The Making of a Cuckold

The Making of a Cuckold

by RLM

Janice's Perspective:

It was already 5:00 PM. I had just finished my bath and was now busy drying my hair. I knew I had to hurry as my husband, Conrad, had said he would pick me up at 6:00 PM. As usual, it was taking some time to dry and set my long, dark hair. It's one of my better assets, at least according to my husband, so I was taking particular care to get it just the way I knew that he liked it. When I finally completed the job it was 5:25, but I liked the result. In fact, I liked it a lot. My hair swirled around my head like you see in those TV ad's for some type of shampoo. The silver combs really set it off.

Time was getting short, but I wanted to be certain my makeup was done as well as my hair. I spent almost 10 minutes working on my mascara and eyeliner, another five minutes on rouge and a little cover up for a couple of blemishes, and then several more minutes carefully applying the red lip gloss. Fortunately, I had had my nails done the previous day.

Glancing at the clock, I saw that I had less than 17 minutes to dress. Conrad had said we were going to dinner at Marcel's and then afterwards, dancing at The Blue Room. That combination created a problem. Marcel's was an up scale, pricey, 4-star restaurant specializing in French cuisine whereas The Blue Room was a night club. I needed a nice conservative dress for Marcel's and something racy and sexy for The Blue Room.

Searching through my closet, I found exactly what I needed. It was long enough to be appropriate for Marcel's. The top fit tightly across my breasts, but below the waist, the dress fit more loosely. The bodice exposed a tasteful amount of my cleavage, a little on the risque side for Marcel's but on the conservative side for The Blue Room. The hemline was just perfect. On one side, the dress came almost to my knee, but the opposite side, it was halfway up my thigh. I thought it was a perfect compromise. I decided on a pair of black sandals with evil-looking stiletto heels. The heels had white pearls for contrast. Nice, but also hot.

I finished dressing with five minutes to spare. I was really looking forward to this evening out. Instead of the usual boring business meetings he often pressured me to attend, this evening was to be just for two of us, romantic and sexy. Maybe I could manage to get Conrad to loosen up a bit.

As I waited for my husband, I thought back as to how and why I had selected him as my husband. In college, I had been rather wild, dating a wide assortment of different men. While it was a lot of fun, after a couple of years I realized than none of the men I was dating were men I would even consider marrying. Half of them had little or no ambition, even less brains, and little interest in family matters. Another sizable fraction were smart but had no work ethic nor any interest in family and children. Half the men in these two groups were only interested in seeing how many different women they could fuck. The other half were only interested in seeing how many times and how often they could manage to screw me.

A much smaller group were smart, studious, and ambitious, but were either poor in bed, under endowed, or both. Some had no social graces; others had nothing but social graces. As I said, it was fun, but there were no long-term prospects in sight.

In my junior year, I met Conrad. He had some really positive qualities that included a good sense of humor, confidence, and determination. He was nice looking, had good social skills, was smart and creative, considerate, and liked children. His family was financially well fixed and there seemed to be no doubt that he would succeed in the same way.

There were, of course, some negatives. His aggressiveness and masculinity were less than I would have liked. His love-making skills were no more than average. His penis was about five and half inches, so it was slightly below average. His political leanings were liberal, but sexually, he was very conservative.

I thought his positives far outweighed his negatives. In addition, like most women, I was convinced that once married, I would be able to change his conservative nature in the bedroom and improve his love-making skills enormously. So, when Conrad had proposed a little over two years ago, I had accepted immediately.

In the two years that we had been married, almost all of my analysis of my husband had proven to be correct. He was now a junior vice-president in his firm with a salary that was already over $100,000 a year even though he was only 29 years old. His social skills, intellect, and creativeness essentially assured his continued success. We had decided to postpone having children until we were firmly established, but his interest in family was still very evident. We lived in a beautiful home and had numerous friends.

Unfortunately, I had overestimated my ability to change his conservative attitudes in the bedroom. This significantly limited the amount by which I was able to improve his love-making skills. He would now occasionally engage in oral sex, but never with the gusto and abandon that I liked. Of course, he still had the same slightly below average five and half inch penis. And we usually had sex no more than twice a week. Nevertheless, I almost always had an orgasm when we did have sex. All things considered, I felt I had made a good decision in marrying Conrad.

One of the reasons I was looking forward to the evening was it was another opportunity to get Conrad to relax sexually. The Blue Room was a hot night club. I was surprised when he told me we were going there. It turned out that one of his friends had recommend the place. Conrad, of course, knew nothing of its reputation, and I certainly wasn't going to tell him. Hopefully, once there, he would get into the spirit of things. "Maybe," I thought, "he might even take me outside and fuck me in the parking lot."

My pussy got moist at that thought. I knew it would never happen with Conrad, but it was nice to fantasize about it.


Dinner was fabulous, both the French cuisine and the attention I was getting from Conrad. He was having difficulty keeping his eyes off my cleavage and my exposed thigh whenever I sat down and crossed my legs. I loved it!

"God, Janice. You look fantastic in that dress and those heels. Just looking at them is getting me hard."

"Mmmmmmmmm... You're supposed to get hard when a woman shows off her body for you, Honey."

"Is that what you're doing? Showing off your body for me?"

"I thought so. Do I need to show more? I can you know. Would you like for me to?"

"Not here.. we're in public. I'm not the only one who can see your body, you know."

"Does it really bother you when other men look at my tits, my legs, my thighs, Honey?"

I expected Conrad to either nod or say "yes". Instead, he just squirmed uncomfortably."

Once dinner was over and we were at The Blue Room, things heated up even more. At Marcel's, the men had to be discrete when they looked at my legs, thigh, or tits. After all, proper decorum had to be maintained, and besides that, most were with their wives. Their wives were already looking daggers at me, and if they had caught their husbands checking out my tits, things would not go well for them later at home. However, at The Blue Room, every thing was more relaxed.

Conrad and I had danced three songs. I pressed my body against him, but he kept his hand around my waist and never let it fall to my ass or move upward to cup my tits. Nevertheless, the hard cock I felt pressing into my belly let me know that I was exciting him.

Back at the table, I was sitting sideways to the table so that my legs were facing the room. My husband was sitting just to my left, and I was taking every opportunity to flash my thighs at him. The evening was going much better than I had hoped. I could feel the wetness on my inner thighs, and I knew that my husband's cock was at least partially hard. I kept hoping that this might be the beginning of a change in his conservatism toward things sexual.

Although the lighting in the Blue Room was subdued, it was more than bright enough for the patrons to see one another. I was in the middle of telling Conrad how much I was enjoying the evening when I noticed that he wasn't paying any attention to me. His eyes were focused toward the other tables.

If it had been anyone else, I would have known that my date was checking out some other female in the room who was probably showing a lot of leg, tit, or even more. But this was Conrad, and I had never seen him do that. Actually, I half hoped he was looking at another woman. My eyes looked in the direction of his gaze, but could not locate any sexy looking female in the area. "Who is he looking at?" I thought.

I was still puzzling about it when I notice that one of the men at the table across the aisle was checking out my exposed thigh with more than just a little interest. His eyes darted back and forth between my thigh and my tits. To be certain, I leaned over, presumably to get my lipstick out of my purse, but actually to give him a view down my bodice. I held the position, which exposed over half of both breasts, for ten seconds or so. When I straightened, the man was leaning forward trying to get the best view possible. Glancing over my husband, he was continuing to watch the man whose eyes were devouring me.

At first, I thought he was angry and might be about to make a scene, but then I noticed his breathing had increased and his cock was now fully erect. It was turning him on, not making him mad! God... this was more than I ever hoped for. I changed positions so that my legs faced the man, uncrossed them, and left them like that. I could almost feel his eyes trying to see into the darkness beneath my dress. My husband immediately noticed his increased attention.

"Janice, will you excuse me for a bit. I have to go to the men's room."

"I smiled. Ok. I'm not going any where. Are you Ok?"

"Sure. Just a sudden cramp. Might be ten minutes or so."

As my husband left the table, I got out my compact from my handbag, opened it, and checked out my makeup. Actually, I was using the mirror to follow my husband's retreat in the general direction of the men's room. When he was halfway there, he stopped, turned around, and saw me with my back to him. He moved to a position close to our table where he could see both my legs and the man who was staring at them. If I was wet before, my pussy as now gushing. This was simply the most daring and kinky thing I had ever seen my husband do.

For my admirer's benefit, I looked in the direction of the men's room as if to be certain that my husband was not on his way back. Of course he wasn't. He was already watching all the action at our table, but I was certain the man at the other table didn't know this as the only thing that got any of his attention at the moment was my tits, legs, thighs... and as I was sure he was hoping... my pussy.

I raised my right leg, put my heel on the rung of the chair. The position automatically made my dress slide higher on my thighs, but not as high as I wanted it. My hands moved to the hem and pulled it far up my thighs. A moment later, I spread enough for the man to see my transparent, black, nylon panties. They were thin, like a negligee. I wondered if the light were good enough for him to see my cunt.

Suddenly my attention was yanked away from the man leering at my legs to a voice at my side. "Janice? Janice Larsen? I thought I recognized those fantastic thighs and tits. Wow! You're even more drop-dead gorgeous now than you were back in college when we were dating. It's great seeing you again... particularly as much of you as I'm seeing."

As soon as I turned in the direction of the voice, I recognized Glenn Koger. We had dated for about 6 months during my sophomore year. He looked every bit as good as he looked then... still just as masculine and confident, but even sexier now that he was more mature. "Hi, Glenn. It's been over three years since I've seen you. How have you been?"

I moved to pull my dress down, but he said, "Don't! Don't do that. You've got the best looking legs in the whole place. You want to break every man's heart?

I grinned. "Ok. Enjoy. You always did like my legs."

"I'd rather enjoy them some place more private. Any chance of getting you out of here?"

"No. I'm afraid not. I'm here with my husband. He just went to the men's room. Had a cramp. He'll be back at any moment."

"Oh. Shit! You're married. Do you ever play around?"

"No. I'm the totally faithful wife, if you can believe that."

"It's hard, but I'll take your word for it. My bad luck."

"Are you married yet?"

"Of course not. I enjoy the ladies too much. And from the way you're showing off, I would have thought that you still enjoy the men."

"Well, it's complicated."

"I suppose. What me to leave before hubby comes back?

"No. Please stay. If he sees you running away, that won't look good."

"My pleasure, Janice. My pleasure. Here take this... just in case you change your mind. I'd love to see you again... all of you."

Glenn handed me his business card with home and business phone numbers, his cell phone, his email, and his address. "Ok. I'll keep it, but don't wait up for me to call. I'm married now."

At that moment, Conrad decided to return to our table having been gone for as long as he thought he could justify. "Hi, Honey. You Ok?"

"I'm fine. Who's your friend?"

"This is Glenn Koger. He was a classmate of mine when we were in college. He recognized me and just stopped by to say hi. Glenn, this is my husband, Conrad Matchett."

"Hi, Conrad. I'm very pleased to meet you. You're a lucky man."

"Thank you." My husband lapsed into silence not knowing what else to say. The fact that he was still hard probably caused him problems.

"Well, I'm off. Been great seeing you again, Janice. Conrad. Hope you two have a wonderful evening." He smiled broadly and left.

"Who was that?" Conrad asked.

"I told you. Glenn Koger, a classmate of mine about three years ago. First time I've seen him since then."

"What did he say to you?"

The question suggested my husband was angry or jealous or both, but the tone of his voice and its slight quiver made it clear that he was excited, not angry or jealous. "He just expressed surprise at seeing me. Told me how pleased he was at seeing me after all these years."

My husband clenched his eyes shut and his body seemed to actually tremble. I glanced down at his crotch and saw it moving as his cock throbbed and jerked. He was a lot more than just excited. He had a raging erection.

"He said more to you than that, Janice," he finally said. "I could hear part of what he said as I came back to the table."

Now my pussy began to throb right along with my husband's cock. "What did you hear him say?"

"A couple of things."


"When he first came up to the table, I heard him say something like, 'Don't do that. You've got the best looking legs in the whole place. You want to break hearts'.. or something like that. You had your legs open and he told you not to close them, and you didn't."

"Oh shit! I'm sorry, Honey. I had no idea you were close enough to hear all that."

"I was. You didn't close your legs. Why not?"

"I should have. I don't know what to say except that I was excited and didn't want to close my legs. You're excited too right now. I can tell you have a huge hard-on."

"Were you excited because you had been showing off your legs and panties to that man across the aisle?"

"Oh god... you saw that too."

"Is that the reason?"

"You know it is. You're hard.. and I knew he was hard looking at me. That sort of thing really turns women on, Honey."

"I heard Glenn say something else too.. he said something like 'I'd love to see you again... all of you'. Isn't that right?"

I nodded as I pressed my thighs together. This was easily the hottest I had been in months."

"Glenn wants to fuck you doesn't he?"

I closed my eyes and realized my tongue was licking my top lip. My husband repeated his question. This time I managed to answer in a whisper:

"Yes.. he wants to fuck me."

"So do I. Let's go home."


Conrad led me to our car. Before he had gotten out of the parking lot, he turned toward me, "Pull your dress up to your hips and open your legs like you were doing for the man across the aisle and for Glenn."

That was the kinkiest thing my husband had ever asked me to do in two years of marriage. I yanked my dress up to my hips as fast as I could and spread my legs as wide as possible in the constricted space of the front seat of our car. "He could see my panties, Honey. Glenn could too. Both of them saw your wife's panties."

My husband began to moan. "Oooh god.. oohhh god... oohh god... " His hand clutched his throbbing cock as he said it. "Your tits... your big tits.. take them out."

"Here? Right here?"

"Damn it! Do what I tell you! Take out your big tits."

I had the restraining strap around my neck unsnapped in record time. As soon as it was loose, I jerked the top of my dress down exposing both of my tits as I had worn no bra. As soon as they were out, Conrad pulled the car onto the shoulder of the road, set the gear shift in park, and was all over me. One hand went to my tits, the other between my thighs to my panty-covered cunt. I spread wider and thrust my tits against his hand.

"Ooohhhh god... I've got to get you home so I can fuck you."

"Do it here! Right here. Take off my panties and fuck your slutty wife right here like she deserves. Do it to me!"

"We'll be arrested. Got to get home."

I laid in the corner of the car with my tits out and legs spread all the way home. My husband broke all the speed limits but got us home safely in about 10 minutes. Once inside the house, he was too hot to take the time to go to the bedroom, he just pushed me down on the couch. I pulled off my sodden panties, laid back on the couch and spread my legs wide open exposing my cunt for him as he ripped off his clothes.

There was no foreplay. I didn't need any. All I needed and wanted was his cock in my wet, throbbing cunt. For the first time in two years of marriage, my husband mounted me like a bitch and rammed his steel-hard erection into me... no foreplay... no gentle words of love... no kisses... just a hot, raging male slamming his engorged, throbbing cock into a female hole. I came instantly!

Conrad began to fuck me like a raging bull. After a few strokes in and out of my convulsing vagina, he leaned close, grinding himself against my erect clitoris making me cum yet again. Then he growled, "He fucked you didn't he. Glenn fucked you when you were dating him, didn't he?

"Ohhhh god... YES! He fucked me and filled your wife's cunt with his hot load."

As soon as I said it, my husband ejaculated inside me... I could feel his cock jerking and throbbing inside my hole. It was wild... like never before. He grunted and cursed and shot into me: "Oohhh you dirty fucking slut... Glenn fucked you...shot cum into you...just like this... UGH UGH UGH.. and then more cum... UGH UGH UGH... until is was running out your cunt... UGH UGH UGH!"

His fucking was the most intense of our entire marriage. My pussy was contracting in intense spasms by the time he finished shooting his load into me. My orgasm just surged through me. I even felt my asshole opening and closing as I exploded. It was glorious!

Conrad didn't move off of me as he always does once he cums. He stayed in my sex saddle, his cock still buried inside me. We were both gasping for breath. His weight was getting a little uncomfortable and I attempted to adjust our position. I hardly recognized my husband voice when he growled. "Don't move. Don't move one inch. I'm not finished fucking you yet."

As soon as he said it, I could feel his cock surging to full erection again. That never happened before... NEVER! But it was certainly happening now. His hands went under my ass and held me in position as he slammed his renewed erection in and out of my cunt with the hardest, deepest, fastest fuck strokes he had ever given me. My excitement surged along with his. In moments, I was screaming: "OOOHH FUCK ME...! FUCK ME... HARD.. OOHHH GOD DAMN....SHIT.... I'M CUMMMINGGGGGGGG AGAIN... FUCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE..!"

"How often did Glenn fuck you? Tell me... HOW OFTEN DID HE FUCK YOU?"


It was unbelievable. My husband came again as soon as I told him that. Even though he had just shot a huge load into me, this one was almost as large. I could feel his organ jerking and pulsing against my cervix as he emptied himself into me.

This time he did withdraw and I got up off the couch, holding both hands over my cunt to keep the load from dripping all over the carpet. It was already all over the couch. I started to the bathroom, but only got two steps before my husband stopped me.

"How did he fuck you?"

I grinned at my still randy husband. "The same way men always fuck women. His big, hard cock up my cunt or in my mouth."

I saw Conrad's cock pulsing. Unbelievably, he seemed to be getting excited again even though he had just shot two monster loads into me.

"What positions?"

"Glenn liked giving it to me doggy best... you know, we me on my knees, my head resting on the couch or the bed, my ass arched really high and my knees apart to open me up for him. Most of the time, he would have my ass at the edge of a bed; he would stand on the floor behind, hold my hips and drive it into my pussy like that. You have no idea how wonderful that feels to a woman. It goes in so deep! And hits my cervix so hard. I came over and over in that position."

There was no doubt about it now. My husband's cock was rising again. It was already almost hard enough to enter me. I couldn't resist exciting him even further.

"He also like giving it to me missionary style. Well, not the usual missionary position... it was more like the 'dominant male using the helpless female' position, if you know what I mean. He would put me on my back and make me pull my legs up in the air. After he mounted me, he would hook his arms under my legs and push them back so that were on either side of my tits. As you can imagine, Honey, that position really spreads a woman wide open. Sometimes, he would fuck my cunt. Other times it was my ass. Whatever he wanted. There was no way I could stop him from fucking any hole he wanted."

Conrad's cock was now at full erection. He had never, ever fucked me three times in one sex session, not even on our wedding night or the first night he had me. But it was obvious that he had every intention of fucking me for the third time tonight.

I was still standing there with my hands over my cunt when he had had all the teasing from his wife that he intended to take. "Fuck the stupid carpet. Get your ass back over her. Get on me. Ride my cock. Do it! Get your hot cunt on my cock and fuck it."

My dreams were all coming true. I was going to send Glenn a thank you note for certain. I stared at my husband's cock. He was fully erect and throbbing again. Oh fuckk... I mounted him like wild woman and rammed my pussy down on that throbbing shaft. I came after ramming myself up and down on him just few times. Ten minutes later, I had still another orgasm when my husband hammered his cock spike all the way into my cunt and pumped his third load into me.


The next morning at breakfast, I felt better than I had felt in months. God.. what a fucking! My cunt still tingled. It was also a little sore, but I didn't care at all. My husband looked nervous, not certain as to how I was going to react to his near ravishment of me the previous evening.

I came up behind him, pressed my big tits to the sides of his neck and whispered, "God.. that was fantastic last night. My pussy is still wet and hot just thinking about it. Wow.. You can fuck me like that anytime, Stud!"

Conrad was obviously relieved. "You're not mad?"

"Mad? I had over a dozen orgasms. Only a crazy woman would be mad at that."

"I mean about my asking all those questions about Glenn. I had no right to do that."

"Honey. There's nothing wrong with your being excited by hearing about how your hot wife got herself fucked. It was just wonderful being able to excite you like that. I loved it!"

"You wouldn't mind if I do that again?"

"You can do it anytime you want, Lover."

We kissed and then I put breakfast on the table. In the middle of the meal, Conrad looked up at me, obviously in thought. I raised my eyebrows in a silent question.

"Glenn lives in the city. Are you going to fuck him again? He said he wants to fuck you."

"Of course he wants to fuck me. Men always want to fuck women. When you look at that big-titted secretary of yours, Joyce, I know you're thinking about what it would be like to fuck her. That's perfectly all right. I wouldn't want a man who wasn't turned on by attractive women. But to answer your question, No. I'm not going to cheat on you. I never have. You overheard our conversation last night. So you know that I told him that I was totally faithful and intended to remain that way."

My husband's only response to my declaration of faithfulness was, "Ok." After he had left for work, I thought about the exchange, and concluded that he had had mixed emotions. No doubt Conrad was pleased to have a faithful wife, but I felt that he was also a little disappointed to learn that Glenn was not going to get into me again.


Sex over the next week with Conrad was the best of our marriage, at least from my point of view. He was screwing me twice a day. During the week, his cock had visited my pussy 15 times, which was 12 or 13 more than had been the case the last year. During sex, he continuously asked me to tell him more and more about the sex I had had with Glenn. Every time I revealed a new detail, it got him so hot, he would usually cum within 15 seconds. It gave me an incredible rush to be able to control his orgasms like this.

Exactly one week after our meeting with Glenn at The Blue Room, I couldn't resist increasing the intensity of our sex even further. It as only 8 PM, but Conrad already had me in bed drilling me in missionary position. I had my legs locked around his hips pulling him hard against me each time he thrust his cock into my cunt.

"How big is Glenn's cock?"

He had asked me that at least five or six times already, but I knew that he really got off hearing my answer. I decided to blow his mind. "Seven inches... seven thick inches", I replied as I hunched my pussy against his plunger.

"Oh shit... an inch and a half bigger than me... you must have loved having that monster dick fucking you."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... It was good, but Glenn wasn't nearly as big as Todd."

My husband's cock immediately began to jerk and throb inside my cunt. He fucked me even harder. "Who's Todd?"

"One of the guys who fucked me a lot when I was a sophomore in college."

"How big...aaahhh...shit... how big... was he?"

"Eight and a half inches and incredibly thick. I couldn't get my hand around him when he fully hard."

Conrad's prick exploded inside my cunt sending several thick streams of semen into me. He continued to fuck me for several minutes as his cock ejaculated several more times.

For the next hour, my husband couldn't seem to get enough information about Todd. "How often did he fuck you?" "Did you live with him or did he just come over whenever he wanted to fuck you?" "Did he wear a condom or fuck you bare?" Did he ever give it to you in your ass?" "How many times would you usually cum when he fucked you?" "Did he ever have sex with you in public?" "Did you ever fuck Todd and Glenn at the same time?" How often and where did you suck his cock? On and on...

Before I answered all of his questions, he had put two more loads of cum into me.

By the end of a month, I had told Conrad about a dozen of the men who had fucked me before we were married. The more I told him, the more he fucked me. Nothing seemed to excite him so much as hearing about my former lovers. His excitement was so intense, that most of the time he would cum almost immediately, but then get hard again very quickly.

Things took a new course after about five weeks. Conrad had me in the den on the couch, caressing my body, slowly working me toward and orgasm, but he had not yet entered me. He had my blouse off and my bra pulled to one side exposing my tits. My short mini skirt was up to my waist but my panties still concealed my pussy, which he was slowly stroking with his hand. I was returning the favor by slowly jacking him off.

"Would you like to fuck Glenn again?" he asked. I felt his prick throb when he asked the question. It was obvious that my darling husband was excited by the idea.

"No. That was a long time ago. He was pretty immature then and still is. That's why I dumped him."

"How about Todd and his monster dick? Do you ever fantasize about him fucking you when we're having sex?"

"I fantasize, of course. All women do. Just like men do. But rarely, if ever, about Todd. Outside of his big prick, there wasn't much to him."

"What do you fantasize about then?"

"Just what you expect... men. Handsome, mature, virile, confident, aggressive men all with huge cocks who fuck me whenever they feel like it. I'm more or less their sex slave fuck hole."

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh... Fuckkkkkkkkkkk..." Conrad's cock erupted in my hand firing several huge streams of semen high in the air. They fell back all over the two of us and the couch. Smaller cum jets pumped out of his spasming cock and coated my hand with a thick layer of cum.

As usual, he got hard again within minutes. "How would you like to find one of these fantasy lovers and fuck him?"

At this point I bent over and took my husband's rejuvenated prick into my mouth and sucked him until he was rock hard and throbbing. When I took the shaft out of my mouth, the head was swollen and bloated. He was obviously going to cum again.

"You're not really serious are you? Why would you want your wife spreading her legs for some handsome, big-cocked, virile stud."

His dick jerked in my hand at my words. "I don't know. I don't really understand it. But the thought really drives me wild."

"You know he would fuck me bare... he wouldn't care if he knocked me up or not... his huge cock would stretch your wife's pussy so wide that I wouldn't be able to keep from cumming again and again as he hammered it in and out of me. Once he started fucking me, he would be in me all the time. Doesn't that bother you?"

"Oooh god... ooohhh god..." Conrad ripped off my panties, mounted me, and a few seconds later rammed his cock into my wet, open cunt. "oohhhh shit... he would fuck you so hard... make you cum... shoot you full of his hot cum... aaahhhhhhhhhh." My husband's cock shot off so hard, I thought I could feel his cum load hitting my cervix.


Over the next few days, Conrad could talk about nothing else when we were eating, or watching TV, or especially when we were having sex. "Wouldn't you love having a fantasy stud to fuck you?"

"MMMmmmmmmmm.... it would be so hot. I would come home and tell you all about he fucked me."

"Are you going to look for one?"

"Where? I don't want to have sex with any of our friends. None of them really fulfill my fantasies anyway."

"How about the internet? We could post a pic of you on the net, place an ad, and see what kind of responses we get. If you see someone you like, you could email him or call."

"Does it turn you on to think about your wife being fucked by some big-cocked stud from the internet, Honey?"

When my husband didn't answer, I felt of his crotch. "Jezzz. Your cock is like a iron-bar. I can't even move it, you're so damn hard. It really turns you on doesn't it?"

"Oh god, yes. Every time I think about you having sex, about some guy fucking you, I get hard."

"MMMmmmm... well, in that case, I think I had better find a hot, big-cocked stud to fuck me. How about we both look for some guy to fuck your hot-assed wife? Ok?"

I felt my husband's cock throbbing in his pants. He was about to cum. "You know if I go out with this guy, he's going to get me naked and make me spread my legs wide open. He'll probably make me pull my cunt open so he can see me before he sticks his huge hard cock up your wife's cunt hole."

"DDDAAMMMNNNNNNNNNNN....ooohhhhh SHITTTTT... I'M CUMMINGGG." My husband had shot off in his pants.

----------------------------- -----------------------------

The next evening, Conrad and I were looking at various sites that allowed ads to be posted. We finally picked three sites and posted the ad we had both worked on most of the day.

Hi. My name is Janice. I'm a happily married, 27 year-old brunette with 36D breasts, nice face and figure. I'm interested in meeting men between 23 to 35 years of age for romantic, sex-filled evening with no strings. Not interested in long-term relationships. Husband knows and approves but does not participate. Only replies that include phone number, address, and two recent photographs, one fully clothed and one nude will be considered. Interested parties may respond to the email address given at the bottom of this ad.

We enclosed two photos of me to be posted with the ad. In one, I was fully clothed in a nice dress that I was holding high on my thighs and showing a little of my panties. The dress also showed some nice cleavage. In the second photo, I was nude except for a pair of black heels. I was posing on the bed with my knees steepled and spread exposing my pussy. My hands cupped my tits in the photo. Each photo showed only a small bit of my face.

"Think that will get any replies?" I asked my husband.

"I doubt it that it will produce more than several hundred replies."

As it turned out, my husband had significantly underestimated the number of responses. We had agreed that I would make the selection without Conrad voicing any opinion. That would ensure that whoever I chose would be someone whose appearance and letters excited me.

----------------------------- -----------------------------

It took 10 days before we began receiving responses to our ad. However, once they began to arrive, they arrived by the dozens. At first, I had intended to respond to everyone who wrote, but upon seeing the sheer volume of work that would entail, I quickly abandoned that idea in favor of responding only to the men who looked more promising.

I started by eliminating everyone who lived near us. Of course, I had decided to eliminate anyone who I or Conrad knew. Fortunately, we received no responses from anyone either of us knew. Next, I eliminated men who were over 40 or whose physical appearance didn't appeal to me. Anyone not sending the required photographs went into the discard pile. I didn't require that the letter they wrote be brilliantly composed or prim and proper. In fact, the ones who clearly stated that I was gorgeous and they would love to fuck me scored extra points. However, an excess of four-letter words was a negative indicator. Naturally, I eliminated boys under the legal age of 18. Either married or single was Ok.

It took almost a week of work, but I finally managed to cull the four hundred plus responses down to five candidates whose photos and letters excited me. I composed an individual email to each of the five men:

Brent was a trim, handsome guy who reminded me a little of the English actor, Hugh Grant. Among other things, his letter to me said, "My god... Janice. You are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Honestly, I got hard as soon as I saw your two photographs. And also honestly, I've jerked off to them three times already. I would love to meet you and then meat you. I'm reasonably experienced, single, clean, safe, well educated, discrete and, as you can tell from my photo, endowed with a 7-inch, very thick cock. If we can arrange a meeting, I will provide you with a recent medical report that I have no STD. My email and phone are given below. Hope to hear from you and hope that we're close enough that meeting will not be a huge problem. Sincerely... Brent.

His photo proved that his description of himself and his cock were accurate. He had a shaved, very thick, gorgeous cock. I probably got just as turned on looking at his equipment as he did looking at mine.

Donte was a hunk... a real stud hunk with a beautifully tanned body, a great physique, and an unbelievably huge, thick cock that made women want to sell themselves into slavery to have. His letter to me was short and to the point. He told me that I was hot, that he loved fucked married pussy, and that he couldn't wait to fuck mine. He gave me his email, his phone number, and even his address.

Ryne was one of the most masculine looking men I had ever seen. An incredible body with rippling muscles, hirsute, and a 7 inch dick that looked like it was made of iron. He reminded me of Tom Selleck. Just looking at his photo make my cunt wet. His letter had given his name, phone number, and email address. He was divorced, 35 years old, and experienced, which with his body and cock came as no surprise to me. His letter said, "I love your equipment and hope you like mine. I've been looking at the photo of you naked and spread wide open on the bed. That's why my cock is hard as iron in my pic. Hope to use it on you and in you soon.

At 38, Dereck was the oldest of the studs I had selected. Like Ryne, he had an incredibly virile appearance and a very hard cock although his size was only slightly above average. I had the feeling that if I let him fuck my unprotected cunt, he would get me pregnant every time. He had a sexy moustache, and a great physique.

I had decided to stop with just those four until I looked at the last batch of letters. One was from a 20 year old guy. I started to put him in the discard pile until I looked at his photo. My vagina throbbed when I saw him. Rippling muscles, smooth, nearly hairless body, sexy tat on his left biceps, marvelous tan, a sexy leer, and 9-inch huge fuck stick that was hard as stone in his pic. His letter gave me the usual information and then added, "I've fucked dozens of girls but never an older, experienced, married woman. You would be my first, and I hope I have to the chance to screw you. I promise that you'll come at least two dozen times and before the night is over, I will have shot at least seven huge cum loads into your hot holes. I can get it up again and again. Promise."

My email to each of my possible lovers gave my email address, my city, and the times I could be available. In each case, I stated that if we met, I would commit to no more than a one-time meeting although more might be possible if we both desired it. I also told each man that he would have to use condoms unless he provided me with recent medical certificate that he was clear of any STD. I assured each of them, that I would provide them with such a certificate for myself. Finally, I told them that if we met, I would like to spend the afternoon and the night in a hotel with them so we could really enjoy ourselves. I concluded by again telling them that I my husband knew and approved of my seeing other men, but would not be present nor participate.

I hit the send button to each email and wondered what kind of responses I might receive.

------------------------- ------------------------

For the next 9 days, Conrad fucked me every single day at least once. And every time he was giving it to me, he asked if I had found anyone yet... if I had contacted them... if I was going to fuck them... what did they look like... on and on. I told him he would have to wait for the details until every thing was set. That excited him even more.

Five days later, just as Conrad was leaving for work, I asked him to sit down for a moment. I needed to talk to him. When we were seated on the couch in the den. I smiled and said, "Well, today's the big day, Honey."

"What big day?"

"The day you've been asking me to plan for a couple of months, and the day you've been begging me to tell you about for the last two weeks. My lover is coming to the city tonight to fuck your wife."

My husband's eyes clenched shut, and I could actually see his body shudder at the erotic thought. When he finally opened his eyes, his breath was coming in near gasps. "Who is it? Where are you meeting him? When? For how long?"

"That's what I want to tell you, Honey. Donte said he would be in the lounge of the Marriott Inn in the Brentwood Mall at 8 PM. I told me to reserve a room there, which I did earlier this week. I'll be leaving at 7:30 PM so I will be there in time. He told me that he plans to spend the entire night fucking your wife's ass off. So when you get home this evening, I won't have time to prepare your dinner. I think you'd like to see how I'm dressed for my lover so get here before 7:00 PM. After I leave, you'll have to go out somewhere for dinner."

"Will you be here in the morning before I leave for work?"

"I doubt it. I'm sure Donte will want to fuck me again in the morning. I won't see you until the next afternoon when you come home from work. We'll go to bed and you can fuck your dirty slut while she tells how she got fucked."

Conrad's body shuddered again at the thought.

"You're not teasing me? You're really going to meet a man, and he's going to fuck you?"

"I'm not teasing. I did everything exactly the way you asked me to. I'm really going to meet him and I can't imagine that this stud isn't going to spend all night fucking me."

My husband was clutching his cock when he got in the car to go to work. I doubted seriously whether he would get anything done all day.


Conrad got home that evening at 6:30 PM. I was still upstairs getting ready for my first date since my marriage. My cunt was throbbing like crazy thinking about how after tonight, I would no longer be a totally faithful wife even though I was doing this at my husband's request. I had already dried my inner thighs twice but they were wet again.

A little before 7 PM, I walked into the living room where my husband was sitting. Probably fidgeting is a better description of what he was doing since he wasn't able to sit still. I struck a pose and said, "Well? How do I look. Think Donte will like what he sees?"

"What happened to your hair? You changed its color?"

"I did. I thought the reddish tint looked sexy and hot. Like it?"

"Oooohh fuck! You look incredible!"

Conrad's words since shivers of pleasure up and down my spine. The black micro-mini skirt I wore was skin-tight and just barely covered my ass. Every time I bent over I would showing my ass. The top of the outfit consisted of a tan vest/coat with a thin, transparent chemise underneath. The neckline plunged and plunged showing off the top third of my tits and most of their inner slopes. I wore a pair of matching black sandals with straps. My almost totally exposed legs were bare of any stockings. The only thing I wore under the outfit was a white, nearly transparent thong. So when I bent over, my ass would appear to be naked.

My husband's cock was rigid, absolutely rigid. I could even see it throbbing inside his pants. "What do you have under that tiny skirt?"

"Wanna see, Honey?"

I turned my back to him, jutted my hips out in a slutty pose, and pulled my mini skirt far up my hip on one side. With my thong buried in my ass crack and cunt, it appeared to my husband that I was totally naked beneath the tiny skirt. The sight was so erotic that he couldn't resist taking his cock out and squeezing it.

"Mmmmmmmmm... looks like you're already hard, Baby. Wanna see more. Look at your hot wife's naked ass." Bending over the table, I pulled the mini-skirt up to my waist and thrust my ass back toward my husband. For his point of view, I was naked under the skirt.

"Are you really going to wear that?"


"Everyone will see almost every thing," he blurted.

"That's the idea. The most important person I want to see me is Donte. I want him hot, randy, and hard... his cock raging to get into me. Do you think he'll like your wife's big tits?"

I turned toward him again and pulled the top open while I kept my legs wide apart. The position pulled my mini high enough that Conrad could finally see the thin, transparent triangle of the thong that covered at least part of my cunt. With the top pulled wide, half of my tits were exposed. He began to jack off right in front of me.

"God... it's almost 7:30 PM. Need to get going." I put my clothes back in place, closed the top, at least as far as it would close, and pulled the skirt down to just below the crease of my ass, which was as far as it would go. Turning to mirror, I checked my makeup one more time... decided I needed more lip gloss and carefully applied it as my husband watched, his hand still moving even faster up and down his rigid shaft.

"You've seen Donte's photo. Would you like to see it again so you'll have a good image of the man who's going to be fucking me tonight and in the morning?"

My husband stopped jacking off and nodded. I smiled as I handed him the photo of Donte's muscular, tanned, and virile body with his monster cock rigid and extending halfway up his belly. There was no way I could even begin to get my hand around his shaft. Conrad's mouth fell open as he began to pump his hard dick again.

"Well Honey, your wife is ready to go out and get fucked for the first time since we've been married. When you next see me, your wife's cunt is going to have been very, very well used."

I opened the front door, but then stopped, turned to Conrad and said, "Honey. This is your last chance. Do you really want me to do this or do you want to call it off?"

"OOohh god.. no. It's so damn hot. Can't believe it. Turn around and bend over once more... show me your incredible naked ass under that dress... ooohh hurry.. I'm about to cum!"

Standing in the open doorway, I bent over at the waist. My obscenely short skirt automatically pulled halfway up my ass. I reached back and pulled it the rest of the way up. Once it was almost up to my waist, I open my legs and held the position while my husband jacked off furiously. He didn't last more than 30 seconds before a huge stream of semen blasted out of the engorged head of his cock. It arched high into air, three of four feet before falling to the carpet. He continued to jerk on his erupting organ and several more, smaller streams pumped out.

Cum was still oozing out of his dick when I closed the door behind me.


Conrad's Perspective:

Even though I just had a huge orgasm with an enormous ejaculation, my cock got hard again five or ten minutes after my wife had left the house. The thought of that hard-bodied, huge-cocked stud fucking my wife all night had me more excited than I could ever remember being. I looked at his photo again... at his beautiful golden tan, his perfectly sculptured body, perfect physique, but most of all at his unbelievable cock... maybe 9 inches and so thick that I knew Janice would never be able to get her hand around it. She would try but wouldn't be able to encircle it. The head was small enough that I thought she could probably get it in her mouth but not much more of his huge shaft was going to fit.

I knew there was no possible way I could just sit home and wait. It would drive me crazy not knowing what was happening. I smiled to myself at that thought. I knew perfectly well what was going to happen, but I needed to know when it was happening and, if possible, exactly what was happening. Janice had said they were meeting at the Marriott Inn in the Brentwood Mall. Without really having a plan, I ran to the garage. A minute later, I was in my car driving toward the Brentwood Mall.

Janice had had a 20 minute head start on me so I knew that they would probably be in the dining room having dinner when I arrived. If Donte took her some other place, I was out of luck. There would be nothing to do but return home and masturbate while thinking about what they were surely doing.

Fortunately, I was in luck. I entered by the side door of the Inn and carefully moved to the dining room area. I knew Donte would have asked for a booth or corner table where he would the opportunity to play with my wife during dinner. I found them sitting in a dimly-lit, far corner of the room. Janice's body was partially blocked by Donte, but I could see that he was leaning close to her with his hand under the table. I had no doubt that it was under her very short skirt. As I watched, I could see my wife's body slowly undulating in her chair, squirming, as Donte finger fucked her. I was sure he would make her cum, but almost at the last moment, he pulled his hand away and left her panting. It was obvious that he was a master cocksman who knew how to excite a woman and get her ready for fucking.

I didn't have much time. Reluctantly, I left the dining area and went to the front desk. Janice had told me she had booked the room so I was certain that it would be in her name. I was also certain, that she would have checked in as soon as she arrived because of the late hour.

I had been in the Brentwood Marriott many times for receptions and to pick up clients who were visiting. Janice and I had also stayed there a couple of times to when we were having an erotic weekend. So I knew the layout of the rooms. Now, all I needed was a little luck and cooperation.

Walking up to the desk clerk, I smiled broadly. "Good evening. I'm Mr. Conrad Matchett." I laid my ID on the counter in case the clerk wanted to inspect it. "I believe my wife just checked in about a half hour ago. Can you tell me her room number please?"

The clerk looked at my ID carefully and then said, "Just a moment, Sir." He punched a few buttons on his computer and then announced, "It's Room 514, Sir. But I believe she went to the dining room for dinner."

"Thank you. I'll be meeting her there as soon as I'm finished here. Is there any chance that room 512 is available? We plan on having some friends over later in the evening and I think we're going to need two rooms."

Once more the clerk checked his computer. I held my breath. "Yes Sir, it is available. Do you wish to take that room?"

"Yes please. Thank you."

"Just the one night?"

"Yes, one night. Just like room 514."

After booking 512, I returned carefully to the dining area. My wife and Donte were still at the corner table. Their dinner had arrived and they were eating, at least my wife was trying to eat. However, she was having a great deal of difficulty eating with Donte's fingers in her cunt, or on her clitoris, or probably both. Finally, she just gave up trying to eat, closed her eyes, and tilted her head back. I was sure her eyes were closed. I knew her mouth was open and her tongue out flicking her top lip. Her body undulated back and forth in her chair. I knew she was about to cum.

Once again, Donte pulled his fingers away and left her hanging. Janice had to bite her knuckle to keep from crying out in her frustration.

Knowing I had about 15 minutes before they would come up to their room, I took the elevator to the fifth floor and let myself into 512. It was as I expected, 512 and 514 were adjoining rooms. Two locked doors guarded the connecting passage between the two rooms, one unlocked from 512, the other from 514. I unlocked my connecting door and opened it. I had no intention of trying to enter 514 through the connecting passage, but with the door on my side open, I could place my ear against the other door and hear some of what was being said in 514.

My real plan was to use the balconies of 512 and 514. Unlocking the door to my balcony, I went outside. The view was nice but I wasn't there for the view of the city. I was there for the view into 514 from its balcony. There was a five foot space between the two balconies with a 7-inch ledge a few feet below that I had seen on several occasions. Since the balcony doors locked from inside the room, there was no way to gain entry to the room from the balcony but if the curtain wasn't pulled all the way shut, the inside of the room would be visible from the balcony.

Going back into 512, I closed my curtain as far as possible and then went out onto my balcony. As expected, the curtain couldn't be closed all the way. I knew this from our previous evenings in the hotel. Janice had worried someone would see us fucking until I reminded her that we were on the seventh floor and that someone would need wings. That is, they would need wings unless they were on our balcony. I was already hard thinking about the upcoming evening.

It was almost a half hour before I heard the door to Room 514 open. I pressed my ear up against the connecting door and heard my wife's voice yelling at Donte.

"You Bastard! Why wouldn't you let me cum. My panties and thighs are soaked."

"Because... (xxxxx garbled sounds)... like you... (xxxxxxx).. you cum when... (xxxx) ... come here!"

"OOOooooooooo yesss..."

I heard more garbled sounds. Then a loud moan from my wife: "OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh.... DO MMEEEEE...."

I heard the sound of bodies hitting the bed. "OOOOHhhhhhhh... PLEASE...DON'T STOP THIS TIME... !!"

Obviously, Donte had my wife on the bed now, probably with her skirt up around her waist. I wondered if she still had her panties on. He was either finger fucking her, rubbing her clit, or licking her. As hot as she was, any of those would produce the moans and shrieks of pleasure she was making."

Then there was a loud male voice: "Spread your legs wider, Honey."


Then an even louder male command: "CUM YOU HOT BITCH! CUM!"


My wife moaned and shrieked for what seemed like a long time. Finally, she quieted down. I heard another command from Donte: "Take my cock out, Baby. Let's see how good you can suck."

There was more rustling. I heard the bed squeak several times. Then, "Open your mouth wider, Janice. You're gonna have to learn how to suck a real man's cock, Baby. Stretch your mouth wide open and push it in.... yeah.. yeah.. that's the way... How do you like that big cockhead in your mouth? Is it bigger than your husband's?"

When Donte stopped talking, I could hear soft moans coming from my wife as she sucked him. I was amazed. I really didn't think she would be able to get him into her mouth. It was time to get out on the balcony. I took a light jacket with a bottle of astroglide in its pocket, left the lights on in my room to provide me with sufficient visability, and went out onto my balcony.

I told myself not to look down as I made the transfer. Actually, it was easy. All I had to do was just keep one hand on the guard railing of my balcony as I stepped onto the ledge below. Once there, I moved forward a couple of feet and extended my other hand to the guard rail of the balcony for 514. Once I had my hand around it, one quick step and I was on the other balcony.

They had the curtain closed, of course, but they had been in such a hurry, they hadn't even closed it as far as it would go. There was almost a foot gap where the two halves of the curtain failed to meet. The balcony was dark; the interior of 514 was lighted. I could see in, but they couldn't see out. What I saw, hardened my cock into a rigid steel spike.

Both Donte and my wife were now naked except for the heels my wife still wore. He was standing beside the bed with my naked wife kneeling in front of him trying to suck all of his enormous tool She was struggling to get him into her throat without success. She had managed to suck in no more than three inches of his huge shaft when she gagged. She pulled her head back and, when her gagging stopped, pushed her head forward and took Donte's huge fuck stick back inside. She didn't get much more than three inches in her mouth before she gagged again.

Donte shook his head. "You're not used to taking care of a large cock, are you?"

"Oh, I want to. I've been fantasizing about sucking your cock for weeks now. I'm so sorry." I thought my wife was about to cry over her inability to suck him.

"Your husband must be small since you've been married for over two years and still haven't learned to suck. How big is he?"

"Not quite six inches and no where nearly as thick as you are. I can deep throat him easily."

"And you can do the same to me. You just have to learn how."

"Teach me... please. I want to suck all of it."

"It's not hard. First, you have to tilt your head back so that the cock will have a straight path from your mouth to your throat. When the head is at the back of your mouth, you have stop and go slowly as you push it into your throat. When you gag, stop, but don't pull back. Just let the cock stay where it is until the gagging stops. Then push more cock into your throat. When you finally get the head into your throat, the gagging will be over and you can sink all of it down your throat. Try it."

My cock was jerking like mad was I watched Janice pressing her mouth over his balls as his thick, hard shaft jutted high in the air above her head. She licked up and down the pulsing organ until it was completely soaked with her saliva. Having prepared his cock, my wife laid down on the bed with her head tilted back over the edge. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and pushed Donte's cock in. I poured some astroglide over my cock and began to jack off as I watched it disappearing inside my wife's mouth.

This time, with her head tilted back, almost five inches of thick, throbbing man meat sank into her mouth hole. "That's the way, you hot slut... take my big dick, Baby. Worship that big fucker," Donte grunted with the intense pleasure of feeling his prick encased inside a married woman's mouth.

I jacked my cock faster as I watched Janice stretching her mouth even wider and pushing forward. Her stomach lurched as she gagged. But she did as Donte had instructed and kept his prick where it was in her mouth even tho


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