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We are brand new, we want your stories! This isn't a permanent news item, I'm just seeing if the news admin is working right and if it is, then we'll write a bigger and better first news item before we launch so the dates match up better! Link to previous news items below the latest news.

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Some Cum From All of Us

I had told my wife of my panty fetish long before our marriage. I explained that I was heterosexual, but had worn panties most of my life. They were exciting, daring, sexy, a small part of my life I could control. She asked me what my most extreme fantasy

Voyeur At Heart

VOYEUR AT HEART By Wisher LUCKY ME I have always enjoyed watching more than particapating.My wife and I have been married for 15 years,she was a virgin when we married.She is 5'6" and weighs about 135 lbs'shes dirty blonde with a 38" chest'and a g

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 10

This is a true story that happened to us while we had our vacation in Greece back on October 2009 Once we got to our room, I notice that my wife's pussy was dark pink; it had the signs that she really had a good pounding. We all took a quick

I Want You...

I want you.... I need you.... I crave you..... My body yearns for you.... I'm extremely horny. I have you on my mind and soon you'll be in my sights. Tonight we'll do more than just eat, shower, and go to bed my love. Tonight yo

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