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We are brand new, we want your stories! This isn't a permanent news item, I'm just seeing if the news admin is working right and if it is, then we'll write a bigger and better first news item before we launch so the dates match up better! Link to previous news items below the latest news.

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The Willing Cuckold Ch. 06

The next morning I could not help going back over in my mind all that had happened the previous night. The picture that kept coming into my head was one of Lisa gazing adoringly into Anton's eyes when I collected her to take her home. I think t

Jane's Re-Awakening

Jane's Re-Awakening By StpDavids It is just over a year since the baby was born a beautiful boy who luckily is more olive skinned than black like his father Kuono, but even at his young age it looks as if he will follow in his fathers footsteps fo

The Card Game

THE CARD GAME The night started out innocently enough. We had two friends over for dinner on a Saturday night. We had been friends with Debbie and Rich for over 15 years. Although we both now had children in college, they were about ten years young

Journey to Another Life Ch. 02

Another Saturday, another shopping trip. This time, Ed sat in his customary chair as Nikki went on a serial swimsuit spree. She came out in a red one-piece with French-cut legs. The front of the suit revealed so much cleavage, Ed could barely believe a

The Winning Team

THE WINNING TEAM I returned home with my three golfing partners that evening about nine or so. We were all in a very good mood having just won the final round and pocketed several thousand dollars each. Had several drinks before leaving the cl

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