the darkness of her skirt. She spread wider to let him see more. He leaned forward. Her breathing rate increased; she could hear her heart beating. Her thighs opened even wider. She knew he could see her panties now.

The boy's hand went to his cock. He was so excited by her display, he couldn't resist squeezing his rigid organ. Fortunately, they were the only ones on the side seats so no one was paying them any attention. He saw her staring at his hand as he squeezed his erection. Boldly, he began to slowly slide his hand up and down the shaft. Nikki was mesmerized by the sight. Her pussy had now begun to throb much harder.

The boy leaned even further forward in his seat. His pelvis began small thrusts as if he were fucking her. Nikki realized her tongue was out licking and flicking over her top lip. The fact that this young boy was dying to see her body thrilled her. She felt her sexual juices gushing out of her vagina.

She wanted to do even more, but with her dress almost up to the top of her thighs and her legs already spread wide, she didn't know what more to do here on a bus. They were almost to her stop. If she was going to do any thing more, it had to be now. Her pelvis thrust upward just as the boy thrust his hips upward. They were proxy fucking on a public bus!

Just before her stop, the boy's eyes closed and Nikki saw the wet stain spreading over the crotch. He had cum in his pants. As she got off the bus, her vagina was throbbing. She could feel her wetness coating her thighs.


The offices of real estate offices of Waymore and Smith were opulent, as one might expect considering the fact that the average value of the properties being handled by the firm was in excess of $1.75 million. Some, of course, were much more expensive. The most inexpensive of the properties was on the order of $750,000.

Nikki had only been with the firm for a little over a year, but her efficiency had advanced her to the position of executive secretary for John Waymore. As such, she earned a very nice salary and held an important position with the firm.

On this particular morning, she was just sitting down at her desk to examine the correspondence that had arrived with the early morning mail when John Waymore arrived.

"Good morning, Nikki. You're looking gorgeous this morning, as usual."

"Thank you, John. I'm glad you like my new outfit." Nikki hadn't been working with John Waymore for more than a month when he asked her to please use his first name unless a client was present. At the moment, she felt her cheeks flush with pleasure at her boss' complement. She had just purchased the short dress the last weekend and was delighted that he liked it. The fact that she had already been able to make a young man cum in his pants wearing it added enormously to her confidence and pleasure. She saw that, like the boy on the bus, John was also admiring her legs and her big tits. And she knew that if she ever managed to get this man to cum, it most certainly wouldn't be inside his pants.

"Anything urgent so far in the mail?" he asked.

"Nothing urgent, but several things that are important. Mr. Dawson has asked for an appointment to discuss finalizing the purchase of the west side of Fountainhead Mall, and two men, a Mr... just a moment."

Nikki referred back to the open correspondence on her desk, checked the names again, and then continued. "A Mr. Trevor Daniels and Mr. Floyd Hilbert would like to meet with you or Mr. Smith to open negotiations for the purchase of some unspecified amount of commercial property in the city. They don't give any details. How should I reply?"

"Set up an appointment as soon as possible for Mr. Dawson. Meet his convenience. I'll change my schedule if necessary. Try to work Daniels and Hilbert in this week, but give them a call first and see if you can obtain more specific details about what they have in mind."

"Yes Sir. I'll do it immediately."

I was acutely aware that John was still standing beside my desk looking at my legs and my tits. I had a nearly overpowering urge to spread my legs and to thrust my tits at him, but my nerve failed. My excitement rose even higher when he said, "I'm sorry to stand here and stare like this. But you really do look nice in your new outfit. I can't help wondering if... ". His voice trailed off.

"What? What are you wondering about?"

Now his nerve failed. He shook his head. "Nothing. Let me know when I'll be seeing Dawson and the results of your conversations with Daniels and Hilbert." He turned, his face somewhat flushed, and retreated to his inner office. Needless to say, I was very disappointed.

For months, I had been hoping that John would ask me out or at least make a pass at me in some way, but he had kept our relationship strictly business. This morning was the closest he had ever come to doing more. He was divorced and I was widowed, so we had no restraining commitments, but I apparently didn't interest him. It was really hard on my ego. I had to assume that he liked younger women. I really couldn't blame him. I often wondered how many of the women who worked for him he had fucked. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them.


Later that morning, Grant Smith and John were in John's office discussing the impending meeting with Dawson and also the feeler put out by Daniels and Hilbert. After deciding what position the firm would take with Dawson and speculating about the interests of Daniels and Hilbert, Grant changed the subject to something less serious.

"Say, John. I couldn't help but notice Nikki's new outfit. Wow! Did you notice how much leg she was showing?"

"Oh yes. I had trouble taking my eyes off her. In fact, I stood there like a school boy staring. Very embarrassing.. very embarrassing. She probably thinks I jerked off in my office afterwards." At this point, he chuckled. "In fact, I thought about it."

"I can understand that. Did you notice those big tits and the way they thrust out in that dress. That woman has tits to die for."

"Tell me about it. I've been staring at them for months."

"How often have you been fucking her?"

"I haven't fucked her... yet."

"Oh come on. We've been friends for years. You don't ever need to bullshit me. Are you really telling me that you haven't shot a load into her pussy yet?"

"That's right. I haven't."

"Got something better on the side, huh?"

"I've banged a couple of the women, of course. The problem is that they all want a serious relationship. It's obvious that they're just using sex to try to engineer one. Why the hell can't women ever just fuck for the sheer pleasure of sex? Why do they always have to equate sex with a relationship, love, and marriage?"

"Well... I guess it's just a result of women being from Venus while men are from Mars. Totally different set of priorities. And those differences are responsible for well over half of the all the divorce, pain, unhappiness, suffering, even wars, in the world."

The two men were silent for a moment. Then, Grant broke the silence: "Take my advice, John. Nikki may not be as beautiful as some of the younger women, but my bet is that she would be a much more sensuous fuck. Ask her out. Shoot a load into her and see if I'm not right."

"Well... if you're right, it would certainly make my life a lot more pleasant. And.. in addition... " he didn't' finish the sentence.

"What? in addition to what", Grant asked, somewhat puzzled.

"In addition, if she's as sensuous as you suggest, maybe she could help us with some of our tougher customers... if you catch my drift."

"Why don't you find out how she feels about that.. .when you finally start fucking her, that is."

------------------------------- -------------------------------

The next afternoon, after arriving home from work, Nikki showered and changed out of her more formal work clothes into a low-cut red blouse, a short, white skirt, hose, and heels. She knew there was no reason to wear hose and heels when she was alone in the house, but it made her feel sexy to do so... so she did.

Nikki surveyed her house. It really needed some work. The carpets needed to be shampooed; the furniture needed to be dusted in every room; of course, the dishes needed to be washed and the oven cleaned; the laundry in the utility room needed to be done. All of that was in addition to the yard. It needed to be mowed badly, the hedge needed to be trimmed, and the flower beds weeded. She wondered how in hell she was ever going to be able to get all the work done.

As she contemplated her problem, the doorbell rang. It turned out to be David Lambert, the 16-year old son of a younger couple she knew very well.

"Hi, Mrs. Garland. Remember me? I'm David.. David Lambert. You know my parents."

"Hello, David. I remember you very well. How are your parents?"

"They're fine. Just busy." David stood on the doorstep uncertain as to how to proceed. Nikki decided to give him a little help.

"Would you like to come in? I have some cokes in the fridge. Want one?"

"That would be great, Mrs. Garland."

"Please call me Nikki.. Mrs. Garland sounds so formal." Nikki told the boy as she handed him a can of coke. "What's on your mind?"

"Well, school's out for the summer, Nikki. And I'm trying to find something to do.. a summer job, but no one will hire a 16-year old boy for anything other than occasional part time work. I know you work full time in the real estate agency and you're alone... I was just wondering if you could use some help this summer."

"As a matter of fact, I could use a lot of help, but I really can't pay you enough to make it worth your while."

"Why don't you tell me what you need and we can discuss the money later?"

Nikki took 15 minutes describing all the jobs she needed to have done. Before she was halfway through, she became very aware that David's eyes were alternating between her big tits and her partially exposed legs. By the time she finished describing every thing, she was almost certain that he had an erection, and she knew her pussy was wet. Secretly, she was glad she had decided to wear the hose, heels, and short skirt.

"So you see, David. I need a lot of help. You could work here almost full time. I could provide lunch and dinner, and pay you $100 a week. I might be able to manage more, but that close to my limit."

To Nikki's surprise, David responded enthusiastically, "That would be more than enough, Nikki. I love to have the job if you really want me."

"Oh.. I really want you. No doubt about that. But I have to call your parents first to see if they're cool with the plan. Ok?"

"Sure. I know they're home. Why not call them right now?"

Ten minutes later, Nikki was on the phone describing the situation to Carol Lambert. "That would be marvelous, both for you and for him. Sam and I haven't been able to figure out what to do with David this summer. We're out a lot of the time, particularly in the evenings. Would it be ok if he occasionally stayed over when we're out of town?"

"Sure, not a problem at all. I'm not paying him very much as I told you. But I can certainly provide a room whenever he needs one."

When Nikki hung up, the deal had been closed. She now had someone to help her.. almost full time.

"You're parents not only agreed, they're very happy with the arrangements. They said you might be staying here some evenings when they're not at home. Is that ok with you?"

"Sure. I'd rather be here than by myself at home. It gets really boring being alone there all the time with instructions from my parents to stay home and not go wandering around the streets at night." His eyes were still on her tits and her legs.

Nikki uncrossed her legs and opened them a little. David's eyes deserted her tits and centered on her exposed thighs.

"Are they gone a lot at night?"

"Yeah. A lot."

"Where do they go all the time.. don't mean to pry... just curious."

"I don't mind. They have a lot of ... eh.. "friends" I guess you would call them."

"David, someone is either a friend or isn't. Are they visiting friends?"

"I'm not sure."

"Ok. Not my business anyway. What to get started now?"

"Love to."

As she rose, she opened her legs and flashed her panties at the excited young man.


Nikki showed David around the house and pointed out the various jobs that needed to be done. When they were in her kitchen, she said,

"I would like for you to wash the dishes once a day if it's needed. Just look see if there are sufficient dirty dishes. I would also like for you to clean the outdoor grill. This will only need to be done once a month or so. Come outside and I'll show you."

Nikki walked out to the patio and showed David the ourdoor grill. "Before you start, you need to check to see if there is anything on the grill, remove the racks, and then be certain that the gas is off before you start."

She bent over at the waist, and indicated where the control valve for the gas flow was located. Looking back at the young man without raising up, she said, "Do you see it? Can you see every thing?"

In her bent over position, her skirt was riding high on her ass exposing her ass to the young man. She held the position as she continued her instruction. "You need to look carefully inside. Check every thing out. Make certain that you have every thing off.. before you start the deep cleaning procedures. Understand?"

David's erection was painfully hard. "Yeah, Nikki. I see every thing. I'll be certain I do it right."

----------------------- -----------------------

Nikki was very pleased with David's work his first day on the job. She had enjoyed teasing him enormously, and the house looked much better today. She had another surprise waiting for her at work.

It was around 11 AM when John approached her. "Nikki, are you free this evening?"

"I can be. Is there some urgent work that needs to be done? I can stay late. Not a problem."

"No. There's no work. I was just wondering if you would like to have dinner with me.. maybe a little dancing afterwards?

Nikki looked at her boss with wide eyes. "Are you asking me out on a date or is this a business dinner?"

"No business. It's a date if you accept."

"I'd love to have dinner with you."

"Great! Say, 7 PM I pick you up at your house?"



John arrived at 6:55 PM, and Nikki was ready. There was no way she was going make her boss wait on her. She had dressed in a stylish outfit that showed some cleavage and enough leg to interest her date. She hoped he liked the way she looked. She wished she was 30 pounds lighter, but some men liked more voluptuous women. Maybe John was one of them.

David was busy in the back yard trimming the hedge and weeding the flower beds when John arrived. At the last moment, she realized that she hadn't told him she had a date, but then John was at the front door, and it was too late.

Dinner was wonderful. The best part was the fact that John seemed unable to tear his eyes away from my tits. He had me so excited I was having trouble eating. I hoped that there might be more than just dinner and dancing.

Dinner was wonderful, but the dancing was even better. I pressed my body close to his as we moved smoothly about the floor. He was a very good dancer, but he made certain that I could follow his moves. However, the reason the dancing was so good had nothing to do with his dancing skills. It was because of his hard erection pressing into my belly. At one point when it was rock hard and throbbing, he whispered, "I'm sorry. I can't help it. Would you like to sit down for a bit?"

For an answer, I pressed my mound even harder against his bulge. "It's your big, sexy tits", he whispered.

"Mmmmmmm... I'd glad you like them. I thought you were more of a leg man though, judging from the way you were checking out my legs the other day in your office."

"I couldn't help that either. Your legs are fantastic. But I can't see your legs here on the dance floor. I can feel your wonderful breasts pressing into my chest."

"Is that the way you think of them", my breathing increasing to a near pant.


"How do you think of them?"

"You know."

"Tell me."

"Your tits. Your big wonderful tits pressing into my chest."

"You're getting me very excited. Making me wet."

"What's wet?"

"You know."

"Tell me."

"My pussy."

"Is that the way you think of it right now?"


"How do you think of it?"

"My cunt. My cunt is very wet.. hot."

Before we left the dance floor, I was nearly helpless, and John had a throbbing, painful, raging hard on.


At 11 PM, John parked in front of my house. "I'll really enjoyed the evening, Nikki. More than I can say."

I was dismayed that John might end the evening on my doorstep. "So did I, John, and I don't want it to end here. Would you like to come inside? I would love it if you did. I leaned close to him and kissed his lips, lightly at first, then with passion. He grabbed me and crushed his mouth to mine.

"I want you, John. Please come in and make love to me. No. I didn't mean that. I want you to come in and fuck me."

"I can't wait to fuck you, Nikki. I was just afraid that you would think it was sexual harassment."

"I want you to come inside and sexually harass the hell out of me."

John kissed me again. I made no effort to suppress my excited moans. We kissed several more times in his car. "You're a gorgeous, sexy man. I can't wait! Take me inside and then take me!"

I unlocked my front door and John immediately led me to the bedroom. "I'm going to fuck you", he stated with authority. It sent shivers up and down my spine.

"Oh.. yes.. I'm ready. I've been ready for months."

John pressed his body against mine, kissing me as his hands roamed over my ass. He had a raging hard on that he thrust into my mound. "God, your cock feels huge.. like a steel bar. Can I.. can I touch it?"

A calm, confident smile crossed his lips. He was now clearly in command of the situation. I was his and he knew it. My hand came down on his prick.. stroking him through his pants, from base to tip, curling tightly around his large male staff. I licked my lips, salivating as I felt it jerking under my hand.

"I want to see it... please.. can I see it." My voice trembled with arousal, hot female sexual heat. I could smell my pussy, I was so hot.

I didn't wait for John to give me permission. Pulling his zipper all the way down, I reached inside and wrapped my hand around his thick, throbbing fuck stick. "Oh my ..God.. it's huge.. how big is it?"

"A little over 9 inches", he said with masculine pride as he watched me.

It was huge, more like a big dildo than a man's cock. It stood out stiffly, almost straight up. I guided my hand up and down its length until I was holding the red-tipped head of his organ between my fingers. I squeezed it and a bubble of cum oozed out. "It feels so smooth... so HARD! It makes me throb just to touch it. I want to suck it!"

"Say it again", John commanded. "I love hearing that."

"I want to suck your cock, John. I WANT TO SUCK YOUR BIG HARD COCK!"

I couldn't wait any longer. Inserting his cock into my mouth, I closed my eyes and dropped my mouth all the way down. The cock stretched my lips until they were pulled thin. My tongue slithered out, rimming his big cock helmet. He pumped into my mouth slowly as I clamped my lips tightly around the bulging thickness of his cock.

He had my mouth plugged so tightly I was forced to breathe through my nose. My nostrils dilated as I tried to suck air into my lungs. My cheeks hollowed when I began sucking him off. My head plunged up and down his huge length. On every plunge, his cock entered my throat. Finally, I was taking all of him on every thrust.

"Oh suck it, Baby! John grunted. His knees buckled with pleasure. He grabbed my head, pulled me closer against his throbbing dick. "Oh yes... suck it, Nikki! Suck that cock... SUCK MY PRICK!"

I couldn't believe it, but I began to cum. My cheeks flushed scarlet as the orgasm surged through me forcing me to grind my thighs together against the swollen folds of my cunt. As my pussy pulsed and juices flowed soaking my panties, I continued to suck him and jerk his shaft. Without warning, he pulled it out of my mouth.

"You can cum in my mouth, John. Go ahead. Shoot it in!"

"No. I want my first load to go into your cunt", he said as he pulled the rod from my mouth. It jerked wildly in the air, my saliva dripping off it's engorged purple head.

"OOOhhhh... Oh.. Oh I want to fuck! Please! I want to feel you in me... filling me up.. your huge cock going in and out.. in and out... fucking me.. fucking me! FUCKING ME!"

John stripped me naked and then took off all his clothes. While he stripped, I laid down on the bed, drew my legs up, and spread the lips of my wet cunt.

"FUCK ME!" I cried, holding my legs up with my hands. My bent my body almost in half so that my head and cunt were nearly parallel with my cunt tipped upward and my thighs all the way back. I pressed my thighs against my large tits, almost flattening them. I could feel my ass cheeks stretched tensely from the strain. I could also feel the hole of my cunt opening and closing fitfully... wild to be penetrated by cock.

"Fuck me, John. Please get on me. Get in me. Fuck meeeeeee!!"

John climbed onto the bed, positioned himself between my legs, and aligned his pussy destroyer with my wet, gaping opening. I watched him, eyes wide open, as he pressed the rubbery tip of his prick into the hole of my cunt. His hips thrust... once... it drove into my depths. I felt my lips separate around his girth as the mouth of my hole stretched.. and stretched... and stretched...wide around the male shaft.



John watched her drawing back harder on her legs, lifting her cunt and offering its oozing slit to his plunging fuck stick. He sank it deeper and deeper into her hot depths. Her asshole tightened as she squeezed herself around him.


"Oooohhh It's so damn BIG.. so HARD! Aahhhhhhh... I love it! I LOVE IT! Fuck me.. FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

Somehow my vagina managed to swallow every throbbing inch of John's cock, until his pubic hair was pressed against my naked mound. Only his balls remained outside my cunt.

He leaned his full weight into me, grabbed my legs, and pressed my body even further back. My cunt arched upward, and my ass cheeks rubbed against his knees. He slammed all nine inches of cock into my hot cunt and fucked me like a whore. I moaned in ecstasy.

Suddenly, John pulled his cock all the way back until only the head was still in me. In a surging, powerful thrust, he rammed it all the way back inside me. I screamed as I felt the iron hard shaft thud forcefully into the pit of my hole.


I began to cum. Once.. then again.. then again.. until my vagina was throbbing continuously, and my clitoris was dancing wildly in and out of its protective hood. John's fingers penetrated my asshole at the same moment I felt his organ erupt deep inside my hole. He began to shoot.. firing his hot sperm into my belly.. again and again. I exploded again, squeezing my cunt hard around his erupting dick.

John didn't leave until almost 2 AM after having fucked me three times, once missionary, once doggie, and the last time in my ass. I lost count of the number of times I came.

--------------------------- ---------------------------

Grant and John were on the second tee for their Saturday golf game. Grant was teeing up his ball, but stopped to ask John about his date with Nikki the previous evening.

"How was your date with Nikki?"

"It was great. Had a wonderful time."

"I presume that means you finally pumped a load into her pussy."

"No. It means I finally pumped three loads into her cunt."

Grant laughed. "That's even better! So what about the other."

"Looks highly likely to me. I'll explore that later. Didn't want to bring it up last night."

"Other things were up, huh?"

"Yeah. Way up!"


Nikki had slept until 11 AM. It was nearly noon when she was sitting in the kitchen having a light breakfast. David was busy dusting the living room. After a bit, he strolled into the kitchen, smiled, and started putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

"I cleaned the grill last night while you were out. It looks pretty good, I think."

"You stayed late and cleaned the grill? I didn't know you planned to do that."

"I was going to tell you, but you had already left on your date. Mom and Dad are spending the weekend with out of town friends. Mom told me to stay here last night. Said she had discussed it with you and you said it was fine."

"Oh. Yes. That's right. You're welcome to stay here anytime you like. You're doing a really great job."

David finished the dishes and sat down at the table with Nikki. He stared directly at her big tits that were just barely concealed by her robe. "Finally, he said, "You had a good time last night, didn't you?"

David's comment shocked her. So much that she could hear her heart beating. "Yes, I did. We went to a wonderful restaurant and then went dancing. John is a great dancer. I had a very nice time."

"I meant after you came home."

After a moment of silence, Nikki shook her head. "I'm sorry. I had no idea you had spent the night. Did it bother you a great deal? Do you know what was happening?"

"Yeah. I know. You were being fucked, weren't you? I could hear you moaning and screaming."

Nikki blushed furiously. She didn't know what to say.

"It's ok. Really it is. I'm used to that sort of thing. My Mom screams just like that when she's getting fucked. I've never had sex, but it must be really great to make a woman scream like you and Mom do."

"Your mom and dad have sex a lot when you're up and awake?"

"I don't know. I suppose they must have sex. Don't married couples fuck?"

"Sure they do. But you know that. You just said you've heard your mother screaming during sex a lot."

"She does, but she's not with my dad. It's always with some of their friends who are spending the weekend or the night."

Nikki could feel her pussy getting wet at the direction of the conversation. "How do you know your mother is not with your dad, and their friends in the guest bedroom?"

"Cause my Dad's name is Bill, and when Mom gets real excited she's always using another guy's name. She's yelling so loud, I can hear it easily. And besides that, I've often watched from the staircase, and my Dad always goes into the guest bedroom with the other woman."

There was silence for several minutes. "Were you cumming when you were screaming? Is my Mom cumming when she screams really loud?"

"Probably. Women usually scream or moan really loud when they're having an orgasm."

"Orgasm? Is that the same as cumming?"

"Yes. Cumming is the street term. The polite term is orgasm."

"I like cumming better... sounds hotter."

"I think so too."

Again there was silence for several minutes. "Did your date get you naked before he fucked you?"

Nikki felt her pussy gush. Sitting here discussing sex with this 16-year old boy was, for some reason, really exciting her. "Yes.. he got me naked before he screwed me. Men usually do that. They like to see the naked body of the woman they're fucking."

More silence. "Will you let me see your tits?"

"Now? Here?"

"Please. I've never seen a real woman's tits. I've seen Mom's a few times when she's getting dressed and leaves the door open. But not close up. Not like this."

"It has to be our secret. Ok?"

When David nodded, I unbuttoned the top of my robe and pulled it aside to expose both of my 40DD tits.

"Oh god. They're beautiful", he stammered as his hand went below the table to his crotch. "Please. Take them out of your robe."

I did it and sat there with both tits sticking out. I could see David's arm moving. It was my turn to ask questions.

"You're hard aren't you?"

"Oh god yes. Like iron."

"And you're jacking off under the table aren't? Do you have it out?"

"No. Just stroking it inside my pants."

"It's more fun if you take it out. Take it out."

A moment later: "Ok, it's out. Damn! Your tits are huge!"

"You can see me. I want to see you. Move your chair so I can see it."

David moved his chair, and I saw that he was certainly not exaggerating when he said his cock was like iron. It was standing absolutely straight up, rigid as steel, with precum coating the head. For 16, he was pretty big, maybe six and half inches, thick, and with a big helmet.

"Open your robe all the way. Are you naked underneath?"

"No. I'm wearing panties, but that's all."

"Open your robe, please. I'm about to cum. Is that ok?"

"Of course it's ok. You're supposed to cum when a woman shows you her body." I undid the belt and opened my robe.

"Take it off. All the way!"

I stood up and let the robe fall to the floor. Except for my panties and heels, I was naked. I sat back down and let him look at my body while his hand rapidly stroked up and down his rigid shaft.

"Spread your legs!"

I opened them wide. My white panties were soaked and I was sure he could see my cunt through them.

"OOOohh I'm gonna cum, Nikki. I'M GONNA CUMMMM!!"

"ON ME! ON ME!", I screamed. He closed the distance between us in two steps. His hand flashed up and down his thick shaft. He aimed it right at my tits.

"Here it comes..ooohhh I'm cummingggggggggg..."

I saw the hole in the head of his cock, open, expand, and then when the cock jerked in a hard spasm, a huge, thick stream of semen fired out. The stream hit my left tit and left a big rope of cum stretching from my left tit, down into my cleavage, up the right tit ending at the right nipple. A cum rope dangled from my right nipple. The second load hit my belly and filled my belly button hole. I saw David aiming his cock lower, right at my crotch. Before I could say anything, the third and fourth streams fired out and drenched my panties coating my crotch with male juices.

"Ooohhh almost done... open your mouth!"

I not only opened my mouth; I also extended my tongue and David's fifth stream coated it as the load shot straight into my open mouth, a direct hit so to speak.


After our sexy interlude at the breakfast table, David worked the rest of the day. He had rented a carpet shampooer at Lowe's and by evening, he had finished the carpets in three of the rooms. I fixed dinner for us, and he talked about his girls friends and such while we ate. He never took his eyes off my tits, and I kept thinking about his sizable cock. It certainly wasn't yet as big as John's but for 16, it was going to both excite and scare hell out of the 16-17 year old girls he would soon be dating and fucking.

After dinner, he dutifully cleared the table and while he was doing the dishes, I went turned on the TV and began watching some of the shows. He joined me after the dishes were done, and we ate popcorn and watched TV until 9 PM. Then, I went off to my bedroom and left him watching the set.

After removing my blouse and bra, I reached under my short skirt and removed my panties. They were damp with my sexual secretions that David had aroused during the day. Tossing them in the clothes hamper, I sat down on the bed, took off one of my heels, and had my other leg crossed over my knee to remove the second one when I looked up and saw David standing just inside the doorway looking between my thighs.

My cunt gushed as I knew he was looking at my exposed pussy. All I had on was one shoe and my short skirt which was concealing very little. I stared at him, not moving to conceal myself nor knowing what to say. He spoke first.

"I want to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you."

With that simple announcement, he started removing his clothes never taking his eyes off my body. I sat frozen on the bed, the only part of me moving was my vagina that was slowly throbbing, opening and closing, in anticipation of cock.

David climbed onto the bed with me, took me in his arms and pressed his lips to mine. My mouth was slightly open. I couldn't resist. My tongue came out and touched his lips. More, it pressed against his teeth. David's tongue emerged and met the tip of mine. I felt a shiver wrack his body. I knew he was wildly excited with the thought of fucking me... his first woman.

I pushed his head back and panted for breath. He gave me only a moment to breathe before his mouth covered mine again. This time, his tongue drove all the way into my mouth. I sucked it and then put mine into his mouth and felt him sucking on me.

I moved closer to him and felt his cock against my thigh. It trembled and jerked wildly. His excitement transmitted itself to me, and I felt my body shivering. He moved to his knees in front of me, unzipped my skirt, hooked his fingers in the waistband, and stripped it down. I lifted my ass so he could remove it. A moment later, my vagina throbbed hard when I saw this man/boy throw it into the corner of the room, no longer of interest now that he had me naked.

His body moved up onto mine, pressing me back onto the bed. His cock wobbled about as he moved on me. When he was in position on top of me, his cock was resting right against my snatch. He pressed his thighs down on mine, driving his cock hard against my mound. My hips arched upward of their own accord. My pussy was ready, even if I had reservations.

I heard myself moan, almost a sob. My legs slowly rose off the bed and lolled partially open. I felt like I wanted to rape him, but managed to keep some control of myself. David's body had settled between my legs, firmly planted into my sex saddle. The further he pushed his body into the saddle, the higher my legs rose and the wider I had to spread to accommodate his body. Each time I moved, my throbbing cunt pressed against his hard male organ. I began to pant uncontrollably.

His head was now between my big tits. I felt him kissing one nipple, sucking it hard after kissing it. Then, my other nipple received the same treatment. Again on the first tit..back to the second. Over and over and over until both of my nipples were hard, erect, throbbing. I shuddered, my entire body lifting and falling back as he worked my tits like a master cocksman. I couldn't understand how he could know how to turn me on so superby well.

His cock was hard as stone and pressed tightly against the lips of my cunt. I wanted him in me...fucking me. He was driving me crazy. But instead of fucking me, he moved lower on my body until his head was between my legs. Carefully, he caressed the inside of my thighs.. a series of desperate moans erupted from my lungs.

He began kissing my thighs, my knees, the insides of my knees, further and further up. My legs trembled. Wild spasms of intense sexual excitement were coursing through my cunt. He kissed and moved upward an inch at a time. I couldn't stand it.

"Ooohhhhh hurry...ooohhh god. ooohhh my god...aaahhhhh..!!"

His finger move into my wet folds and then into my vagina. Another finger rolled over the top of my slit and worked my clitoris. I began to scream, grunt, moan, beg.. he just continued to work his finger lightly over the throbbing tip of my dancing clit.

His mouth moved into my pussy. He sucked and kissed the lips, probed inside the opening with his tongue. My clitoris rose and throbbed, quivering against his lips as he kissed it... licked it.. sucked it. I came in a wild series of babbling screams:


David smiled, knowing he was making a woman cum... hearing the same screams he had heard me making with John the previous evening ... the same screams he had heard his mother making many times as her lovers fucked her.

He moved up onto my body, into perfect position for fucking me. He seemed to instinctively know that he had to center his weapon on my elevated target.. to get it into firing position ... he did it in one smooth motion. A devilish smile curled his lips... the smile of a stud who has finally seduced a woman and has her in fucking position so that she has no choice but to take his sex spear deep inside her body and pleasure it.

The opening of my cunt received and enveloped the helmet of his throbbing cock. "OOHHHHHHHHHHHHH...there... right there!"

He thrust forward and drove his cock into my hot waiting hole. I heard him gasp as he felt his cock forcing me open so that it could plunge all the way into my depths. His balls slapped against my upturned ass. He was fully into me.

Another orgasm exploded all up and down my body. His penetration had been the last thing needed to make my tortured body erupt. His cock hooked deeply into me. As I throbbed and quivered, my legs swung and jerked out stiffly.

"Ohhh god... I'm cumming David... I'm cummingggg...again.. you're making me cummmmmmmmmm... ooh do it ...do it to me... FUCK ME!"

My hips rammed up wildly as my legs drew his body tightly against mine. David rode out my fury never stopping his steady fucking of my exploding cunt. He churned it about inside my hole, pumping me... fucking me... making me cum again.

He was still in control of his own orgasm when I finally began to come down from multiple orgasms. He waited for me to quiet and then his rigid cock surged home into the wet hole of my cunt. He churned it around and around inside... then drew it slowly out. Another driving stroke followed that thudded into the bottom of my hole.


David was amazed at his ability to control the older woman. His balls felt like bands of steel. His cock simply threw Nikki wide open every time he drilled it into her. Her head would loll back. Her eyes were large, glazed, as she throbbed in repeated orgasms. David felt a burning excitement rising from his balls and up his thundering, quivering cock. She felt his prick throbbing. It brought wails and howls of female pleasure from her.

He rocked her body back and forth, driving deep on every forward motion of her body. Nikki's hair was loose, her arms flopped up and down on the bed. Her legs pulled back away from him, keeping her cunt in position for the deepest possible penetration. His cock had opened her up fully so that he could enjoy her hot hole any way he chose. It was a marvelous feeling. He loved it.

Every time he pulled his cock right to her cunt lips and worked back into her wet slit, Nikki gurgled and gasped totally out of control. Her legs shot straight out, rigid, as her hole spasmed in another orgasm. She arched upward, driving her cunt against his cock.

"I'm going to cum inside your cunt, Nikki. I hope you're on the pill or some thing because I'm not pulling out."

Unintelligible babbling was all he heard from her. He held her ass in position and slammed stroke after fuck stroke into her hole. When his cock exploded, load after load fired into her fuck channel. Before it stopped throbbing, a dozen steams of semen were pooled deep inside her cunt.


Monday morning proved to be a difficult time for Nikki at work. She was so sleepy she was having trouble concentrating on her job. David had been insatiable Sunday night. Again and again, she would awaken to find herself being fucked by the randy young man. No matter what position she assumed, David would somehow manage to find away to get his cock into her. Before she dragged her tired body out of bed at 7 AM, she had been screwed five times.

"Things have certainly changed for me", she mused. "I go from being close to a celibate nun to getting fucked eight times this last weekend, three times by John and five by David." She shook her head in near amazement wondering how many orgasms she had had. She had no idea.

John came in and gave her a warm smile before disappearing into his office. Around 10 AM, she took a short break to go to a nearby drug store to get some no-doz pills to keep her awake. She skipped lunch and took an hour nap in the ladies room. By 2 PM, she was feeling much better. By 3, she was wide awake and alert. That was when the red call light on her desk began to flash. John needed her in his office.

Nikki immediately put her work aside, picked up her notebook, and went into John's office. He was waiting by the door for her. As soon as she entered, he had her in his arms, his mouth pressed passionately against hers. He stopped for a moment to lock the door, resumed the kiss, his tongue exploring inside her mouth. She felt his erection pressing urgently against her mound.

"Mmmmmmmmm... you're hard... really hard. I thought I took care of that problem on Saturday."

"That was two days ago. I've been hard even since I saw you this morning. I've got to see you tonight. Can I?"

"Of course you can see me.. all of me.. anytime, Lover. I have a young man who works in my house and yard in the afternoon and early evening.. come over at 8 PM." Nikki sensuously rotated her pussy over the bulge his cock was making in his pants as she said it.

"Oh God! I'll be there, but I just can't wait that long. You're about to make me cum in my pants."

"Want to use my mouth? You can. Anytime."

"No. I want your cunt. Now.. here. On my desk! Hurry!"

Nikki broke away from John's embrace, moved to the front of his desk where she swept away the notebooks, pens, correspondence. She pushed the PC to one side to clear the center of the desk and then bent over it. When her head was resting on the desk's surface, she looked back over her shoulder at her lover, smiled, and slowly, sensuously pulled her skirt up over her ass. Nikki moved her feet wide apart, straightened her legs, and whispered, "Don't worry about me, John, I'll cum when you do. Now..Fuck me!"

If John's cock was hard before, the sight of the sexy woman bent over his desk with her skirt up over her hips wearing nothing but a pair of sheer panties and heels caused his prick to rear up like a flagpole. He was on her instantly.

"Take off your damn panties", he growled in male heat.

"Tear them off of me.. or cut them off.. or just jerk them aside. You're a man... surely you know how to get a woman's panties off so you can get at her cunt", she challenged as she thrust her ass even higher. o

John hooked his fingers in both sides of the flimsy panties. With a masculine roar, he yanked the sides of garment apart, instantly tearing Nikki's panties in half. The male behind her jerked the ripped panties through her crotch and off her ass. He threw the ruined garment into the waste basket and dropped his pants. Nikki opened her legs as wide as possible. She felt her juices seeping from her vagina, lubricating her hole. She closed her eyes and waited for cock.

"OOOHHHHHHHHHHH... YESSSSSSSSSSS... ", she screamed as it sank into her hole. "Oh God... you weren't kidding when you said you were hard... uunngghh...ugh ugh ugh... aahhh... so hard.. it feels like an iron rod in me."

The rutting male fucked her upturned female hole with hard, driving strokes while holding her hips, both to keep her in fucking position and to provide a handhold. Each time he slammed his meat into the deliciously hot cunt, he pulled her hips backwards to increase the depth of penetration. He could feel his cockhead hitting her cervix on every thrust.

Nikki's continuous moans and grunts rapidly brought him to a climax. "I can't hold it.. too hot... HERE IT COMES!"

Nikki felt John's cock expanding and pulsing inside her vagina. His deep masculine grunts told her that he was spewing his load into her pussy. She squeezed her cunt hard around his shooting sex gun and convulsed in her own orgasm.


She arrived home at 5:30 PM. Of course David was waiting for her... or more accurately, he was waiting for her pussy. Even though he was only 16, he was much stronger than she was. He practically carried her to the couch. She was already on her back with David working on her before she realized that her cunt was still full of John's load.

She was still trying to think of a way to stop him.. to tell him she needed to shower first, when she felt his hands under her skirt.

"You're not wearing any panties? I saw you put some on this morning when you were dressing for work."

Nikki had to smile. Only 16, and he already sounded just like a husband who has discovered that his wife is being fucked by another man. The smile changed to a groan when she felt his tongue on her pussy.. stroking her clit and pushing inside her cum-filled hole. She expected that he would recoil away when he tasted the semen inside her.

She was shocked when David began to eat her with even more fervor, his tongue fucking deep inside her vagina and then moving upward to lash her clitoris again and again until she was sobbing with pleasure. Her hips surged upward, her cunt throbbing. A finger penetrated her asshole.


David continued the double penetration until he felt her pussy contracting in orgasm. He watched Nikki's clitoris throbbing, jerking, dancing in and out of its protective hood. A mixture of her juices and John's cum spurted out and flowed down her ass. He licked it up to keep the couch from being soiled.

Rising up her sex saddle, he smiled at her. "You've just been fucked. God. That was so hot. Who fucked you?"

"That's none of your business, really."

David opened her blouse, pulled her bra down, and extracted both tits that were still heaving from her orgasm. Twisting and pinching both nipples, he asked again, "Who fucked you?"

"Oohhhh... not so hard.. aahhh.."

"Who fucked you?"



"My boss.. my boss.. John Waymore... please... hurts.. my boss fucked me.. please stop."

"Oh god. That's so damn hot. You and my Mom are really hot. Do all women fuck a lot of men?"

Nikki was still panting. David had suddenly become a very dom, demanding lover. She was amazed at how hot it was making her. She had just cum, but her pussy was already throbbing again. This young boy... no.. man.. who knelt between her legs was exciting... incredibly exciting.

"Some do. But most don't fuck a lot of men. Usually, a married woman will have two or three lovers during her marriage."

"Does John fuck you a lot?"

"Recently he has."

"I know he fucked you today. When will he do it to you again?"

"Tonight, after you leave. He's coming over at 8."

"Oh shit.. that makes me hard!" He proved just how hard he was by pushing his thick cock into Nikki's wide open vagina. Their moans and grunts mixed into a loud, passion-filled howl. If the neighbors heard it, they knew that a man was fucking a woman and both were about to cum.

After David had emptied his balls into Nikki's pulsing vagina, he sat up and watched as Nikki got off the couch and headed for the bathroom. She held both hands over her cunt to keep the cum from dripping on the freshly shampooed carpets. "I'm going to spend the night again. I want to hear him fucking you. Ok?"

Stopping in the hallway, her hands still clutching her cunt to hold the load inside, she grinned. "I expected you would. Just be quiet and don't let my lover know you're listening. I'll leave the blind open a little. If you go out onto the deck, you'll be able to watch him fucking me."


Ten Days Later:

The work load at the agency had decreased. Dawson had signed the final contracts for Fountainhead Mall and everyone in the firm had celebrated. Negotiations on a new deal almost as large were in progress with Daniels and Hilbert. John had told her that there were some problems that he would like to discuss with her, but she was certain of his ability to handle them.

Nikki was euphoric. Her life had changed in just two weeks from a drab, sexless existence to an exciting, passion-filled, exotic adventure. John continued to have sex with her about five times a week, sometimes in his office, but most often at her house or his. Most of the time, they would fuck at least twice, and on weekends, he usually got into her three or more times.

And David!... uummm... David was insatiable. He was spending most nights in her bed. She was pretty certain that Carol knew her son was fucking his employer... why else would a young boy want to spend his evenings and nights with her? It was Nikki's guess that Carol figured that an older woman would be a safe and wonderful sex teacher for her son. So that later, when he was fucking his girl friends and his wife, he would know exactly how to really pleasure a woman. Nikki fully agreed. She was certain that young David was going to become a consummate lover who would enjoy the pussies of many, many women, both married and single.

As she reflected on all of this, she simply couldn't imagine how things could improve or become more sensuous or erotic. This had to the absolute epitome of sex for an older woman. Nikki was wrong.. very wrong.


That evening Nikki had no date with John, as he was busy trying to close the deal with Daniels and Hilbert. Unfortunately, whatever the problems were, they were apparently serious.

Having no date with John, Nikki planned on an erotic evening with David. She had fixed some of his favorite dishes for dinner, and after showering and doing her hair and makeup, she was wearing a short skirt with a tight blouse/half bra combination that allowed her nipples to show. Over the course of a couple of weeks, she had discovered that David really got turned on when she was wearing hose and heels when they fucked. She had them on tonight.

During dinner, Nikki teased her young lover unmercifully. Every time she served a dish, she bent over allowing David to see her uncovered nipples. She sat with her skirt high on her thighs. By the end of the meal, her panties were drenched and he had a raging erection.

She fully expected that David would take her to the bedroom as soon as dinner was over. She was mildly surprised when he took her into the den. She was even more surprised when he told her that he had invited some friends over.

"What friends? Who are they?"

"They're some guys I know from Marlow."


"You know, the town about 30 miles south of here. We've gone to football camp together for several years and sometimes get together."

"I still don't understand. I thought you would want to spend the evening with me. I dressed especially for you."

"I know you did, and you know you've had me hard all evening. My cock feels like it's about to break off it's so hard."

"Then why the friends?"

"There are two of them, Brad and Vince. They're both 16 years old and they're both virgins."

Nikki's pussy throbbed when David told her that erotic piece of information. But she concealed it and didn't let him know. "So, they're virgins. So what?"

"You know how guys brag about the women they've fucked when the fact is that almost no 16-year old guy has ever fucked a woman. Some have gotten into younger girls but not many. Well, Brad and Vince were bragging...as usual.. when I asked them straight out if they were virgins. The grudgingly admitted it."

"I told them about you without telling them your name. It took awhil


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