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We are brand new, we want your stories! This isn't a permanent news item, I'm just seeing if the news admin is working right and if it is, then we'll write a bigger and better first news item before we launch so the dates match up better! Link to previous news items below the latest news.

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Ms. Marca Part 31

This is more in the life and times of my wild and wicked ways. This is about me? just a part of my life! Ms. Marca Part 31 I loved my husband, everything about him was great but god why was he so small. There was no doubt that I was


DARTS BY Mustang & DJ My wife and I were going out to play darts with the guys.

Fantasy Comes True

************************************************************************************ FANTASY COMES TRUE I - THE THANK YOU ************************************************************************************ The image of you sleeping on the bed legs s

Exposing Katie 011

The evening after our little escapade at the barbershop we went out with our friends, Larry and Sharon. Larry and I had met several years before when we both worked at the same company. We'd both since moved on to other jobs, but had formed a good fr

Kristy: An English Teacherís Dark Secret

Kristy: An English teacher?s dark secret By: First but not last I have surrendered myself to my dark and lustful fantasies over the past couple of weeks. My name is Kristy Chandler and I am a high school English teacher for a large public school. I

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